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Satanic Criminals of South African ‘Big Brothers’

Dagmawi Gudu Kassa – Ethiopia

There are intelligence organs almost in every country. Their job is ‘defending’ the political and economic interests of their respective nations. Amongst these, KGB of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the CIA of the US, and Mossad of the State of Israel are well known in their extraordinary achievements that are devoid of any humanistic and godly approach. If you want to assure how far humans can be cruel for their sincere or insincere goals, go and check the books and autobiographies written by some confessors who had served those criminal state apparatuses once in their lives. The main features of these organs include stealing any secrets of other nations, recruiting and assigning spies from their own citizens and from other countries to spy their own countries as double agents, blackmailing individuals and statesmen to elicit classified secrets, hypnotizing gullible citizens and illegally tapping hidden information from the subconscious, unjustly eliminating characters after they have exploited them up to the maximum, especially if they are afraid of disclosure of secrets in case they retire or tend to defect, and killing individuals or group members if they are found out to be a threat to their present and future plans. These organs are led by satanic motives; they never bother about ethics, moral, or conscience. Simply put, they are devils with no human element.

Let me back up the above real explanation with a real anecdote. Once upon a time, certain head of state goes to certain country for official working visit. He was 60+ years of age. The country’s intelligence organ arranges something in the evening when nightfall comes. That arrangement was providing him with a beautiful lady to enjoy in his fully bugged bedroom. In most cases, as humans are seldom susceptible for changes especially when the body is in need of lubricants which may help soothe the stress of life, irrespective of the need to consider any carnal or spiritual rule, that leader didn’t hesitate to accept the sexual offer. He enjoyed himself that night with the new woman along with her well tutored style of making love.
The following day, while he was about to leave that country, the intelligence bureau demanded a favor from that old leader telling him that they would expose the video they secretly caught through the media and he would be disgraced in front of the world. As soon as he understood the trap he was in, he automatically made up his mind and told them that he would be very happy and grateful if they could air that video which was laid on the negotiating table. He also told them that the people of his nation, including the first lady, i.e., his wife, would be proud of him when and if they see their ‘shimaglie’(old) leader making love as energetically as a Youngman. Anyhow, they failed. He won. There are times you win and there is time you lose. It is you to identify when to win and when to lose. Do not engage in a war you do not win; on the other hand, never miss a chance to fight the fight you can win. Mind you, there are times in which one’s traps may fail to catch their target, whatever bait one may put on it. Anything done out of the normal path of humanity is irrational, unethical, immoral, unreligious, and mundane that corrodes the healthy relationship between the flesh and the soul. It is because of such erroneous acts of humanity that we today are observing all sorts of seemingly irreversible manmade and natural catastrophes. At this very moment, you can have an imaginary look at the shape of the present world; why do we suffer from floods and wildfires, earthquakes, incessant civil wars and public riots, cross border wars, nuclear saber-rattling, famine, depression, bankruptcy, hooliganism, criminality, terrorism of this or that brand, ethnicity, racism, poverty, diseases, global warming, tilting of axes, disappearance of love and mutual understanding, …? Why aren’t we lucky enough to listen to few justifiably good news? Aren’t all these bad news the consequences of our ill behaviors, such as same sex marriage, which is utterly out of Nature, leave alone God aside, and incest, and detachment from the real cause of life on earth? Is not all this mess the result of our disobedience at least to our sane conscience and a reward from the positive energy for our complete defiance? Get a momentum and think of what is happening now, you may move your radar to all directions but the scenario is the same: destruction and talk of disaccord. What else do you observe? Greed here, cruelty there; debauchery over there, starvation here; rape there, manslaughter there, too. …

