Senior Research Associate Mammo Muchie wins SET Finalist Award

The TMCD would like to extend its congratulations to our senior research associate, Professor Mammo Muchie, for his recent award as a finalist for Science, Engineering and technology (SET) at the South African National Science and Technology Forum’s (NSTF) 2018/2019 NSTF-South 32 Awards ceremony held in in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 27,2019.

Prof. Muchie was awarded a certificate due his contributions “recognising and celebrating an outstanding contribution to Science, Engineering, Technology(SET) and innovation ” in South Africa

The NSTF is the non-profit stakeholder body for all SET and innovation organisations in South Africa. Find out more about the organisation and the awards here.

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  1. In the spirit of brotherhood of engineers this is a heart-felt congratulation from one countryman engineer to another, Dear Countryman!!! This shows we are capable of absorbing new knowledge no matter how it is intricate then retaining, advancing and keeping it like a steel trap. This makes me feel very happy. I am now good for a week. More uplifting stories like this, please!!!!!

  2. Dear Professor Mammo Muchie,

    Even if I don’t know you in person, as Ethiopian, I am very happy over you great achievement. Congratulation to you and your family!!! As to me your success is not only for you, for your family and your institution but also for all Ethiopians. I am sure that your achievement will inspire millions of young Ethiopians to follow your line, please.

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