South Sudan, Rebels at Impasse; Thousands Flee Fighting


The South Sudan government and rebel forces are facing a deadlock in peace talks amidst continued fighting. The two sides met for the first time in Ethiopia this week but came to an impasse after the government refused to free 11 rebels detained in an alleged coup attempt last year. Thousands of people fled from the South Sudanese city of Bentiu on Thursday as government forces closed in to expel the rebels. Speaking from Ethiopia, a rebel spokesperson accused Uganda of carrying out attacks on behalf of the South Sudan government.

Hussein Mar Nyuot: “The Ugandan air force made consecutive bombing on the 8th and 9th January 2014 under the instruction of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Four military airplanes struck indiscriminately the areas of Pariak, Sudan Safari, and Bor town, killing innocent civilians, including women and children.”

On Thursday, the Obama administration warned South Sudan risks descending into all-out civil war and urged both sides to continue negotiations.

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  1. The interference of Uganda without the approval of African Union should be
    vehemently condemned and categorically denounced. All venues must be explored
    to bring the brothers and sisters to a negotiating table to resolve their differences.
    South Sudan has already enough killings.

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