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The Oromumma and The Woyanne Tigre cannot Wear-Down the identity of Welkait and Raya people by conducting a war of attrition.

September 17, 2023

Kaleab Tessema

Recently, I have listened to and read the joint declaration of war on the Amhara people from the Oromumma official in Mekele, and from the defense minister’s twitter, saying that Welkait and Raya will return to Tigray as the Pretoria peace agreement. This is not an extemporaneous speech or tweet for the TPLF and OLF; it’s already planned to decimate the Amhara special force and the Fano in order to handing over Welkait and Raya to TPLF. During the last round of war between the Abiy and TPLF, Abiy won the war with the help of an undefeated warrior Amhara Fano, and Amhara special forces. While troops were heading to capture the TPLF warlord, the American government contacted Abiy to resuscitate the TPLF from the demise.

At the same time, the TPLF pleaded with the American government to intercede with the Ethiopian government. Based on hearsay, the American government asked the prime minister to negotiate with TPLF, and the Prime Minister swiftly agreed to a negotiation that benefited the TPLF and the TPLF accepted it without preconditions. Nobody knew about the discussion that took place in Pretoria, South Africa, where they negotiated.

According to the TPLF, the peace agreement covered Welkait and Raya, and those areas should be part of Tigray, but the Abiy’s mouthpiece, Redwan Hussein, told to the public that the TPLF never claimed about Welkait and Raya at the meeting. The Oromumma government says that disarming TPLF fighters and taking other actions are part of the peace agreement to deploy federal defense force in Mekele.

The peace negotiation in Pretoria was followed by the Abiy government’s call for the dismantling and integration of all ethnically based special forces into the federal defense force within a month, which resulted in serious problems festering and growing large.

Despite these facts, Abiy made a promise to US diplomats to give Welkait and Raya back to TPLF once the Amhara are disarmed. Abiy knows that the Amhara Fano and the Amhara special forces are an indomitable opponent who fight with high spirits. Then, the Amhara special force and Fano were surprisingly instructed by the Abiy government to disarm and return home, while the special forces of other regions were left untouched. Prior to the peace agreement, the Prime Minister launched a scurrilous attack on Fano to fulfill his objectives giving a false information to his gullible parliament by stating that Fano is responsible for killing the defense force and taking their newly acquired weapons.

Amidst the government’s intense war with TPLF, the Prime Minister praised Amhara Fano’s valor and welcomed them to join in the fight. Prior to the war, Fano was not armed, but the government mandated them to grab a weapon from the surrendered TPLF fighters in order to fight against the TPLF. The fearless Fano fought against TPLF, which is a fact. The TPLF soldiers were advancing towards the nation’s capital to take control. In reality, the TPLF would have taken over Ethiopia if the Amhara Fano and special forces didn’t fight back. Of course, Fano and the Amhara special forces sacrificed their lives to remove the TPLF invasion forces from the Amhara’s land.

After defeating the TPLF, Abiy’s primary objectives are to weaken his rivals, consolidate his power, and disarm the Amhara Fano and special forces. The Amhara Fano is a significant obstacle to his plan of returning Welkait and Raya to the TPLF. Abiy’s power may not be threatened by TPLF at this point if he addresses TPLF’s demand and proceeds using with a systematic ploy that targets the Amhara’s special forces while leaving other special forces intact. And it’s reasonable for Fano to remain armed as a defense against the TPLF and OLF harmful intentions towards the Amhara people.

Abiy pledged on Twitter to disarm the Amhara Fano and special forces in three months, but it didn’t come to fruition. Instead of what Abiy expected, he was confronted with a daunting challenge from Amhara Fano, which prompted him to declare a state of emergency for six months and send in hireling soldiers who are rapidly crushing and surrender to Amhara Fano.

Unable to defend against Fano’s attack, Abiy used air strikes and drones to commit genocide against innocent civilians in major cities. In addition to air strike and drones, Abiy’s national defense force also used tanks and heavy artillery. The use of drones on civilians by Abiy’s government is a clear indication of desperation. Using air strikes and drones to kill innocent civilians in a city is causing the Amhara people to unite and fight back with determination, resulting in the liberation of more key places from Abiy’s occupying force.

Abiy tried to muffle the Amhara’s voices by appointing  systematically anti-Amhara loyalists, replicating TPLF’s 27-year strategy. Since the fascist Abiy took office, the Amhara people living across the country have been nearly wiped out by Abiy’s extremists Oromo special force, which is a form of genocide. Abiy and his associate’s primary goal is to reduce the Amhara population through indiscriminate killing, imprisonment, rape, and eviscerating unborn children from pregnant women, which is a dangerous and an existential threat to the Amharas. Then, Fano and the Amhara special force are making a valiant effort to protect the Amhara from their dangerous enemies, even as they imagine their diabolical actions. The Amhara Fano and the Amhara special force quickly mobilized to resist the inhumane and brutal attacks of the Abiy soldiers, which has filled the hearts of Amhara parents with pride.

