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The First Ethiopian Television Network in the Diaspora launched 24 years ago

09/07/ 2015
Today there are Ethiopian Diaspora media outlets in almost every state and country in the US and Europe. But 24 years ago this was not thinkable. Probably, the first Diaspora Ethiopian media outlet, Ethiopian Television Network has been launched by Dr. Fikre Tolosa. Although the presentation and the programming would be considered amateurish today, the initiative and the efforts are however commendably super.
Under the video he posted on Youtube from the first transmissio, Dr. Fikre said:

I launched the first Amharic language TV show outside Ethiopia 24 years ago. I aired it in the Bay Area of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington DC for one year successfully, but had to quit due to lack of financial support. It was a 30-minute length variety show every week.In it, among other things, I have featured Ato Fiseha Atlaw for his contribution to the development of Amharic language software.

A 24 minute of the video clip is attached below,

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