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The Forgotten Suffering: Global North’s Double Standards and the Plight of the Amhara People

July 27, 2023

In the shadows of international diplomacy, a disturbing trend emerges – the selective blindness to the suffering of the Amhara people in Ethiopia. While Getachew Reda, the architect of devastating invasions, enjoys VIP treatment in Denver, over 10,000 peaceful Amhara individuals are unjustly imprisoned for exercising their constitutional rights. As the world applauds dubious peace deals and strategic interests, it’s time to expose the hypocrisy and give a voice to the prisoners of consciousness.


Quotes from Prisoners of Conscience:

  1. Meskerem Abera, Journalist & Author: “I was arrested because of my political views. The anti-Amhara regime wants to silence our voices, but we won’t be broken. We stand for justice and truth.”
  2. Gobeze Sisay, Journalist: “We demand the court to summon media outlets that produced false documentaries against us as terrorists. Our rights to a free trial have been violated.”

  1. Dawit Beghashaw, Journalist: “Countless gross human rights abuses have been committed under Abiy Ahmed’s regime. It’s time to expose the truth and demand justice.”

  1. Genet Assemamaw, Journalist: “I am Amhara, and they hate me for that, not my profession. The Addis Ababa police’s hypocrisy is a shame that must be exposed.”


Amhara’s Plight: A Cry Ignored

Amidst the Ethiopian turmoil, the Amhara people have faced unimaginable pain, with over a million dead and displaced due to the multiple invasions orchestrated by Getachew Reda. Yet, as he rubs shoulders with Denver’s mayor, Mike Johnston, the world remains eerily silent about the suffering of these innocent souls.

Behind Closed Doors: Shady Pretoria Peace Agreement


The Pretoria peace agreement, brokered by the Biden administration and the EU, raises eyebrows. While hailed as a step towards stability, it seems to forget the countless Amhara lives lost and territories forcefully annexed by TPLF during its dictatorial reign. Congressman Brad Sherman’s misleading claims only add to the false narrative, perpetuating an injustice that must not be ignored.


The Denied Right to Bail: Ordinary Amhara Voices Silenced


While the world turns a blind eye, ordinary Amhara people suffer in silence. Over 10,000 journalists, authors, academics, students, politicians, and business persons, who haven’t harmed anyone, find themselves behind bars. Denied their constitutional rights, they are branded as enemies of the state by Abiy Ahmed’s apartheid regime.


Transactional Justice & Strategic Interests: At What Cost?

As the global north champions peace deals and strategic interests, it must ask itself: at what cost? Enabling terrorist enterprises like TPLF and OLF for short-term gains neglects the cries of the oppressed Amhara people. A transactional approach to justice undermines the principles the world claims to uphold.


Enough is Enough: Exposing Global North’s Double Standards

The global North cannot continue to sidestep the suffering of the Amhara people. It is time for action, for solidarity, and for justice. The voices of prisoners of consciousness must be heard, and the global north’s double standards exposed.

Share this post to raise awareness and break the silence. The Amhara people deserve justice, their story must be told, and their oppressors held accountable.








By Theodros Arega

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