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The UN Geneva Meeting was disrupted by activists who raised awareness about the challenges faced by Ethiopians

Ethiopian human rights activists, left to right (Addis Solomon, Yodith Gideon, Worku Teshome, and Yesuf Mohammed)
Ethiopian human rights activists, left to right (Addis Solomon, Yodith Gideon, Worku Teshome, and Yesuf Mohammed)

A conference was organized by the United Nations in Geneva to address the urgent humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. During the event, Ethiopian activists caused a disruption by highlighting the continuous violence and human rights abuses taking place in the country.

Yodith Gideon, a well-known supporter of the Stop Amhara Genocide, movement, has been collaborating with Addis Solomon, Worku Teshome, and Yesuf Mohammed, who are dedicated activists from the Fano group. Together, they have been tirelessly striving to raise global awareness and put an end to the ongoing Amhara genocide in Ethiopia. The Fano group, comprised of civilians, was formed to combat the Ethiopian government, which has faced accusations of perpetrating genocide against the Amhara population.

The purpose of the protest during the gathering was to raise awareness among international leaders who are providing financial assistance to sustain the acts of violence in Ethiopia, thereby indirectly endorsing the government’s ongoing slaughter of Amhara individuals who are expressing their opposition to the regime of PM Abiy Mohamed.

The clash that ensued in November 2020 between the central administration and the factions aligned with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front has resulted in the loss of life of an estimated one million individuals, a far-reaching famine impacting millions, and the forced migration of more than four million individuals.

Multiple international bodies, including the United Nations, European Union, and the United States, as well as numerous mainstream media outlets, have accused the Ethiopian government, under Prime Minister Abiy’s leadership, of war crimes, the targeting of civilians, and exacerbating starvation.

Radical Oromo factions, allegedly supported by elements within the state, have been implicated in heinous acts such as the massacre of clergy members and extrajudicial killings. A Reuters documentary exposed the atrocities committed by the so-called “killer squad” known as Koree Nageenyaa.

According to UNOCHA, as of October 2023, an estimated 4.6 million people across Ethiopia’s twelve regions have been displaced, with over half enduring displacement for more than five years, as reported by IOM-DTM site assessments.

In response to the humanitarian crisis, out of the $1 billion required to respond to the humanitarian needs, a total of $630 million in pledges towards humanitarian aid has been made by twenty-one countries. Leading the pledges are the United States with $253 million, followed by the United Kingdom with 100 million pounds ($124.58 million), and the European Union with $46.6 million.

The activists advocate for global awareness and the crises in Ethiopia can only be resolved through the establishment of peace and security within the country and not through multilateral aid.

By Concerned Ethiopians


7 thoughts on “The UN Geneva Meeting was disrupted by activists who raised awareness about the challenges faced by Ethiopians”

  1. While skirmish are focusing our attention on the affairs concerning the old country we came from, CNN just reported that Israel has just begun defending itself comparatively targeting sites inside Iran. What is next? Expect the market to sink tomorrow in reaction to this latest development. Israel which is the only beacon of democracy in the entire region including The Horn of Africa has the right to defend itself. But let’s hope that this skirmish will not explode into a regional war. Middle East is awash with weapons of mass destruction and if anyone of them finds its back against the wall, they will not hesitate to use them. If those religious fanatics become desperate, they will not hesitate to set the entire Arabian Peninsula up in flames. This is getting more and more terrifying. Let’s hope and pray that things will not go that far.

    1. Make that:
      While we are focusing our attention on the affairs concerning the old country we came from, CNN just reported that Israel has just begun defending itself comparatively targeting sites inside Iran.

      1. Israel is in name only. US and UK are the ones fighting with Iran. Most of the residents in Israel are Europeans. I hope peace will prevail and the Palestine is recognized as independent state by UN. There shouldn’t be veto power in the security council of the UN.

  2. Lock up Birhanu nega

    It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian Parliament, in 2021-2024, designated Fanno as a terrorist organization sponsored by the diaspora after it massacred the most revered people of Oromia and then launched terrorist attacks against residents of Finfinne and Debrezit. .

