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Statement on the Amnesty Granted to Terrorist and Extremist Leaders

 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia

Vision Ethiopia

January 7, 2022

Vision Ethiopia condemns in the strongest terms the pardons granted by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to the criminal leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the extremist Oromumma fanatics groups.

The treacherous action by the duplicitous Prime Minister is but the latest affirmation of his inimitably Machiavellian strategy to advance the Orommuma agenda of subjugation, repression and domination of the rest of the country in general, and the Amhara ethnic group in particular.

Predictably, the pardons came in the aftermath of the calculated devastation of most of the Amhara and Afar regions, following the intriguingly abrupt withdrawal of the armed forces from the Tigray region on June 28, 2021. As reported widely, between that infamous date and December 23, 2021 — when the government outlandishly ordered its forces not to cross into Tigray — innocent Amhara and Afar civilians were subjected to brutal atrocities and pillage by the terror group, cultural and historical sites were obliterated, and immense damage was inflicted to life and property. After ensuring the irreparable annihilation of the Amhara region, the Prime Minister melodramatically orchestrated victory in the battlefield and started preaching a deceptively ominous sermon of peace and reconciliation.

Since he assumed power in 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has ludicrously ignored the gruesome attacks and genocidal violence against Amharas and other Orthodox Christians in OromiaBenishangul-Gumuz and Northern Shoa

Vision Ethiopia

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