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Shimeles Abdissa, The Free Abdi Eli !!!!!

August 9, 2020

Tedla Asfaw

Shimelese Abdissa is not condemning what happened last month in the Oromo Kilil he is ruling. His denial of genocide and downplaying the killing as conflict between group or groups of people is what the government medias have been saying for the last one month.
Oromaizaton/Oromo First of his Kilil including Addis Ababa is going as planned.The terrorized people currently sheltered in churches with no protection and support from the Kilil and Federal government will quietly leave as expected meaning ethnically cleansed.
This is exactly the opposite to what happened in Jijiga, Somali Kilil two years ago. Abdi Eli, the former Somali Kilil president, ordered the Somali Mob and his special force to kill and burn Non Somalis homes and businesses including churches. The Somali region and the Federal government arrested Abdi Eli and took control of the city, Non Somalis were not ethnically cleansed from Jijiga !!! Somali Kilil built the churches, homes and businesses back !!!
However, Shimeles Abdissa is in the business of Oromaization/Oromo First a code for ethnic cleansing. Businesses, schools and homes are not going to be built. He will give the land for Oromos with dollars in the diaspora who are marching in Minneapolis saying  We are Not Ethiopians, We are Oromos !!!
Shimeles also boasts of how he incorporated Addis Ababa into the Oromo Kilil. He alleges he puts in practice “Finfine Kegna”. Putting more schools, teachers, government employees in Addis Ababa and the Oromaization will continue.
 The government, Oromo Prosperity has replaced  TPLF in Addis Ababa and is working for the benefit of Oromos without
Burning businesses, homes, schools etc  because that is not possible in the eyes of foreign embassies and African Union !!!!

 What they are trying is to redesign and dominate Addis Ababa with fake election like TPLF because they can not control Addis Ababa in a free and fair election. Takele Uma if he is the next president of Oromo Kilil he will build on what Shimeles already did !!!!
Addis Ababa is being reshaped for Oromos because they claim it is their land they got back after 150 years they lost it to Menelik “settlers”. All Oromos buy to this propaganda as their fighting principle, Down Down Neftegnas !!!!The rest of us more than 80% of current Addis Ababa residents/Neftegnas have no land right and can only live as a guest of Oromo’s “generosity”. ኦሮሞ አቃፊ የሚሉት።
Shimeles Abdissa is answering Lema Megerssa and the majority of Oromos “Unanswered” Oromo questions !!! Down Down Shimeles Abdissa is what Addis Ababeans will say to this guy  before they ship him as Ambassador somewhere !!!
The difference between Lema Megersa and Shimeles Abdissa is the former is out of public sight while the latter one is boasting in public.
 The Balderas Party leaders currently locked up by Shimeles Abdissa Team warned us about  Qerro Extremists danger last year this time and their plot to rule/conquer Addis Ababa without election for years to come.
Shimeles Abdissa is following his mentor Lemma Megerssa by speaking in public and reinforcing OMN two years of propaganda of creating an Oromo Tribal rule in the Oromo Kilikl including Addis Ababa !!!
If anyone believes there is any difference between Shimeles Abdissa and Abdi Eli, the answer is No !!! The only difference is Somali Kilil is now run by democratic thinking individuals while the Oromo Kilil is run by  Anti Ethiopia Oromo Tribalists !!!!

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