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The Principles of Understanding and Reconciliation

By Sioum Gebeyehou

The Problem: The “Kilil” politics kept the peoples of Ethiopia residentially, occupationally, and culturally apart. A body of shared values did not emerge to weld the disparate peoples into any sort of coherent community. Indeed, the ethnic elements grew to distrust each other and were systematically manipulated by the ruling party into antagonistic relationships.

The Solution: The best way to deal with aggravated ethnic tensions is to build inter-ethnic coalitions through the recognition of the legitimate concerns of each ethnic group. This approach removes the fear that after the fall of the current divisive regime, change would result in another form of ethnic domination. Inter-ethnic coalitions are better established through people to people UNDERSTANDING and RECONCILIATION.”

The presentation below shows the Principles of Understanding and Reconciliation: (click on image enlarge)

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