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The misguided and dangerous policy of the Biden administration in Ethiopia

July 17, 2021

Admasu Workneh
July 16, 2021

America’s self-righteous attitude, its hypocrisy and bias against Ethiopia is so blatant, it is sickening. The talk of freedom, justice, human rights and democracy is all a mockery! America’s word does not mean much anymore. Their assertion of supporting democracy in the developing world is a farce. America will support every tin pot dictator, authoritarian tyrant, tribalist/racist despots if it serves America’s interest. The Biden administration is clearly not interested in Ethiopia’s development nor does it a care one bit for the democratic aspiration of the Ethiopian people. The new administration wants a puppet regime in Ethiopia pure and simple. The United States supported a racist/ tribalist party named TPLF for twenty-seven years. When this party brutalized the Ethiopian people in the past, when it divided the country by ethnicity and tore the country apart by hate and division, America was silent. Yes, tribalism and racism are one and the same. Just as racism has a corrosive effect on society, tribalism has the same venomous outcome.

First and foremost, let us be very clear TPLF hates Ethiopia and wants to see the destruction of the Ethiopian state. They say this openly to this day. TPLF’s hate of Ethiopia is not a secret. In the past while TPLF was in power America did not mind in the slightest about Ethiopia’s wellbeing nor were they offended by TPLF’s hate propaganda. So long as America has someone at the helm they can dominate and push around, Ethiopia’s interest and the welfare of the Ethiopian people is a not an issue to the United States. The Biden administration and the Democratic Party absolutely knows that TPLF is a racist/tribalist political party. The Biden administration knows that TPLF supports a neo apartheid segregationist policy in Ethiopia. It is also aware that TPLF’s so-called revolutionary democracy philosophy in other words socialist ideology is rejected by most of the Ethiopian people, yet the wish of the Ethiopian people matters a little for progressives and liberals in the Democratic party. The false narrative and lies told for over twenty-seven years by TPLF have been accepted as facts by Liberal Democrats. The Biden administration is packed with TPLF supporters and sympathizers. Anthony Blinken, Susan Rice, Jake Sullivan, Samantha Power, and Linda Thomas Greenfield are hard core supporters of TPLF. They have swallowed the lies espoused by TPLF.

Liberals in the west are infatuated by leftists and so-called intellectuals in the developing world. They are deceived by a charlatan group like TPLF very easily. TPLF has fed this group lies and disinformation about Ethiopia. Fraudulent ideas sometimes appear right and earnest but, it is an illusion. TPLF and other adherents to ethnic segregation tell liberal groups what they want to hear. False narratives and lies have been accepted as a reality by some in Europe and the United States. Amhara domination, persecution and oppression of minority groups, Ethiopia being an ethnic basket case ready to explode at any moment, ethnic groups ready to go their own separate ways and form their own country has been told as fact by ethnic zealots. Call it liberal guilt, arrogance, or lunacy, liberals living comfortably in the west have swallowed TPLF’s fiction. Ethiopia’s looted wealth is used to pay lobbyists and TPLF apologists in media outlets. Sadly, the Biden administration and the Democratic Party have bought TPLF’s deception and sham narrative as facts.

I voted for President Biden and the Democratic Party; I am sorry I did. I did not vote for President Biden and the Democratic Party to stab Ethiopia in the back. I did not think the Biden administration would go this low to support a sectarian and secessionist political party. Ethiopia has been an ally and a friend of the United States for over a century, but when Ethiopia needed a friend, America became its number one accuser in the international arena. During the internal conflict between Tigray and the national government America’s one-sided bias towards TPLF is mind-boggling. How do you support racism and tribalism in the 21st century? TPLF is the godfather of racism and tribalism in Ethiopia, how can America be fooled? The Biden administration and the liberal wing of the Democratic party is convinced that Ethiopia is at fault. They have absolved TPLF of any wrongdoing. There is no criticism and complaint against TPLF. The current administration looks at Ethiopia as if it is an enemy country, it is searching for every pretext to attack Ethiopia and humiliate the country, how sad and how pathetic.

