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“Tegadalay” Aba Matias declares all out war on the Holy Synod in exile. (Horn Times)

The Horn Times Newsletter 3 March 2013

*Is that the Christian version of Jihadawe Harekat?

(By Getahune Bekele, South Africa)

The merciless gaze of a frustrated Tigre high priest

He has reportedly been told by some Bishops and respected scholars that his election is not canonical and not inspired by the Holy Spirit but by demonic spirit of lust for power in the murky world of Tigre politics. Hence the country’s biggest churches and monasteries have so far failed to endorse his election while some shrines already told him to stay out for his own safety. Aba Matias is a frustrated man.   

However, In typical Tigre warlord style, the man who acquired the throne of Saint Markos as the 6th patriarch of EOTC  by hereditary Tigre descent just few days ago, has declared all out war on the Holy Synod in exile out of sheer desperation to legitimize his fake election and to please the genocidal TPLF hierarchy.

Spurred on by those who propelled him to power, such as the feared king maker and king killer, the Sadist Nibureed  Elias Abreha and Bishop-cum-warlord Abbay Tsehaye, Aba Matias is trying to flex his old and emaciated muscles against the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church, in exile since May 1991.

In collaboration with fascist TPLF warlords, Aba Matias has already put together a committee comprised of Federal affairs minister Shiferaw Teklemariam and a well known Ohio based TPLF agent Dr Muse.    The committee would soon launch court action to prevent the Holy Synod in exile from calling itself “the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.”

According to breaking news appeared exclusively on an Ethiopian news website known as, Aba Matias has briefed   minister Shiferaw and  Abbay Tsehaye on Friday 1st March 2013 on how he intend to go about persecuting the Church in exile.

The report further revealed that the TPLF junta which is suffering total rejection among the Diaspora Ethiopians would help Aba Matias by giving him diplomatic support and by donating a substantial amount of money to be spent on legal proceedings including the hiring of lawyers.

The massive project is said to have been modeled on the cold war era success of the Durg regime in stopping splinter groups and secessionist Bishops from using the name of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the United States of America.

However, sources indicate that the huge offensive is bound to fail as the legal Holy Synod in exile remains much bigger and stronger, enjoying more support from the Diaspora and at home.

“It would be a waste of time and money” zehabesha sources said.

In additional news Aba Matias has been inaugurated as the 6th patriarch of the Addis Ababa Pro-TPLF synod today 3 March 2013 at St Trinity cathedral in Addis Ababa.

The small crowd attended the mass was outnumbered by  heavily armed federal police members and eye witnesses told the Horn Times that the turnout of few hundred caused huge embarrassment to the organizing committee and the frail looking Aba Matias himself was clearly upset and appeared irritated on the pulpit.

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