Looking back, Abiy came to power through the efforts of the Amhara people, and all Ethiopians went to rally to support the Prime Minister, but Abiy duped the Ethiopians using his adroit tongue during his inauguration the speech he delivered at the parliament was a patriotic, praised and called Ethiopia multiple times for the first time in 27 years. At the same token, Ethiopians were expected that he would bring a genuine change in the country and amending the constitution, which does not represent the Amhara people, but Abiy and his cabals starting maintaining the status quo that favored the interest of TPLF and OLF. Abiy didn’t fully address the people’s demand to change the constitution. Instead, he invited exiled OLF leaders who had been pushing for secession for 50 years to join his government shortly after he took office. However, upon their arrival, they declared Addis Ababa as part of Oromia, which came as a stunning the city’s inhabitants. Abiy’s regime began to forcefully impose Oromumma culture and language on people who are not an Oromo. Abiy Ahmed is not only imposing Oromo’s culture and language but also apprehending numerous ethnic Amhara in Addis Ababa and banning them from entering the capital city from the Amhara region, has caused immense anger among the Amhara society.

In spite of that, this savagery regime will take lessons from Adolf Hitler’s execution of innocent Jewish civilians for not being an Aryan race. However, killing six million Jews did not exempt him from the crimes he perpetrated. The same is true that Abiy cannot avoid accountability for the crime he committed against the Amhara people. Abiy is a ruthless and treacherous character who brought shame to the nation and its people in the eyes of the world in the 21st century. Also, many people, including experts who have observed his fickleness and lack of substance consider his PhD, the authenticity of which is still uncertain, irrelevant.

It’s crucial for the Amhara living both inside and outside the country to stay united.

Amhara never seen or heard such excruciating torture in its history before as it did today. When TPLF and OLF had controlled the whole of Ethiopia in 1991, the OLF mercilessly murdered pregnant women and children in Arbagugu and Bedeno, which have left an indelible memory in my mind. In fact, this heinous crime was committed by the OLF under the TPLF’s acquiescence. Thanks to professor Asrat Woldeyes for being there and voiced his voice for the voiceless Amharas, otherwise, all Amharas in those regions would have been wiped out by the OLF. Although the joint rule of TPLF and OLF was brief, but OLF craved more power over TPLF. As a result, TPLF expelled the OLF from the country and disarmed their foot soldiers. The Amhara’s mass killing had somewhat stopped for the past 27 years because of their squabble, but not completely.

As aforementioned earlier, the OLF has been persistently preaching their animosity for the past 50 years by creating a false narrative that Minilik killed “five million” Oromos. Despite the OLF’s allegation, the 60th students’ movement, particularly the Amhara elites, turned a blind eye, and some Amharas even sided with the OLF’s unfounded accusations that targeted the Amhara people. Looking back at what the Amhara radical students did in 1960, it was clear that their political agenda was against the Amhara people, who are now upliftment of the downtrodden the Amhara today.

Given the fact, the Amhara people are facing a dire situation where women and children are slaughtered by the savagery of the Oromumma regime for no apparent reason. I implore Amharas, both within and beyond the border, to unite and fight against the murderer Abiy and TPLF. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” Abiy and his associates attempt to divide the Amharas by providing them with incentives such as luxurious houses or vehicles, using any means necessary. At this movement, Fano is fighting against not only the Oromumma force but also against dangerous and renegade Amharas who are serving an Oromo oligarchy.

Demeke Mekonenn and his surrogates are the most noxious insects to the Amhara people since the TPLF rule, and these people are the most dangerous enemy Amharas have ever faced today. The reality is that the Oromumma force is not capable of fighting against Fano alone, so the government is using the traitors of Amharas to do the dirty job. Otherwise, Fano would have already taken over the entire Amhara region within a short period. To fastening the victory, the unity of Amhara is paramount in providing limitless support to Amhara Fano, who is fiercely battling against the inhumane and brutal Oromumma regime and the perfidious Amharas who kill their own people. My sincere plea is for the Amhara to avoid pointless arguments and come together as a unified voice to support the Amhara who are suffering under the harsh regime.

To the end, the speech by the Oromumma official in Mekele and the defense minister’s tweet are calling for a joint military action to invade Welkait and Raya and quell the Amhara Fano and the Amhara special force uprising. Prior to Abiy becoming Prime Minister, the TPLF invaded the ancestral lands of Amhara, Welkait, and Raya, imposing their language and culture on them. Since 1991, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) has been killing and demonizing the people of Welkait Tsegeday and Humera, with the intention of expanding their borders into Sudan by annexing the fertile lands of Gondar and forming the ‘Greater Tigray’. However, after many sacrifices, the Amhara special force and Fano were able to regain control of Welkait and Raya from TPLF. TPLF, using false narratives, adamantly claims that Welkait and Raya have been part of Tigray from the beginning with no shame, which is ironic. Retaking Welkait and Raya will be a risky move for TPLF and Abiy as the Amharas stand behind the people.


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