The Biden administration knows that TPLF’s program is filled with Amhara hate propaganda. TPLF is not ashamed of its hate speech. They express their Amhara hostility and diatribe publicly to this day. Why is anti-Amhara hate acceptable? Liberals proudly claim they are against racism and anti-Semitism, but anti-Amhara hate has become somewhat acceptable. Scratch deep enough those who preach hate towards Amhara’s don’t stop their hate at one group. Oromos, Afars, Somalis, Guarages, Gambelas, Sidamas are also the hated group in Ethiopia. Worldwide, there is an element off anti-Semitism, and deep resentments towards African Americans. To believe TPLF’s hate is only confined to Amharas is to be naïve. Hate speech especially aimed at Amhara’s borders on being criminal. Racism is rampant in all extremist circles. Once you start mocking others because of their race or ethnicity, you lose your credibility. Haters does not stop at one group. Why is the Biden administration and the closest advisers to the president hypnotized by a racist/tribalist political party in Ethiopia? A mere seven months in office the U.S. administration and the European Union is gang-ho in punishing Ethiopia, it is doing its utmost best to exploit the political differences in Ethiopia and create havoc and disunity in the country. However, this colonial mentality, the racist and divisive strategy pushed by the Biden administration and the European Union will not work. Ethiopia is not Libya, Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. Despite our differences, Ethiopians have struggled and lived together for millennium.

One would hope that Ethiopia’s attempt to pull herself out from poverty would be supported by her friends, but unfortunately there are many who want Ethiopia to remain a beggar nation permanently. The Biden administration misguided and dangerous agenda in Ethiopia, its biased and blind support of TPLF, the outrageous disregard of Ethiopia’s sovereignty is a shameful act. The Democratic Party in its silence shows it supports the administration’s actions. I am not naïve I know President Biden has domestic priorities; he is a busy man. However, I am sure there are advisers and so-called policy experts who are advocating for strength and decisiveness. Some are always eager to show America’s strength at any cost. There is probably also a deep resentment toward the present government in Ethiopia, how dare a poor country like Ethiopia assert her independence such a dare is not accepted by the United States. Is there a jealousy and resentment that Dr. Abiy of Ethiopia has won the Noble Peace Prize? Yes Sir, Yes Master is what America expects from African countries, not a noble laureate. TPLF is no longer in power to do America’s bidding. This fumes TPLF loyalists in the Biden administration. America always thinks it is morally right and it is blinded by its own pomposity and arrogance in this case.

Will America accept yes for an answer. When the Ethiopian government recently called for a unilateral ceasefire and started withdrawing its forces, America became apoplectic. Why the outrage? Smantha Power the queen of liberalism in the Biden administration started talking about Tigray being under a siege. How can anybody take this lady seriously? Her siege statement is sad and offensive. How does adding fuel to the fire helps in this matter? When you see the New York Times along with Samantha Power cheering and encouraging a terrorist organization, you realize how liberalism has lost its moral standing and compass. Why is the New York Times silent about child soldiers used by TPLF? Enlisting children to fight a war is a crime, where is the concern from the media and the United States about child soldiers? See no evil, hear no evil appears to be the strategy of the famous New York Times when it comes to TPLF. The major media outlets in the west have gone out of their way to support the tribalist, racist, and secessionist agenda of TPLF yet when it comes to child soldier’s the media has decided to remain quiet. What a shame! Does the New York Times advocate ethnic segregation and division in the United States as TPLF is championing in Ethiopia? Do media outlets in the west support racists and extremists in their country? Will the people of the United Sates accept sectarian division where African Americans, Jews, Mexicans, Poles, Italians, Germans, and Irish Americans have their own exclusive states with the aim of dividing and separating people and ultimately breaking the country? I am sure there are militia groups and extremists in the United States who want to sow hate and fracture the country by race and ethnicity, will any sensible American support such divisive idea to take root? It is this kind of ridiculous and offensive segregationist views that TPLF calls federalism in Ethiopia. I guess for the New York Times any half-baked leftist idea and social engineering masquerading as fighting against oppression gets credibility and coverage. As far as I am concerned the New York Times is a disgrace.

If the western media does not think that tribalism and racism is not the same, they ought to do their job and start investigating facts instead of running around to win a Pulitzer Prize based on fake stories at the expense of Ethiopians. The notion that Ethiopia sealed the border of Tigray is outrageous. There is no order by the Ethiopian government that prohibits Tigrayans from living or entering Tigray. The Ethiopian government has legal responsibility to inspect trucks and other transportation means if it suspects illegal activities. Instead of encouraging the ceasefire, America, the European Union, and corrupt media outlets in the west are engaged in finger pointing and blaming Ethiopia. The talk of isolating Tigray and starving the people of Tigray is a fiction. Siege is another pretext by the Biden administration and the European Union to go against Ethiopia one way or another. Samantha Power during the Obama administration advocated the bombing of Libya, look what happened to Libya. Will the United States fix and mend the wounds once it breaks and destroys a country? When will the United States learn from going after countries with flimsy evidence and the advice of so-called policy experts? The bigger question in Ethiopia is, why is TPLF holding the people of Tigray as a hostage? Why is TPLF’s ethnic apartheid given any credence in the west? What does the Biden administration and the European Union want in Ethiopia? What is their objective? What is the end plan? Is there a grudge match with Dr. Abiy the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia? Doesn’t the Biden administration realize that their crude political strategy in Ethiopia can lead to civil war in the country?