    The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (EZEMA) is globally known for its terrorist and genocidal ideas and acts that give rise to massacres in Ethiopia.
    Leaders of the TPLF and gallant TDF fighters have been striving to overthrow the murderous prosperity party in Ethiopia on behalf of all Ethiopian nationalities. They were prepared to give up everything and sacrifice their lives, but you opted to support the regime that is committing genocide. The price of your own enslavement to PP and animosity toward the people of Oromia and Tigray is now being paid by Amharas. The elites of Amhara produce nothing positive. Starvation and massacre are the brainchild of the Amhara elites. Many youngsters have perished because of Dr. Berhanu Nega, leader of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (EZEMA). He must not be walking freely in the streets. He and Abiy Ahlmed are mad dogs and deranged men on the loose.
    Colonel Abiy Ahmed and Shaleka Birhanu Nega must be locked up within maximum security pens . They are all enemies of Amhara, Tigray, Welayita, Guraguae, Oromia, and all nationalities.

    1. Birhanu doesn’t represent anyone except himself. TPLF=PP. Both are enemies of the great Amhara people which paid a lot of sacrifice in creating and sustaining Ethiopia.

  3. The protest by those heroic Ethiopians at International conference is very much commendable to be voice for the voiceless Amhara people. Amaras are subject to annihilation by the consecutive evil regimes of Ethiopia TPLF, OPDO aka prosperity and their ally the always rebel OLF. For any sane mind human being the slogan of Martin Luther King applies that injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere as injustice on Amhara people by the infamous title warlord Amhara ነፍጠኛ አማራ with endless brutal massacre, eviction, confiscation, rape and psychological attack must be commended by all.
    Pastor Degone Moretew the proud Cushitic, Omotic and semitic Ethiopian.

  4. Commenting on the comment.
    Mr. Lockup……
    Your comment is not relevant to the topic.
    Your comment is inspired by hate.
    Your comment is full of lies and fallacies.
    Your comment and hate are misdirected:
    1. Berhanu Nega is not Amhara.
    2. EZEMA is not an Amhara organization.
    TPLF declared war on the people of Ethiopia (including Tigray) fifty years ago. TPLF destroyed the values and assets of the Tigray people and committed the greatest genocide against them. TPLF proudly boasted that it had smashed the backbone of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. 95% of Tigrayans are followers of this church. That means TPLF has committed a cultural (spiritual) genocide against the people of Tigray. Why then does TPLF love crying “genocide”? Because unlike their former friend and boss, the EPLF, TPLF doesn’t have the history of colonialism to help justify its cause of secession. The only option as advised by Paul Henze, Herman Cohen etc. is to orchestrate a situation that could be used to call for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. That is, to induce the causes for legitimizing the break-up of Yugoslavia. That is why puppet Meles Zenawi cried “genocide” in 2005 (1997 E.C.) when he taught he lost the election to Qinijit. The fool who was in command of an ethnic SS style force (Agazi) forgot that genocide is committed by a state not by unarmed political party struggling for political power through non-violent means.
    Once TPLF managed to override the election results and stay put in power, the “genocide” card was shelved for future use.
    Debretsion took that file from the shelf and cried “genocide” as he used the TPLF members to attack the ENDF (whose 80% force was made to be stationed in Tigray by TPLF, that refused the demobilization of these troops once it lost power in Addis Ababa and holed in Tigray). TPLF was shooting rockets to Asmara, Bahr Dar and Gondar while simultaneously shooting emails /tweets to the world crying as it destroyed civilians and civilian targets.
    Although the majority of Abiy Ahmed’s generals and the entire command structure of the PP party that oversaw the war against the TPLF were ethnic Oromo, TPLF picked on the Amhara elites to aim its accusations while destroying and looting the Amhara peasants of Wollo and Gondar.
    If there is a genocide against the people of Tigray, the main culprit and collaborator is the banda organization called TPLF that has groomed Abiy Ahmed and created OPDO in its image. TPLF has massacred and buried in mass graves entire families of patriotic Tigrayans as well as any of those suspected of defying its treasonous political, military and social activities. TPLF has fed hundreds of thousands of Tigrayan for its political agenda. Tens of thousands of Tigrayans, under TPLF leadership, perished fighting for the EPLF in the deserts of Eritrea. Tens of thousands perished in the Badme war where TPLF treasonosly submitted Tigray territories despite winning the war.

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