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The AU’s Donkey Slaughter Ban: A Step Towards Animal Welfare

Voice of America
19 Feb 2024
The African Union has approved a ban on the slaughter of donkeys for their hides.

The measure was approved Sunday at the end of the African leaders’ summit in Ethiopia and may go a long way in helping to protect the continent’s 33 million donkeys.

Donkeys are being killed in large numbers on the continent for an ingredient in ejiao, a Chinese remedy, believed by some to have anti-aging and health benefits.

The Donkey Sanctuary, a charity, said, “This historic decision taken by the African Union recognizes, at the highest level of decision making the vital importance of donkeys across Africa.”

The animals were facing “a very real existential threat,” The Donkey Sanctuary said, as 5.9 million donkeys are killed annually for the remedy.

In Africa, people in the poorest communities use donkeys for transportation and to carry goods, including water. A recent African study revealed that possessing a donkey can make the difference between destitution and a modest livelihood.

Marianne Steele, chief executive of The Donkey Sanctuary, said, “Donkeys are sensitive and intelligent creatures who deserve protection for their own sakes and for the countless communities who rely on them.”


2 thoughts on “The AU’s Donkey Slaughter Ban: A Step Towards Animal Welfare”

  1. It is good they did this if they put it in action. But China will buy them with money and they do not care about the donkeys and resources.

    They give priority to donkeys, perhaps they are closely related to them than their people. When are these hippos (borrowed from Dr. George Ayitte) going to ban slaughtering their people and committing genocide?

    1. Here in Kenya, they are buying in quantities….Chinese care less about animal welfare. They care about the product, Ejiao

      Money talks but who will stop that….

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