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The Dark Side of Abiy Ahmed’s Power: Human Rights Ignored

Abiy Ahmed’s disregard for human rights is evident as he employs any means necessary to maintain his power, without showing any respect for the fundamental rights of individuals.

General Yilma Merdassa, the leader of Ethiopian Airlines and Ethiopian Air Force, is depicted in the brief video clip showcasing his involvement with the airline. It is advisable to reconsider before making a reservation with Ethiopian Airlines, especially considering the implication of the Ethiopian Military in war crimes within Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Airlines’ involvement in activities that could potentially lead to human rights abuses or support military operations is a grave concern that demands a thorough investigation and appropriate action. The airline’s participation in such actions may result in serious ethical and legal consequences, prompting scrutiny from international bodies and human rights organizations.

A responsible government should give utmost importance to promoting respect for human rights and implementing measures to effectively address violations. Holding those responsible for such violations accountable is of utmost importance. To achieve this objective, international pressure, diplomatic engagement, and the efforts of human rights organizations play a crucial role in ensuring justice and upholding human rights standards. If there are any concerns regarding human rights issues, it is vital to address them promptly and take necessary actions to safeguard and advance the rights of all individuals.

Furthermore, raising awareness about these issues through various channels such as social media, petitions, and engaging with relevant authorities and organizations can play a significant role in shedding light on the situation and advocating for justice and transparency. By taking these actions, individuals can contribute to holding Ethiopian Airlines accountable for its actions and promoting respect for human rights.


1 thought on “The Dark Side of Abiy Ahmed’s Power: Human Rights Ignored”

  1. Abiy Ahmed is here on a mission to destroy Ethiopia. His utilization of the civilian Ethiopian Airlines for military transport is, for him, killing two birds with one stone. He is targeting Fanno as well as the flag carrier Ethiopian Airlines. That is no different from what he is doing to the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.
    Nice article. The topic is a little misleading though, for it suggests that there is a good side to Abiy Ahmed’s power. There has been a destruction of all the valuable cultural, social, political and spiritual assets of the nation. A Frankenstein of TPLF, Abiy Amhed’s worst effect would be the legacy he leaves as he has created monsters during his brief tenure. God Save Ethiopia!

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