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The Great Conspiracy against Ethiopia: The conjugal between the “illuminate” (ILU) and the Haughty Sebhat (HS) – Michyas Gizaw

“The backbone of Amharas and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church are fragmented and never recuperate” –

The wicked said in the haughtiness of his countenance “The backbone of Amharas and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church are fragmented and never recuperate”. This is an “illuminati conspiracy” where the malicious never sleeps unless doing harm to Ethiopia. There have always been conspiracies against Ethiopia. But the disastrous policy performed by the hodgepodge matrimony between the ILU and the HS, to exterminate the blameless natives of Ethiopia and their beliefs, is corrupt and vile.

History tells us that, Yodit Gudit, a none-Christian queen, destroyed Churches and monuments. Gragn Mohammed, an Imam Conqueror and Muslim militant ignoring the order of Prophet Mohammed “not harm Ethiopians” swept across Ethiopia from the east and threaten an ample demolition of Ethiopian Christendom. Colonialists attempted to take possession of Ethiopia. These three genii (3G) – confronted its realm on different times but never accomplished. Ill-advisedly, the great abysmal came from its internal enemies (BANDAS). While the 3Gs attacked her sovereign realm by persecuting Christians, the ILU and the HS ill-treated its spiritual dominion by dividing the Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church and attacking innocent Muslims.

Sebhat is the architect of the “Great Tigray” – a futile aspiration to be as strong and wealthy as the late Roman Empire. Sebhat – the troublemaker knew how toinvolve in fierce politics in order to destabilize or exploit the indigenous population. Thus, he wickedly paved the way for the ILUMINATE move-in in Ethiopia. Sadly the pictogram of the illuminate placed in the middle of our God-given flag. Sebhat, the liaison between the ILU and TPLF was very cunning from the very beginning. Using his skills he learned as traitor (BANDA), Sebhat began to mold the great conspiracy in the 60s – time of Ethiopian Student Movement. He knew how to turn into terrible – the popular slogan “Land to the tiller” to “All the land and wealth of Ethiopia to few TEGARUS”. Now a multi billionaire – Sebhat was an “undercover guard” in a private house in Addis Ababa. Oh! His wicked nature and tractability is beyond comprehension.

Sebhat has a great longing to have for his own the gold and silvers of Ethiopia. One day he thought of a trick that would give him what he wanted. In fact, he was pleased with the success of his trick. For as long as he controlled the vast economy he owned all the wealth of Ethiopia under “Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray” (EFFORT) – he gave the politics to Meles – “an elite” who could accomplish “order out of chaos”. Meles, the retainer of Sebhat, was an idol for the ILU but debauched for the people. He was a draftsman of corruption and inflation. The inhuman looters, burglars, thieves and rent-seekers used Meles and his military generals as a golden ladder to go up in a systematic pilfering.

God said enough is enough. Time has come for Oromos and Amharas are united. Time has come for the Ethiopian people rise instantly. The haughty Sebhat gave a loud cry of fear. Getachew Redda (GR), his mouthpiece, in a wailing and despairing voice tried to salvage Sebhat’s sinful possessions: EFFORT (economic power) and TPLF (political power). GR (under financial duress) continues to speak about “chauvinism of Amharas and narrow nationalism of Oromos” while the alleged reason is far beyond the real cause and issue.

The root cause of the uprising is genuine. Looters, blunders and greedy public officials under the umbrella of TPLFs immunity – for nearly quarter of a century – ripped-off the gold, cattle and resources of Oromos and hefty harvests of Amharas by annexing fertile lands such as Wolkait-Tsegede regions form Gonder and bountiful agricultural lands from Wollo and Shoa. The cold-hearted tax collectors of top TPLF-EPRDF leaders, the oblivious “Sheik” form Saudi, pitiable investors form Turkey, India and elsewhere, outrageous gluttons – have all conspired to rob the fertile and fruitful lands of Oromo and Amhara to make the people deprived.

God’s righteous judgment on the wicked Sebhat and TPLF is coming. The parasitic economic achievement of Sebhat’s – EFFORT and few non-Tigray collaborators (billionaires from poor backgrounds) will stand under verdict. The people of Ethiopia will provide the just government needed for an orderly society and control of evils.

Beware – It is TPLF and owners of EFFORT: “the giant conglomerate – an offshoot of the “illuminates” and its undercover protector Sibhat that is butchering the innocent poor. Sebhat (the certified guard) – with a stick in his hand (Hailemariam D) and a bullet in his throat (Agazi Army), is protecting the enormous wealth, high edifices, estates, modern villas, luxury king size electronic automobiles and industries of looters and thieves. Without a tussle thieves never hand over the things they stole from the people.

Beware – it is EPRDF that is killing the people. EPRDF is a preemptive vessel to put them all together – the epicures, dummies and sick individuals suffering with inferior complex and hatred towards Amharas. The Ds (Dead while alive Dolls) Desalegn, HM – Dulla, Aba – Demeksa, Kuma – Demeke – the double S – Silly and Senseless – Shiferaw Shigute ( “untaught minister of education” responsible for the displacement of Amharas from southern Ethiopia) and their kinds – stand under judgment for collaboration with the slaughter TPLF.

Amharas and Oromos are no longer prisoners. They are rescued. The struggle will continue until Tigrian – innocent brothers and sisters are free from the systematic dungeon of EFFORT and TPLF. No more larceny in the name of the blameless Christian and Muslim people of Tigray. We look upon Tigrays with sympathy and genuine understanding. Join the struggle.

Ethiopia – the water tower – stands on the basement of strength. It is the assured land of God. Despite horror and dreadfulness (Cush, Abyssinia, Ethiopia) shall never demolish. Ethiopia and its God-given flag neither exterminate nor exhausted.

God safeguards Ethiopia.

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