Dear readers of this piece, I would like to remind you that you should not worry about what is/are happening presently on our planet Earth. All what we astonishingly see and observe in this planetary world had already been foretold millenniums back. We are now, simply put in plain language, on the verge of witnessing the inevitability of the much-feared, the long-awaited, and the most destructive event resulted from both natural and divine judgment on the culmination of one stupid era and a consequent beginning of new golden age, an age in which we expect purgation of all forms of evilness and human stupidity to be followed by consciousness alignment with a higher form of being.
Having said this, I would like to point out that I am writing this letter of grievance following the nonsensical effort of the so called South African Big Brothers vulgar and inhuman satanic institution whose major devilish responsibility is to desecrate humanity. Understandably, the aim of this firm is to detach humanity from the true God and attract people to join the broad path that leads to eternal destruction. We perfectly know that such global firms are the products of Satanic secret lodges whose major purpose is to belittle and degrade humanity through dismantling moral values and social norms which have been serving humans to live in harmony with each other and with their respective deities for millennia. They use different means to thwart the mind of especially the youth so that they do not even think of the old traditions that used to bind people for harmonious communal life. Indecent music along with indecent dance style, pornography, erotic films, blood thirsty action movies, hallucinatory drugs, alcohol, etc. are the major instruments of these crooked Satanists to spoil generations everywhere. To our surprise, hitherto, nobody seems to heed the craftsmanship of these diabolical engineers, and instead, it seems that all, including the so called religious leaders, are collaborating with them in accelerating the process of self-destruction.
These secret lodges, led by their King of the Dark Negative Force, have been trying to defile human being from the very outset of creation. Now, we can mouthfully say that they have reached the level of no retreat to destroy our beautiful habitat and, moreover, they have become readiest more than ever to establish their own diabolic New World Order at the expense of seven billion residents of the planet.
As we all know, the children of the devil have three major tools to ensnare human beings and change them into slavery. Old masters of their kind in ancient times used to engage humans in gladiatorial fighting for enjoyment. They used to enjoy the suffering of humans. These children of their spoilt successors are also enjoying the systematic decadence of humanity. The defiled generation all over the world has become captive of these three things: sex, money, and power. These instruments of those satanic people have effectively been employed to attract poor and immoral citizens to participate in their contests of various kinds; such as beauty contest, survival contest, fashion shows, etc.
One case in the hand is the one we are hearing from their media outlets these days. This vulgar competition is by now undergoing in South Africa, the country of Nelson Mandela, who, presumably, didn’t sacrifice the cream part of his age for such meaningless behavioral corruption and thereby destroy the cherished values of humanity.
In this year’s Big Brothers’ contest, I’ve heard that my Betty is fallen prey of those devils. I personally felt neither shame nor surprise; for I duly know the time we are through. I felt sorry for her and her family due to the fact that our culture doesn’t entertain such ‘unethical’ behaviors. I say ‘unethical’ because what is unethical here in Ethiopia, among Ethiopians who claim not to have surrendered to the kingdom of Satan, is ethical in South Africa or elsewhere. Hence, I can understand what awaits Betty here where I am if (and when) she gets back to her Ethiopia. That is what worries me; and as a matter of humanity, we have to worry as Ethiopians first, and as humans next.
I personally believe that people should not be penalized for a sin they are not responsible for its origin. If we have to punish someone, we have to punish the rotten system of the world in general and that of the system of EPRDF here at home in particular. Undeniably, the systemic failure we see everywhere in this world is resulted from satanic governments that give prior attention and sponsorship as well for widespread prevalence of immorality. These vulgar governments pave the way for this to happen because they believe that their interests are met when there is anarchy among societies. In light of this, the current satanic government of Ethiopia and the religious leadership it usurped are the major responsible bodies for the rampant prevalence in the country of depravity and moral decadence. To tell you something as secret between you and me, I don’t think we are morally legitimate to express our anger at Betty, for most of us are victims of this or that immoral behavior; the difference is, we are not seen in the cage of the Big Brothers. Before anyone judges Betty, I would like to suggest that they refer to the case of the Biblical woman who was accused of adultery in front of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I hereby would like to point out the fact that Betty is not more sinner or less pious than anyone of us despite the minor variation that her ‘forgivable’ mistake is cultural taboo. Of course, religiously, albeit she did it in public or not, she might have trespassed one basic rule: sex out of wedlock, if Bolt is not her marital partner for the time being. For that she is responsible and a sort of requital awaits her here or there. Otherwise, what she has done is nothing but an ordinary human biological activity.
What is the aim of this contest? To me, it is nonsense and I shall rather say the idea itself is the outcome of crazy people whose mind is possessed by the Devil and whose prurient personality is obsessed by sex and lucrative income thereof. They sell humanity to their devilish fans, fans who might be filthy rich and want to enjoy the desecration of mankind. Most of them do this because their financial success is based on the intervention of Lucifer, the King of the Dark Force, and they always work hard to please him by wrong deeds. I well know that they cannot make him happy with altruism and philanthropic activities, such as helping the poor, assisting the needy in time of their adversity, and the like. If they do such humanitarian intervention, he would extend his wrath and they may be deprived of the fortune they are bestowed upon with.

