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The bankrupt propagandist

June 3, 2013

By Melkamu Tilahun

He claims to speak for Tilahun Gesese just because his sister, Weizoro Roman Bezu, was one of the singer’s former wives. It is so bad that this man is tarnishing the name of Tilahun Gesese and his own sister.A certain delusional man, who claims to be a spokesman not only for Weyane but also Tilahun Gesese, came out from nowhere and launched a vicious defamation campaign against Tamagn Beyene, one of Ethiopia’s most prominent activists and warrior of truth. The slanderous content, which has no substance and facts whatsoever, was aired on a channel that was supposed to serve our community in Montgomery County, Maryland, a country where so many Ethiopian exiles have settled. This happened last year and nothing seemed to bother him.
A year after the demise of former tyrant Meles Zenawi, the same man, Mesfin Bezu, came wailing with a deceitful concoction of events and clumsily edited videos mainly surrounding the May 18th incident that awed and shocked the coward former tyrant. After a year was over and filed were put into the archives of history the fool says he is an “eye-witness”. According to him, he saw the tyrant “courageously and heroically” brushing off the damaging and humiliating protest he had faced in the presence of world leaders. But in the process, the delusional propagandist only joined those attributing almost every hyped up breath and “success” to the brutal serpent that they claim to be a superman.
Mr. Bezu was tearful about his effort to expose the “lies” of Abebe Gellaw and those of ESAT. According to him, Meles just brushed off the dressing down, as if nothing happened. ESAT and Abebe made us the story. It seems evident that this man is delusional that hear voices in his head, according to people in the know. He claims to speak for Tilahun Gesese just because his sister, Weizoro Roman Bezu, was one of the singer’s former wives. It is so bad that this man is tarnishing the name of Tilahun Gesese and his own sister.
Ethiopia’s king of music must be turning in his grave when his name is being dragged in the mud with a confused and bankrupt man that claims to run this fifty-cent community broadcast. He confesses that he is not a journalist, but never answers the question why he is acting like one. While he was supposed to air programs that benefit the Ethiopian community in Maryland, the so called Tilahun Gesese TV (TGTV) formerly Selam TV “producer”, abusing the trust and airtime of Montgomery Community Media, is transmitting propaganda and defamation against Ethiopian activists.
As he has called for attention, a little scrutiny will reveal interesting facts about him who has so many troubles and identity crises. He has been involved in failed litigations. It is in the public domain that Mesfin Bezu has already declared bankruptcy. It seems the man is facing crunching financial and mental hardship unless Weyane comes to rescue with some blank checks and medications.
So his desperation for attention and self-promotion is quite evident. Apparently, he also lives in the closet and may even be forced to come out and tell the real stories.
His most treasured secret that he claimed to have unearthed was actually an ancient affair. After we have witnessed so much comedies and high dramas in the last one year, this man came running to rescue a dead tyrant, with an old song and expired dance that even the high priests of the TPLF regime may not appreciate.
The issue at hand is the neck and head of the tyrant, who is already buried for good. Did his heart popped out of its frame? Was his neck broken in shame when his crimes were exposed to the searing limelight at the “advancing food security symposium at the G8” on that fateful day in Washington DC? Did he try to bury his head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich?
Honestly speaking, these are side issues for us. What was important for all Ethiopians was the fact that our voice was heard loud and clears as the tyrant got the shock therapy of his lifetime. Side shows may be so important to the Meles Zenawi Foundation set up by his wife and that declared a mission of rebuilding the tyrant’s tarnished image and clean his tattered effigy. It is indeed a very daunting task for the Meles Zenawi foundation of lies and tyranny.
Going back to the main finding of the fifty-cent propaganda man, please watch the two video clips below. The first one was produced and distributed by the so called “TGTV” distortionist. The second one was recorded by the Chicago Council, which was one of the organizers of the May 18th event where the chief serpent got exposed, shocked and depressed. The “TGTV” bankrupt propagandist claims that the dead tyrant never bury his head in shame during the barrage of condemnation he had to face. The full version of both clips are found on Youtube. You be the judge!

Mesfin Bezu claims

—Chicago Council Video

1. If you wish to check out the full video posted by the Chicago Council on International Affairs, please check it out here fast forward 23:15

2. One may wonder why Mesfin Bezu came from nowhere with his video patches full of lies. His deceitful and erratic behavior can be partly explained by his bankruptcy filings. It turns out that Mesfin Bezu is a liability even for Weyane.
– Mesfin Bezu vs the Comptroller of Maryland
– http://dockets.justia.com/docket/virginia/vaedce/1:2011cv00711/268756/

– http://www.bankruptreport.com/va/alexandria/bezu-mesfin

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