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Terrorist group (TPLF)  BOMBS ASMARA

 Eritrea received an official invitation from TPLF today. ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ክብር ስንል እንታገሳለን ።
14 Nov 2020 – (EP) TPLF has bombed capital Asmara (pictured) today on a deliberate effort to draw Eritrea into the war and internationalise the conflict.
The TPLF strategy is obvious. By striking residential areas in Asmara, the junta wants a pre-emptive retaliation from Eritrea and cry to the international community for intervention.
However, this is not a wise move by the Dedebits. From now, Eritrea has every right and justification to go to war against the terrorists as self-defense.
Now, Eritrea expects Western condemnation against the terrorist TPLF group.

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