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The Perilous Race between Rescuing and Crashing a “Son of a Bitch”

March 27, 2021

The Queen of Sheba
March 27, 2021

On that infamous night of November 3, 2020, the treasonous TPLF cabal forces heinously and cowardly attacked the Ethiopian Federal Army base of the Northern Command—while in their sleep. As they attacked 200 sites and bases—in a very coordinated manner at once—they massacred thousands in a barbaric way—slitting throats, slashing guts, and cutting off breasts of women soldiers. In an attempt to decimate the surrendered soldiers en masse, they chased them with heavy trucks, mowing them with well-placed machine guns as they run for their lives.
When the fortunes of treason catastrophically collapsed over their criminal gaze, the retreating and marauding cabal forces turned on civilians mounting a killing spree in My-Kadra, systematically hunting and killing Amharas, roaming house to house. In that tragic day of infamy, over 1,000 civilians—mostly young Amhara men—were slaughtered by crazed Tigrayan militia and special forces.


The Shifting Fortunes: Glossed Story

The humiliated and brutalized, but highly spirited, National Defence forces, many who retreated into an ‘enemy’ territory into Eritrea—barefooted and half-naked—swiftly reorganized to crash the mutinous cabal—which claimed some 200,000 militia and special forces and boasted to have commandeered a massive cache of arms from the National Defence. It only took the National Defence forces and the allied regional militias just two weeks to obliterate them into oblivion that surprised the whole world—but deeply and painfully shocked the cabal’s supporters, friends, allies and beneficiaries.

The speed, valor, tenacity and resolve of the Ethiopian Defence forces and the regional militias in repulsing—and later annihilating—the insurrectionist cabal may need to be well recorded in the annals of history for posterity.
This is a short—and painful—history of the heinous acts perpetrated by the cowardly—and treasonous—TPLF cabal whose victory would have ensued utter humiliation, unprecedented chaos and disastrous dismemberment of the nation as well as colossal human tragedy in the region and beyond.

And yet, the major news media, think tanks, international organizations, human rights organizations, and partisan politicians have completely glossed over this glaring fact on the genesis of the conflict and its aftermath in their avid desire to resurrect the terrorist force. It is truly disturbing how these forces contrived to shamefully shift blames from the perpetrators to the victims. It is simply a grotesque mockery of justice.


“He’s Our Son of a Bitch.”

In the early 1930s the politics of Nicaragua were in turmoil and the country was occupied by the United States Marines. The man who would grasp the opportunity to take control, impose order and enrich himself on the spoils was a 40-year-old army general, Anastasio ‘Tacho’ Somoza. He had strong support from the United States and in 1939 President Franklin Roosevelt is alleged to have said: ‘Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.’

In a hearing before the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights of the Committee of the International Relations House of Representatives, 115 Congress, First Session on May 22, 1997, Mr Donald M. Payne of New Jersey noted “If we look at some of our foreign policy we have supported the wrong people a long time. We had the Shah of Iran who did a terrible job in Iran, who was our guy. We took him out when he needed to be taken out. We supported Marcos and even before that with Samosa, I guess.”

He continued: “We even support an apartheid government in South Africa because they did not like communism or a brutal dictator like Mobutu with $4,000,000,000 or $5,000,000,000 in the bank because he did not like the communists either. Of course, he did not like his own people, and he was a thief and a criminal and a murderer, but he did not like the Communists so that meant he was all right…. If you look at Nigeria and their brutal dictator [General Sani Abacha], they have oil, so we have to perhaps not have sanctions because bilateral sanctions will hurt the United States. It is good grade of oil, so we do not want to hurt Shell and all other oil companies.”

To be absolutely sure, it is not lost to neither the US nor the EU nor others as regards the nature of the TPLF beast which had been widely known for terrorizing, massacring, robbing and dehumanizing the Ethiopian people and its neighbors—for nearly three decades. It is not lost to them who ignited the conflict and perpetrated the horrendous and barbaric act on the Federal forces and civilians. It is not lost to them who fired the rockets which hit major areas of civilian population in Gondar and Bahir Dar and also Asmara to regionalize the conflict. They have the state-of-the art intelligence to corroborate all these, some of which already bombastically admitted by the cabal forces themselves.

It is now evident that they are blatantly and criminally maneuvering to resuscitate their dead “son of a bitch” from the treacherous caves and ravines of the Ethiopian highlands.

The Dizzying Smoke Screen: The Need to Shred It

The international community demanded Eritrea to withdraw its forces; media and humanitarian agencies to get unfettered access to the conflict zone; investigate the alleged atrocities; and terminate hostilities.
The Ethiopian government accepted all the terms except the last one. Eritrea has now swiftly withdrawn its forces from the borders and the Ethiopian forces have taken over. Media and humanitarian agencies have been given unfettered access and have started reporting. The process of the investigation on the alleged atrocities is now jointly underway between the UN and the Ethiopian human right commission. The humanitarian support is also underway with the government contributing the lion share, as those who have been squawking on opening the conflict zone are yet to step up to the plate.

Ethiopia has, rightly, rejected the contemptable proposal of cessation of hostilities with the defunct insurrectionists. This is nothing but an appalling maneuver to breathe life to the dead “son of a bitch” in the tortuous caves—to humiliate, dehumanize and rape us all over again. To be very sure, Ethiopia and virtually all Ethiopians in the country and the diaspora condemn such a maneuver in the strongest terms imaginable. And we’ve already witnessed the position of the great majority of the diaspora around the world as exhibited in the unprecedented public demonstrations. Oh, yes, would the National defence forces, regional militias and special forces—who paid the ultimate price in life and blood—tolerate the re-emergence of the cabal forces—which horrendously brutalized, massacred and dehumanized them—through the machination of external pressure and conspiracy? The response is pretty evident.All the talk about humanitarian crisis, unfettered access, alleged atrocities, and rape in Tigray is nothing but a smoke screen. If not, similar clashes, ethnic killings, massive internal displacements, and deprivations in other regions would have been reported or even mentioned with comparable intensity. Alas, those poor souls in the other regions cannot afford the expensive lobbyists in the US and EU capitals that the plundering cabals are furiously bankrolling.
The hypocrisy and duplicity of the so called “international” community is simply beyond bound.

In Conclusion

Ethiopia faces an unprecedented pressure from multiple corners—and the so called “international” community is failing her—again.

The perilous race between rescuing and crashing a “son of a bitch” has entered its last and final decisive phase.
The crashing of the “son of a bitch” is not simply inevitable and mandatory—but swiftly imminent.
And soon, the tomb of their “son of a bitch” will gather weeds and dead leaves and the so-called “international” community will once again stand behind its trustworthy strategic partner in the region—as it should.
The Queen of Sheba may be reached at QueenOfSheba2020@outlook.com | Twitter: @TheQueenofSheb5


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