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The Amhara Saga and the Prospect of an All-out Civil War in Ethiopia

We have seen it several times in the past—Syria (under Assad), Iraq (under Sadam Hussein), Libya (under Gaddafi), Zaire (under Mobutu). Ethiopia (under Mengistu Haile Mariam) that dictators deny simmering social and political tensions on the ground because their sole preoccupation is the preservation of power at any cost.
I find it galling that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has never ever acknowledged that there is a new civil war going on under his watch. His response was more of the same—war and repression.

Ethiopia’s rulers dismiss deaths of innocent lives, hyperinflation, unemployment of millions of young people, starvation of millions, displacement of millions, a tattering economy and the like as hearsay. These deeds do not bother let alone haunt them. When you are preoccupied with dominance at any cost; you become totally immune to the plight of human beings.
Ethiopia’s rulers try to mask the truth by arresting thousands of dissidents and sending them to Auschwitz-like concentration camps. Today an estimated 140,000 Amhara including children, girls, women, the elderly, academics, journalists. politicians are languishing in jail.
My core argument in this latest interview is that the Ethiopian people deserve a post-ethnic-  and better, inclusive, democratic governance. For this to happen, the current ethnic-elite dominated , cruel and corrupt system must go.
I urge you to listen to my take of the current unfolding tragedy in Ethiopia on Anchor Media with Journalist Messay Meknnnen.
Watch “Anchor Media ከዶ/ር አክሎግ ቢራራ ጋር የተደረገ ቆይታ”
Dr/ Aklog Birara

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