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The OLF Boys in Seattle Must Be Taken Off The Street !!!!!

Sara, a young Ethiopian woman who came out of Orthodox prayer service for the hundreds brutally murdered in Ethiopia, was attacked by young boys in Seattle while walking at the end of the service.
The livestream posted showed the verbal and physical attack a young white boy suffered. Young boys, OLF “Youth Brigade”, jumped and kicked the white boy and the person who was screaming on the video Sara who has a sore leg gave a short interview to Zehabesha producer few minutes ago.
Sara was attacked by a shoe throwing lady and she fought back by throwing one of her shoes. Sara is indeed tough !!!! Go Sara Go !!! We are proud of you for holding your ground !!!!
Similar Oromo Mobs waving the OLF Flag has been seen recently in America and Europe streets and our community has to be alert for such attacks. The young white boy who was taken to hospital bloodied face and leg was posted and according to Sara he is still in hospital.
Henok Gabissa scream of “Peaceful Oromo Protest” seems to play “defense” on the coming legal charge on cases like the one in Seattle.
The hate which is spewed on OMN and THM contributed to the violence on the streets of America and Europe against “Neftegans”. However, families who raised such kids hating another black/white person that do not think like them are responsible for planting the seeds of hate in their kids mind. What a shame not learning from the diversified society they are living in.
The Oromo young boys recent vandalism of the Emperor Haile Selassie statue in London and the beating we saw at the Ethiopian Embassy in London is similar violence the one we saw in Seattle.
This past week, Washington, DC and Minnesota the verbal and physical confrontation similar to that of Seattle was under control before escalation due to the presence of the police.
Our community should take these violence seriously and need to take out these thugs off the street using all legal means.
Sara should be commended for standing to these thugs and be a voice for the young white boy who was caught in the middle of a “Flag war”.
The Ethiopian Green Yellow and Red flag is a “Neftegna” symbol for the brainwashed Oromo youth and it is time for all of us wherever we reside to defend our family and ourselves from these thugs.


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