Tension Rises in Gondar and Bahir Dar Over Ethiopian Orthodox Church Celebrations of Epiphany (Timket)

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(BBC) Tensions are high in Ethiopia’s north-western cities of Gondar and Bahir Dar ahead of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Epiphany (Timket) celebrations that begin this evening and end tomorrow evening, the Amsterdam-based opposition Ethiopian Satellite TV has reported.

It added that residents in the two cities, both tourist attractions and places of historical interest, were refusing to join in the celebrations, saying they were still mourning the killing of some 400 people by government forces during protests that rocked the two cities and other parts of Ethiopia in the past year.

The government blamed the violence on “terrorists” trying to destabilize Ethiopia.

Timket celebrates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River and its best known for its ritual reenactment of baptism.

Gondar and Bahir Dar residents have resolved to celebrate the festival indoors fearing a repeat of the deadly violence during Irecha, an Oromo cultural festival, in Bishoftu on October 2, 2016.

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Following this incident, the government has reportedly deployed a large number of soldiers in the area.


Source: BBC


  1. The people died by committing suicide jumping of a cliff according to Ethiopian federal Government prosecutors that released close 10,000 people that were arrested on suspicion of taking part in the deaths of hundreds of people at the Oromo cultural festival, in Bishoftu on October 2, 2016.

    The Investigators and prosecutors agreed there was no violence committed at the Oromo cultural festival, in Bishoftu on October 2, 2016. They released all 10,000 people, because they found out the people jumped of the cliff when they saw helicopter flying up close to the ground because they thought Aliens from another planet came to abduct them . Many risked death and serious injury to escape what they thought was an alien abduction since for most it was their first time seeing a loud flying object like that so everybody that was hallucinating from khat agreed it was UFO and needed to escape at any cost.That is why the government is in a process to open the first of it’s kind in the country free live-in khat addiction rehabilitation youth center in Bishoftu area.

  2. The violence tension goes deeper in regards to religion celebrations like TIMKET around TPLF targeted areas. .The federal government is always going around khat infested areas like Ogaden to kidnap the youth and make them soldiers . These kidnapped people would submit to the government demands easily and do anything they are ordered to do when they get supplied with khat at work even if it means killing innocent students.Most of the khat addicted soldiers and khat addicted Military generals in Ethiopia get sent to kill innocent Ethiopians, because the soldiers that are not khat addicted tend to take off their uniforms and join the protestors rather than killing the protestors but the khat addicted soldiers kill women , babies , elderly , just about anybody without hesitation as long as they don’t get penalized for chewing khat at work.
    Religious institutions work hard on saving people’s lives tackling the various dangers the followers from khat dealers (TPLF military recruiters) . The tension and identity crisis happen to be at extremely high level among Ethiopians that want to hold on to their identity traditions and the soldiers that want to kill them for holding to their identity traditions. . For example in Ethiopia Khat addiction is not allowed for church goers . . In Ethiopia khat chewing is not permitted even in Muslim Mosques let alone churches . You don’t see that many Ethiopians being mercinaries to TPLF overnight unless they were used to khat early on .. When it comes to Khat there is noway you can take it with moderation. It takes atleast half a day of constant chewing to feel the effect so many didn’t had the time to show their faces in church so they go on to churches to kill the non-khat addicts regularly.
    Khat production and exporting business is to blame for the famine 2017 in Ethiopia as crack smoking is the main cause for the rise in divorces in mostly DC area and Europe. Northern part of Ethiopia converted khat farms into food crop farms that is why no famine is expected in the northern Ethiopia in 2017 while Southern and eastern are still in danger suffering from the famine that lingered to close to three years .
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    khat appears to be legal in only 6 countries in the world Holland , Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Yemen. All these 6 countries suffer so much societal , economical and political problems as a direct result of khat evn few business people profit from it. Khat is illegal in Tigrai state in Ethiopia as well but in other parts of Ethiopia it is not illegal because the ruling junta Tigrayans People’s Liberation Front(TPLF) liberated Tigrayans from Khat but TPLF business people as Azeb Mesfin are the number one khat dealers making billions of dollars each year by selling khat in other parts of Ethiopia. Khat also benefits the ruling junta to enslave Ethiopians not only as soldiers buit underpayed abused laborers that work just to get enough to supply their addiction while the employer rips 1000 times more than the employees that work day and night while the employer relaxes collecting profit only.
    Khat chewing has been associated with duodenal ulcer same as Crack cocaine. This effect can be because of the stress that follows khat chewing, the amphetamine-like action of cathine, increased presence of H. pylori , or insecticides and chemicals used for growing the khat plant..

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