Sudan ends 30 years of Islamic law by separating religion, state


  1. QUOTE: “For Sudan to become a democratic country where the rights of all citizens are enshrined, the constitution should be based on the principle of ‘separation of religion and state,’ UNQUOTE


  2. Bravo, Bravo Sudan!!! You just sent the fat $$$ Wahhabis running to the toilet. You finally took the right step to free yourself from the cultural bondage by the irrelevant Wahhabis. And do that thing the late Habib Bourguiba liked. Stand in the street and assist your women take off that odious Saudi head and face cover attire. Let and pump up every citizen to go back donning up like once used to be in the 1960’s and 70’s. If the Wahhabis threaten you with suspending investments you can tell them where to take it!!! Good job PM Hamdok!!!!

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