If America is truly interested in Ethiopia’s territorial integrity and peace. Why does the Biden administration kowtow to TPLF’s agenda? What right does Anthony Blinken has to interfere in Ethiopia’s internal political affair? How Ethiopia’s internal boundaries are drawn are not America’s business. What right does this man has to insist Amhara forces should leave Welkait Tegede and the Raya region? If facts don’t convince him, common sense at least should dictate silence. How is the Secretary of State of a major superpower illogically takes one side in a contentious area disregarding historical facts and realities on the ground? West Tigray is the figment of imagination of the Biden administration. Fact: Pror to 1991Welkait Tegede has always been under the administration of Begemider province/state now Amhara, the people of the region identify themselves as Gonderes or Amharas. Fact: Prior to 1991 Raya has been under the administration of Wello province/state now Amhara, the people of Raya identify themselves as Welloyes or Amharas. In the last three decades the people of the region have suffered miserable brutality by TPLF. They have voiced their cry to the world community of the forced annexation of their land to Tigray, the world ignored them. Now Anthony Blinken wants these people to go back under the Tigray administration so they can be annihilated by TPLF forces. Where is the concern for the people of the area? Isn’t the Mykadra massacre enough? Do the people have to be slaughtered again to accommodate the desire of the Biden administration? The people of the region feel liberated from TPLF’s tyranny and oppression. There right and wish must respected. This does not mean that Tigrayans cannot live in the area. They have a right to live and prosper like anyone. However, to cede Welkait and Raya to TPLF would be an ultimate betrayal to the people of the region. Wekait and Raya is not only an Amhara question, but a national security matter of Ethiopia. TPLF wants to make this and the recent conflict in Tigray an Amhara issue because it knows there are elements inside and outside the country who will buy this garbage. If we all want Ethiopia to survive as a country, the issue of Welkait and Raya is important to everyone. The responsibility of securing this area short term and long term should be first and foremost the job of the Ethiopian armed forces. If the people of Tigray want to live equally and peacefully with their fellow Ethiopians in Welkait or anywhere else in the country, they are welcome. Ethiopia is not an exclusive property of Amharas, Oromos or Tigres. Ethiopia belongs to all her 110,000,000 people.

Some in the Tigrayan community have sipped long and hard the poison of tribalism. When TPLF governed Ethiopia, Tigrayans identified themselves as Ethiopians, when TPLF was kicked out of power, some in the Tigrayan community renounced their Ethiopian citizenship. This recent conflict between the national government and TPLF is true example of the virus of tribalism. In my book if your ethnic identity comes first before your own country, if you are going to sell the country of your birth at any cost, if you don’t understand the concept of what a country means, I say shame on you. Ultimately if the people of Tigray want to be ruled by TPLF, Godspeed! If over forty years of one-party rule in Tigray is not quite enough, if deception, lies, corruption, segregation, hate and prejudice does not offend you as a human being and if abandoning your fellow countrymen is your preference መንገዱን ጨርቅ ያደርግላችሁ።

Ever since I became eligible to vote in the United States, I voted for the Democratic Party locally and at the federal level. Trumpism and the Republican Party is not my cup of tea. Conspiracy

theories and right-wing politics does not attract me. Yes, I do have great respect for America’s democratic institutions, and I am always amazed at how the country functions at the state and federal level. America is an amazing country full of contradictions and wonder! I consider America my second home. But seeing what the Biden administration is doing in Ethiopia its one sided and blind support of TPLF, its disregard for the truth and disrespect of the Ethiopian people, its machination and ploy to exploit Ethiopia’s temporary political differences for its own good is insulting and offensive. As a seasoned and mature political party, I did not expect the

Democratic Party nor the Biden administration to fall prey to the propaganda, misinformation and lies of TPLF. I abhor tribalism and racism. I detest hypocrites. If this is the way the Democratic Party wants to treat one of the oldest countries in the world, if the intention of the Biden administration is to besmirch the name of Ethiopia, if this is how they treat the only country in Africa that fought European colonialism and won then this party is not for me. I take voting seriously. I don’t want my vote to be taken for granted nor do I want my vote to be used against Ethiopia and award tribalism moral victory. In the future, I for one will have a hard time supporting any candidate running for the Democratic Party locally or at the federal level. The Biden administration agenda in Ethiopia is dangerous and hazardous. Truth matters, honesty matters!


Admasu Workneh

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