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Thank You USA

All the Oromia and the Amara regional leaders such as: His Excellency Lemma Megersa, Dr. Abyie Ahmed and Gedu Andaregachew, are the Target of attack by the Tigray Liberation Front because of their willowing’s for change in the country. On the opposite side, the TPLF government is taking ugly steps to establish a military communist government in the face of 100 million Ethiopian people’s opposition. All the Oromo and Amara regional special force, police, militias must be ready to defend the people and the country. We, Ethiopians are not alone. The country we love, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the European Union, are with Ethiopian people. Just yesterday, the USA foreign ministry’s office briefed all diplomats about their firm position against the minority TPLF government, demanding to establish an inclusive transitional government, effective immediately. We, Ethiopians are expressing our appreciation to the government Unites States of America for the action taken to protect the people of Oromo and Amara as well as all Ethiopians, who deserve justice, equality, democracy and rule of law, including an opportunity to elect its own leader.

God bless the USA

Daniel Gobeze


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