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SBS Radio Interview with Tsegaye Berhe (Must Listen)

Tsegaye Berhe Hadera, National Security Affairs Adviser Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Office of the Prime Minister, talks about national security issues and the university students protest against the Integrated Regional Development Plan (AKA Addis Ababa Master Plan) in Ethiopia.
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  1. The core problem with these old TPLF-fagots in my perception is that they think they have got embraced by the people of Ethiopia while the reality is the extreme opposite. They are aliens to Democracy as they came from Dedebit remote desert and deserted area on earth they pretend to be democratic. How come someone who has never gone to college or attended formal education like these fagot take a courage to teach Ethiopians a nation practicing democracy during the socialism era and had been enjoying equality(no class segregation between rich and poor exsiste and all human beings were equal) for 17 yrs prior to TPLF rule? It is a total disgrace for us. We must remove these people by any means and we should have to show the world what development and growth does mean in practical terms not in statistical figures like TPLF. When they are defeated by vote literally claiming power reasoning their scarification they had paid with Derg in the decade old protracted war. Who gave them authorization to fight with Derg for Ethiopians Derg is by far better than TPLF. They were fighting Derg for Eriterian cause and then to Tigrians not us,Ethiopians. So you are there on power because of your gun and your demise is imminent as the ordeal and plight of the entire nation is beyond any one imaginations.

  2. What kind of journalist kasahugn is? is he a tplf sourogate or real journalist? why he did not ask why tplf retain its name as a tigray liberation front after 23 years of governing Ethiopia? why Ethiopia pay 1 billion dollar for port services to Djibouti? why the tigray map enlarged beyond it natural border and incorporating Wolkait and humera ? why the so called defence force of Ethiopia 97 % is from tigre generals? why is more billionairs of tigre than other Ethiopians? why Amaras are uprooted from other regions? why ethnic politics in Ethiopia and its purposes? these are some of very important questions. Kasahugn give a free ride to aleka Tegaye of Shere/Seraye.

  3. According to EPRDF he respond very well. According to the people whom do not trust or accept EPRDF as legitimate representative of Ethiopian all his answers were one sided truth. the fact on the ground is in Ethiopia EPRDF is above the law and full of corrupted and racist officials. I don’t believe that at the moment EPRDF is building democracy in Ethiopia instead it is building it own dynasty. Ethiopian people is exercising dictatorship instead of democracy these are the fact on the ground. being on power for the last 23 years will give Tsegaye a good experience certenly it is but that doesn’t mean he can change the fact on the ground, it would be better if his words were100% true but it didn’t every in a while he was expressing how EPRDF is doing well, which millions of peole doesn’t agree with. I don’t believe there are only under ten people were killed and all of theme were not student which is huge disrespect for the people. it is like making fun on them (we have seen pictures of university students showing the posters which tell students have been killed ) how can some one who represent the hole people of Ethiopia ignore the truth? Tsegaye’s interview shows that he don’t know how to represent the people of Ethiopia but he knows how to represent EPRDF very well which is his no 1 priority, Ethiopian people must wakeup and demand genuine representative when it comes to national issue like security in the region because if Tsegayie represent the Ethiopian people which he cant .its all about EPRDF. the real concern of security on the level of nationally and regionally is the policy of EPRDF which make people to believe that the only way they can bring the change they want is through war and this is another fact on the ground which no body can ignore it. with out adding all those hates among nationality’s in Ethiopia EPRDF have been doing things the way which make the situation real difficult for the coming years.

  4. The interview was good but Mr.Tesegay berhe down played the true store, we all knows some of these extremist Oromo students had burned down several Amhara own businesses.

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