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The Horn Times Newsletter 27 January 2013

The Horn Times Newsletter 27 January 2013

Ethiopia’s minority junta suffered a crashing defeat in South Africa.

*urgent Call on CAF to expel Sahilu Gebrewold from Afcon 2013

(By Getahune Bekele, South Africa.)

The classic divide and rule clannish junta of Ethiopia suffered an ignominious defeat at the hands of the Ethiopian community association and the crack anti-TPLF group Bête- Ethiopia in its vile attempt to hijack the 2013 AFCON soccer spectacle to further its agenda of ethnicism.

Unsung heroes!! Leaders of Ethiopian community and Bête-Ethiopia in South Africa

The junta’s threat of gate- crashing the opening ceremony of AFCON 2013  with an estimated 10,000 refugees wearing blue jerseys bearing the image of the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi and carrying huge pictures of him painted on canvas, didn’t materialize due to CAF’s objection and the heroics of the Ethiopian community association in South Africa and Bête-Ethiopia.

However, when failed to divide Ethiopians, the evil junta has succeeded in dividing the players which led to the humiliating defeat at the hands of the Burkinabe stallions.

One of Africa’s most embarrassing despots, the late ferocious tyrant Meles Zenawi never attended any sporting event during his 21 year brutal rule and it defies logic as to why the junta is so obsessed with such plan.

“Meles Zenawi wasn’t our leader, he was a colonizer and king of a minority Agame clan in northern Ethiopia. If they want to honor him let them honor their dwarf warlord in Dedebit, certainly not here in South Africa. This is a democratic country.” A refugee who asked not to be named or photographed for fear of attacks on his family back home told the Horn Times.

Conveying his sincere gratitude to the entire refugee community in South Africa for refusing to be embroiled in controversy by associating themselves with the terrorist regime, a spokesman for Ethiopian community association told the Horn Times that the Ethiopian embassy in Pretoria is currently collecting money from unsuspecting refugees under the guise of “bond sale” in the so called renaissance dam project.

“Don’t give your hard-earned cash to any embassy officials who are travelling to every corner of South Africa. If they harass you or threatened your family back home, report them to the nearby police Station. They are thieves and they will be arrested.” The spokesman added.

Asked how they managed to stifle the junta’s threat of stealing the show at Afcon 2013, the articulate spokesman replied, “What is the use of having both diplomatic and financial power if you don’t match it with academic excellence? What will you say if I tell you the name of a TPLF diplomat who owns a barbershop at GP Street? These are just a bunch of low class warlords, poorly educated but assumed posts due to their loyalty to the TPLF. And remember the playing field is level here in South Africa, no federal police to call up on, so defeating them was as easy as taking candy from a baby.”

In additional news, both the Ethiopian community association and Bête-Ethiopia have asked CAF president Issa Hayatou to ban Ethiopian football federation president Sahilu Gebrewold from the Afcon 2013 on grounds of his disgusting unsporting behavior.

Gebrewold has been accused of interfering in team selection, pressurizing the Coach to start with more players from Dedebit, a club where he is a majority share holder with various other TPLF warlords.

On 18 Jan 2013, the extremely rigid Gebrewold arrogantly prevented the national team players from interacting with their fans on their arrival at Oliver Tambo air port.

Again, at white river in Nelspruit, where the team was based before moving to Rustenburg, Gebrewold acted as security officer 24/7 keeping fans and Ethiopian free press journalists away, in the process treating players like his virtual slaves.

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