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The Growing Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia: Why Urgent Action is Needed

The conflict targeting the Amhara community
The conflict targeting the Amhara community

Ethiopia is currently experiencing one of its most severe humanitarian crises in recent memory, with millions of lives in jeopardy due to widespread hunger, disease outbreaks, conflict, and climate-related challenges. Immediate action is necessary to avert further suffering and loss of life.

On April 16, 2024, a gathering of global leaders and representatives from various international organizations, UN agencies, NGOs, and civil society took place in Geneva, Switzerland, for the High-level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Situation in Ethiopia. The primary objective of the event was to raise essential funds to address Ethiopia’s pressing humanitarian needs.

Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO Deputy Director-General, drew attention to the dire circumstances in Ethiopia, particularly in regions such as Tigray, Amhara, Afar, and Oromia. The widespread hunger, disease outbreaks, and infrastructure damage resulting from conflict have left millions of individuals without access to vital services.

Ethiopia is currently contending with several deadly outbreaks, including its largest cholera outbreak on record, a significant rise in malaria cases, and a surge in measles cases. Dr. Kaluwa, Owen Laws, WHO Ethiopia representative, underscored the critical nature of the situation in Ethiopia, where disease outbreaks are unfolding in areas with limited healthcare access, exacerbating the crisis. Despite the collaborative efforts of WHO and its partners to deliver life-saving health services, funding shortages pose a significant threat, potentially necessitating a reduction in operations. With only a fraction of the required funding secured thus far, urgent additional support is imperative to sustain and expand operations and prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation.

It is essential to invest in WHO and its health cluster partners to save lives in Ethiopia. This involves deploying mobile health and nutrition teams to remote regions, administering vaccinations to prevent disease outbreaks, and bolstering health facilities in conflict-affected areas.

It is imperative for the global community to promptly tackle and react to the humanitarian emergency in Ethiopia. The well-being of millions of individuals is in jeopardy, and it is vital to offer the necessary financial assistance and provisions to preserve lives and alleviate the distress of the Ethiopian populace. The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated, and each contribution has the potential to make a substantial difference in reconstructing communities that have been ravaged by conflict, famine, and illness.

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Alemtsehay Zergaw Gebremichael

Communications Officer
WHO Ethiopia

2 thoughts on “The Growing Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia: Why Urgent Action is Needed”

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    The Enat Party is a terrorist party(=Mahibrekidusan ) that financed genocide in Tigray.
    The Enat Party and website are terrorist groups that financed genocide in Tigray.
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