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The Misallocation of Finite Financial Resources in Ethiopia (Aklog Birara (Dr)

Ethiopia  a capital starved country
In this VOA interview I argue with another Ethiopian, that Ethiopia’s Prime Minister is elected to serve all¬†of the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia as a country. He is bound by his country’s constitution to ensure that:
a) The sources of funding for intended¬†projects –Chinese, UAA or other are gained or granted or borrowed¬†on behalf of Ethiopia, must be disclosed to the public and the country’s parliament and audited. Accountability¬†is critical¬†in this and other cases.
b) In all budgetary situations, there must be openness, transparency, socioeconomic purpose, responsibility not to squander resources and accountability for end use. The PM cannot operate above the law and expect the rest of the population to adhere to the rule of law.
c) As far as I know the parallel budgetary allocation¬†process–one for Ethiopia and the other for Abiy Ahmed’s¬†monumental¬†¬†projects (some say delusional)¬† that cost hundreds of billions of Birr is extremely¬†dangerous, unwise and unprecedented¬†in the annals of development in Ethiopia.
d) Donors must be deeply¬†concerned this two track approach diminishes Ethiopia’s capacity to generate at least two million jobs per year; produce goods that 126 million people need; feed the 20 million¬†Ethopians¬† who need humanitarian aid, create economic resilience, and resettle the millions of Ehiopans who have been displaced.
I thank VOA for asking me to express my views on this hot and timely topic.
Aklog Birara

1 thought on “The Misallocation of Finite Financial Resources in Ethiopia (Aklog Birara (Dr)”

  1. Abiy is an ineffective leader and must go!

    Shemeles is an ineffective leader and must go!

    Adanech is an ineffective leader and must go!

    Belgana is a corrupt and tribal party that must be dismantled!

    Oromuma is misguided and dangerous for the stability and integrity of Ethiopia hence must be uprooted and disposed of!

    Ethnic federalism must be discarded and abolished. It is the root of all this evil planted purposely by those intent on destroying Ethiopia.

    Amhara land must at be free and clear from coercion, murder, oppression, discrimination, genocide… from any and all groups.

    The assault and interference on religious organizations must stop immediately!

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