Let me come back to Betty. She is Ethiopian. She is human. We Ethiopians should understand that we are not different from all other peoples of the globe. We eat; we work; we keep on bearing children to replace us, the present generation; we make love. This is what all others do as well. Let us not be hypocrite. And let us not boast of the good old days. Every country has one. We are not spiritually more blessed than any country in the world unless we tend to live by historical tales. Making sex is not something to get ashamed of. It is how you do it and when you do it and with whom you do it that makes a difference and becomes the bone of contention. It is because of such religious and cultural implications that we laugh or get surprised or become irritated and angry when we hear of sexual bravados, bravados we boastingly talk of them amongst friends over beers and festive events. What Betty did is something you do, I do, they do, and all creatures do. There is no shame in sex; it is the religious people who have made it taboo and unspeakable. The priests make love; the nuns make love; the popes make love; the hermits make love, the presidents and PMs also make it even in a conspicuous way. You can recall Bill Clinton, Berlusconi, and Strauss Kan of the IMF. Nothing is new. Betty did nothing peculiar than what we all do. The only difference is she did it openly in front of the world, the world that despises an action when some others do it out of the agreed-upon setting. The world formulates values and, thanks to Satan, people of the devil force you to breach those values in order to make you an item of sneering and artificial laughter. For that to happen, they pay you certain amount of money; they rather buy you your body and they own you so that you do everything they order you to do so. This has been the case with Betty and Bolt. They are preys of their poor psychology, captives of illusory fame and reputation accompanied with some coins if they win the contest.
To put forward my piece of reservation, I do not think particularly Betty was in her right mind when she was ‘making sex’ with Bolt in the bathtub. I suspect an alien intrusion into her mind of some kind of substance in a form of drink or smoke or something like that which made her dizzily passive and reluctant to control herself. At normal circumstances, I do not expect that body of hers, the body I saw in the bathtub making the alleged sex, was in the right manner of making consented ‘conventional’ sex; to my rudimentary ESP knowledge, I guess she was pityingly under the control of something; it seems to me that she was in a trance wherein a sort of hypnosis might have taken place before or during the incident; if I am luckily correct, she may disclose her state of being at that very moment when she gets out of that stupid lair of captivities. But, I can again guess, once she has realized that she ‘did it’, it is obvious that she keeps on doing it, for it has already happened and she cannot reverse it. She might have accepted it later, willy-nilly.
Whatever the case, it is the Big Brothers Luciferian Company that should take the lion’s share of the blame for desecrating, not only Betty, but also humanity in general. If we laugh at Betty, we are laughing at us, because it is we that are degenerated into animalism. We know that only animals are free from culture and religion. They do not need to be enclosed within a fence or find solitary place to make sex. It is we, human beings that need such privacy, though technology is depriving us of this basic human right.
Betty should feel free to come back to her country. The government of Ethiopia should give her protection until certain acclimatization takes place inside Betty’s new personality due to that bitter experiential incidence. Whether she did it purposely or not, it has already passed; there is no quarrel upon spilled milk. The main job of everybody should be focused on how to rehabilitate her, not on exacerbating this mental and psychological problem. She might have done it for her personal adventure; nonetheless, we have to understand that she did what she did not to offend us but to please her SELF. We have to differentiate between individual right and societal norms; we haven’t signed any agreement between us and Betty to represent us anywhere and we cannot denounce her citizenship, for she never committed treasonable act. If she wishes, for example, she has an inalienable right to go naked. Citizens of any country do similar or even more offensive vulgarism. By the way, Betty is not the first in our nation to engage in sexual show off in a strange manner to our culture; we have to recall Zewdie Araya of the good old days of Ethiopia who acted such taboo parts in an old Italian film. Moreover, let me repeat it here once more, we have to realize that what Betty has done is by no means different from what we do in our private contacts with our lovers. Almost everyone in this world unrestrainedly makes sex anytime they feel the call. Nothing is new, if we want to be logical beings. Hence, let’s be genuinely sympathetic and embrace her when she comes, even though her South African experience is outrageously disgusting in terms of our uncompromisingly strict culture and religion.
On the other hand, I understand that some people are reiterating the notion that she represents Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia by and large. If people want to say this, it is up to them. Let them say whatever they feel to say; but, as members of a global community in the 21st century, we don’t have to give much attention to every personal comment and worry about that fussy argument unnecessarily. We have much more serious things to do at home. We ourselves are captives of Ethiopian Mafiosi who are disgracing our nation in many innumerable aspects. First, we have to fight the major cause of our decadence; then after we will deal with individual cases like the one we are discussing. After all, who dares to judge some 90 million people with a yardstick of an individual? Who the hell is Dagmawi to represent millions of people? In certain instances, even the head of state cannot represent the people. For example, my PM, whoever he might be, cannot represent me while he is enjoying his personal leisure time. He represents me only when he acts as the leader of my country, such as in diplomatic missions heading a group of delegates. Otherwise, to me, it is an abuse of concepts to mention ‘Mr. so represents this people’ whenever he commits something bad. Of course, it is human that we may browse our mental data base and recall something of that country whenever we happen to hear bad or good action of someone. For example, when Kenenisa beats his competitors in a certain athletic event, we felicitate due to the flying high of ‘our flag’, though we do not have one proper flag yet. But naturally, there is no flying of flags and concomitant felicitation of citizens when some bad incidents, like that of Betty’s, occur. Again, in whichever incident it might be, whether delightful or sorrowful, the material benefit goes to the owners of the triumph or the disgrace while the psychological satisfaction or shame goes to the people. To me, this is more of psychological affair than pragmatism; in short, it is simply more of a socially constructed phenomenon than a reality. People of those nations who have reached to the level of deconstruction, lead an independent life giving the credit or the blame to those concerned as the bible says ‘the Caesar’s to the Caesar.’ I feel I am responsible for what I do. I don’t believe that sins and crimes are contagious or inheritable; neither do I believe that blames are transferable to the innocent. …
At last, I would like to emphasize that the family of Betty shouldn’t take this case seriously and the government should also interfere to avoid harassment and maltreatment from conservatives, conservatives who themselves may beautifully fail to pass such testiest tests. It is crystal clear that judging is very much easy. Hence, we all should understand the fact that it is our daughter who is more important than the action she exhibited, knowingly or unknowingly, in South Africa, before trying to pass our squinted judgment.

