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The Ethiopian Freedom Bus is on the March

Kinijit Freedom Bus is on the March
Kinijit Freedom Bus is on the March

Very happy about the release of the CUD (Kinijit) prisoners of conscience. Sad about the thousands of others left behind bars.

I have heard that the CUD folks have signed a document in which they have admitted to “mistakes” to win their release. Naturally, I feel that the document has some relevance, to the extent that what it may reveal about the nature of the regime that incarcerated them, and I am curious to read the document in its entirety. But, obviously, the document was signed under duress and, as such, I do not think it is of any use to spend precious time talking about it. What is more important to me and, I am sure, to most Ethiopians is what the freed CUD leaders plan to do to further the cause of peace, justice and democracy in Ethiopia in the days, months and years ahead. I hope they will remain united and continue to lead by example. I also hope that they will not forget those whom they left behind in Woyane’s dungeons.

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