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Some Amara Intellectuals’ Shabby Reaction against the Escalating Amara Genocide: “Change the Constitution!”

By Belayneh Abate

 Amara Genocide

Almost all the world mass media including top news channels, newspapers and social media frequently talk about crimes against humanity in Ukraine and Syria. Similarly, many media outlets talk about Rohingya genocide in Myanmar, uyghurs ethnic cleansing in China, and other atrocities in the world. However, no international or national media coverage about the chronic genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Amara in Ethiopia. The chronic Amara genocide and ethnic cleansing is the most forgotten and the least recognized genocide in history. Unfortunately, the Amara intellectuals should embrace the blame and take most of the responsibility for this lack of recognition.

It is shameful that some Amara intellectuals refuse even to call the genocide by its real name. Every time Amaras are massacred and set in fire while worshiping in the different parts of the country, mostly they keep quiet eating and drinking like pigs peacefully. Other times, they mumble that Ethiopian citizens were killed to mask that Amaras were killed because they were Amaras. Furthermore, the shameless intellectuals blame the most retarded constitution in human history instead of charging the evils who actually committed the genocide and bringing them to justice.

Henry Louis Mencken, one of the distinguished American scholars, said, “For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, clear, and wrong. For some shallow Amara intellectuals, the simple, clear and wrong reaction for cessation of  the Amara genocide is “change the constitution” as if the damn constitution in paper is slaughtering innocent Amaras and setting fire on the worshipers. What a stupid question is to ask the very evil individuals who were baptized with the retarded constitution and achieved an imaginable power and financial benefit out of it to change it? Is it not easier to ask fundamental religious believers to abandon their faith instantly than demand the EPRDF rulers to change their constitution?

These intellectuals forgot that the retarded constitution is the product of some cursed people who suffer from inferiority complexes and still run the country while annihilating and displacing Amaras. They overlooked that before the retarded constitution, there was Devil, then Devilish individuals and, of course, the Dedeb Manifesto. They disregarded that the life span of the retarded constitution is highly connected to the life span of the power of the evils. They do not use the organ in their skull to think that the radical solutions for cessation of the Amara genocide is NOT begging or bowing to the genocide committers to change or amend the constitution which they consider as their “bible” or “Quran” of power and wealth. They have not yet realized that the best solutions to stop Amara genocide are to:

  1. Organize themselves and play important role based on their expertise and abilities; to stop living the lives of pigs, and die from heart attack, cancer, stroke, cough, diabetes, diarrhea, chocking and other causes or counting age like trees.
  2. Document and file all the atrocities committed on Amara people and enhance awareness among the Amara and the rest of the Ethiopian people as well as the people of the world.
  3. Organize the Amara people the way they  were organized to defend the Ethiopian sovereignty for more than three thousand years and make them ready to fiercely defend themselves and other Ethiopians who cannot defend themselves.
  4. Form a strong national and international legal team to bring the heinous criminals to justice and transfer them to long-term rehabilitation centers to convert them back to humans.
  5. Build everlasting structure and strategy that will protect Amara and the rest of the Ethiopian people from ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Thank you.

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March 16, 2023


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