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The battle for ‘money’: Why is The Tigrean People Liberation Front (TPLF) without an ideology?

March 27, 2018

«Everyone who lives ought to be wise; it is as good as receiving an inheritance and will give you as much security as money can..» – (Ecclesiastes 7: 11-13)

Ideology is an idea. It is a collection of political ideas, ethical ideas, principle and doctrine. Good political ideology concerns itself with how to distribute happiness (not agony, anxiety, sadness, unemployment, poverty and corruption) in the society.  Democracy is the best form of government. Autocracy is a form of government contrary to democracy. TPLF is neither a democracy nor an autocracy; not even grasping ‘’sense and sensibility’’ to manage rural windmills. TPLF has no realm – no time and space to think to be wise. TPLF smells money and print it out without a monetary policy. TPLF doesn’t care about infalation because it doesn’t have a meagre knowledge about economics or macroeconomic planning. Ethiopia’s oldest bank – Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) – is out of functioning because one of the TPLF’s gang took over the management imprudently. TPLF has a system of ideas and ideals to form the basis of of looting economy. Sacking, ransacking, plundering, despoiling, despoliation and pillaging are ‘’emerging economy’’ of looting aided by the power of deception and lie.

It is difficult to identify TPLFs politics in the Ethiopian context. No conservatism, no liberalism, no nationalism, no socialism, no capitalism or no religious ideologies (no generousity, no readiness, no liberality). What a pity? ‘’Mendacious or untruth’’ is TPLF’s ideology while ‘’snake manoeuvre’’ is the mechanism by which it makes a motion (change place, position or posture). It is its rhythmic character that enables it pick up foolishes (HDs) and cowards (Aba Dullas) that can sit on its knee and die in shame. TPLF is also bright in ostracizing and incarcerate brave persons. Thus, strengthening its jaws (Security forces) – bite members of opposition political parties and peaceful journalists in the ‘’pretext’’ of ‘’safeguarding the constutition’’. It is a false reason given to conceal the truth. TPLF jeopardised and outmaneuvered the lives of children, youth and the entire people by its venom.  Looting is the normative value and principle TPLF holds. Truthfully, it is the ‘’looting ideology’’ what really makes TPLF bad and ugly. TPLF is an ugly snake. By and large, the poisonous and toxic politics of TPLF led to the destabilization of national institutions, intellectuality, universities, schools, principles, ethics and manners.


The current «declaration of death» or «the second state of emergency» or «resource and power commanding» is an embarrassed tactic to protect stolen properties of EFFORT, corruptors, adherents, proponents and burglars. TPLF is not prudent as lions or progressive like cheetahs. TPLF is shrewd as snakes and not harmless as doves.  The killing muscles (AGAZI – Defence and National security), connected to its underpart, help TPLF crawl and climb on banks, Ethiopian Airlines and other financial institutions. Similar to most saharan snakes TPLF glide forward to steal money by using its ribs and belly. To divide and rule TPLF uses ‘’ethnic politics’’ as sidewinding of a snake in the sahara. To make an investment in an area of abundant raw material it uses caterpillar movement or rectilinear locomotion. TPLF learned this technique or slower method of movement from a snake. To climb on a roof and kill innocent protesters TPLF used concertina technique. Instead of learning politics from philosophies TPLF learned luring movments of snakes. TPLF is capable of luring Tigrean brothers and sisters away from the path to wisdom and virtues. We are waiting them overcome this in the persuit of thier religion. We know that they are not less capable of rational thought than the TPLF.


What is the reason that TPLF battle for money? What is good for TPLF to spread xenophobia, stealing an election and robbing a bank? Why – TPLF absolutely do not care about Peoples’ livelihood? For how long will TPLF survive by killing? For how long will killings and lootings continue? It is easier to persuade Ethiopians using polite arguments and flaterry than being confrontational. Then why – arrest, captivity, terror, murder, agony and human rights violation? What is the reason that  TPLF commits such crimes? What is the nature of TPLF?


TPLFs nature is defined in terms of lack of restraint, expresses itself in defence of ‘money’ and very often focusing on satisfying its ambitions: power, sex and looting.  Sinful practices are the distinctive natures of TPLF. The corrupted TPLF is tempted with the pride of sin which in fact is contrary to moral and ethics, TPLF blow its trumpet for luring the international community. TPLF show off for killing a teen age boy for money. In general – TPLFs natural potential for virtue is inferior because looting has no desire or craving for sensibility. TPLF never be ashamed of the scandals such as pornography and sex turism. Rather TPLF is self satisfied in killing and stealing for no regard for consequences or the negative impact on its children, relatives and supporters. Today – TPLF and its citizens live by «not to be ashamed» policy.


‘’Shame’’ is a peculiar phenomena as ‘’not to be ashamed’’ is. But we wish Hitler had felt ashamed of his treatments of Jews. We wish the late Meles had felt ashamed of TPLFs brutal action against Amharas and Oromos. TPLF gave order to an AGAZI soldier (during the first state of emergency) to punish an innocent mother by forcing her sat down on the deceased body of her son. Does the organization consider this a shame? Prejudice among media elites is rampant. Are medias ashamed of their lies? A pupett PM and a coward speaker of parliament –  shame or proud for TPLF and its supporters? Alas – there is no ‘’shame’’ because there is no ‘’conscience’’ or ‘’moral sense’’ that restrain looters and their subjects from doing ‘’shameless things’’.


TPLF, the 27 years old usurper, is without an ideology because of absence of prudent politicians within its belly. TPLF can not even adapt itself to the classical African concept of humanist philosophy – UBUNTU – aimed in focusing on people’s interrelation. TPLF instead focused on corruption, deceit, fraud, plagiarism, looting, AGAZI killings and forming shadow and parasite  economy. TPLF citizens and its bunch of cowards are foolish and pleasure lovers.  They buy sex but not love. They buy computer but not brain. They buy luxuries but not culture.  TPLF do not want to learn wisdom because treachery is ignorance and looting does not appreciate knowledge. For TPLF, looting has been common practice throughout recorded history (tracing back from its cave, Dedebit).


Who might give well-meaning advice to TPLF? Its supporters? The superpowers? The UN, The patriarch? Its Medias (EBC, Zami FM, Reporter)? TPLF cannot hear anyone. TPLF carry blood of million innocents in its hands. As a blood reign – it might be difficult to TPLF to handover the power and authority wisely and peacefully.


But there is still a chance; may be a bit of chance. Relying on the word of God – let me try to say this. «Everyone who lives ought to be wise; it is as good as receiving an inheritance and will give you as much security as money can..» – (Ecclesiastes 7: 11-13)

Dear TPLF – if you do not want to hear God – the combination of non-legal factors and unconstitutional conditions will be your demise. Looting combined with lie – corruption combined with terror – power combined with lust and fornication – will be DOWNFALL OF TPLF. Ethiopia will not fall in disarray but TPLF ceased to exist.

Ethiopia shall prevail.

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