Sudanese Forces Continue To Expand Presence Within Ethiopia Border: MFA

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Addis Ababa, January 12, 2021 (FBC) –The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said the Sudanese forces have continued to expand their presence within Ethiopia border.

In a press conference issued today, Spokesperson of MFA, Ambassador Dina Mufti, said the Sudanese force is seizing more lands in violation of the agreement reached between the two countries.

Ethiopia has been working patiently to resolve the issue peacefully and through dialogue, realizing that war will not be an option for the problem, the Spokesperson said.

Any type of unilateral exercise is not helpful in finding a lasting solution and what Sudan is doing at the moment is unprecedented and it did not reflect the interest of its people.

Recalling the strong and historical ties between people of Ethiopia and Sudan, he said there are third parties working to take advantage of the current situation by plunging the two countries into conflict.

The Spokesperson said that  if no solution is found for the problem, tolerance has its limit.

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Regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Ambassador Dina stated that both Sudan and Egypt are deliberately holding back the progress of the trilateral negotiation on the dam.

He said the two countries are following a system to take the GERD issues to the UN Security Council if they can, or to wait until the current AU chairperson is replaced, he said.



  1. This is probably one of the worest senario in which Sudanise made wrong doing in history by anticipating that Ethiopia forces are weaken by fighting TPLF junta and beleive that it is right time to do agression.
    However, things will change soon and they will be hesitated for their fault. Ethiopian and Sudanise people are brothers and friends but if angry follows no one can deter Ethiopian heroes.So think twice before you do as prominent & tyrant TPlF leaders; like conflict incited person former foreign minister Seyom demolished and you will not have any affilation. Better you do to be friends with Ethiopian. Hisyory changes soon.

  2. Unseen foreign nations that foment war between neighbours and brothers in Africa need to butt out: Trump’s photo is on the tanks driven by invaders in Gondar who murder, abduct, rape, steal and destroy. The UN needs to do its job in protecting innocent countries like Ethiopia. Ethiopia has never invaded other countries. It has been building dams for thousands of years. GERD does not deprive Sudan and Egypt of water. That is a sick excuse by post-colonialists. The Sudanese and Ethiopians are brothers, like all Africans.

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