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The government of #Ethiopia itself is violating the constitution and the constitutional order that it claims to protect.

It violated the constitution when the federal police beat and arrested a member of the House of Peoples Representatives Christian Tadele and Addis Ababa city council member Kassa Teshager from their houses days ago. This was done in the absence of their immunity having been lifted. The declaration of a state of emergency does not justify the violation of the law by the government. Of course, it is clear what it is going to fabricate.

It does not end there; They have been detained for days without being brought before a court within 48 hours of their arrest, as per the law. They have now applied for habeas corpus through their lawyers, a fundamental right that protects against unlawful and indefinite imprisonment; to be brought before a judge or into court.

The #Ethiopia n government needs to respect the law and release the unlawfully detained representatives of the people without any precondition.


Mulu Worku Yimer


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