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The Ethiopian Waters Advisory Council (EWAC) International Symposium

October 10, 2021



To All Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Waters Advisory Council (EWAC) in collaboration with other partners within and outside Ethiopia is pleased to invite you to its three successive international symposiums on October 16, October 17, October 23 and October 30. 2021. The first symposium on October 16th, and 17th, as well as the 23rd will focus on the scientific, economic and socio-cultural aspects of the GERD and the Abbay River (Blue Nile) and addresses Ethiopia’s position for equitable and sustainable use. This educational symposium will be conducted in English for the first two days and the third and fourth day sessions in English and Amharic respectively and will bring forth the benefits from well-known Ethiopian experts, research scientists and academics from Ethiopia and in the Diaspora. Among the many issues on Ethiopian waters this one of a kind symposium further focuses:

  • on hydro political and technical imperatives of the GERD/Nile issues,
  • attempts to generate a menu of themes, ideas and programs for future work,
  • and presents an alternative scientific solution path to sustainable development of the GERD/NILE cooperatively with all stakeholders. 

The third and final symposium on October 30th, will engage grassroots level GERD support groups and subject experts from around the globe. Encourages sharing best practices, strengthen relations and motivate active support groups to speak from the same script while focusing on technical, professional and fund mobilization issues in support of the GERD’s continued success.

Therefore on behalf of EWAC and partners we encourage all Ethiopians to attend sessions they deem relevant and share learnings to the broader international, regional and Ethiopian audiences.

Please visit our website ( http://www.nilesymposium.com ) and register to attend.

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