Please visit the following excerpts from two diametrically different sources.
The Holy Bible says this:
He called the people to him again and said, ‘Listen to me, all of you, and understand. Nothing that goes into a man from outside can make him unclean; it is the things that come out of a man that make him unclean. … And he went on, ‘It is what comes out of a man that makes him unclean. For it is from within, from men’s hearts, that evil intentions emerge: fornication, theft, murder, adultery, avarice, malice, deceit, indecency, envy, slander, pride, folly. All these evil things come from within and make a man unclean.’

Satanists, on their website, say this:
We were established in 1966 c.e. by Anton Szandor LaVey, who declared it the Year One, Anno Satanas, thus opening the floodgates to a revolution designed to smash the hypocrisy and unreason of organized religions and mystical philosophies. We stand as a formidable threat to those who would halt progress in the name of spirituality. We are explorers on the untrodden paths of science, human motivation and mystery—all that is most truly occult. Our primary goal is to clearly disseminate the philosophy created by Anton Szandor LaVey to those who have an interest in understanding the truth regarding our beliefs and practices, and to encourage individuals who embrace Satanism to utilize this tool as a means for enhancing their lives and for leaving a legacy of creativity that demonstrates to human society the potency of our diabolical perspective.
Those who proudly carry our red cards identifying themselves as members have the strength and dedication to implement the tools traditionally associated with Satan: the imagination to confound and confuse, the wisdom to recognize the unseen in our society, the pragmatism of a skeptic, and the passions of a classical Romantic soul.

“For where God built a church, there the Devil would also build a chapel.” Martin Luther

“There is need for shrewdness here; if anyone is clever enough he may interpret the number of the beast: it is the number of a man, the number 666.” Rev. 13:18

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