S. Sudan Demands Ethiopian Chief Mediator Replaced

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The South Sudan government demanded the removal of Ethiopian chief mediator Seyoum Mesfin after accusing him of pursuing “regime change” at the behest of the Troika members of the US, UK and Norway.
Government spokesman Micheal Makuei Lueth told BBC’s Focus on Africa program on Tuesday that the former Ethiopian foreign minister was so weak and for “being influenced that easily by others” naming the Troika members.
He further accused the Troika member states of trying to force “regime change” and being “responsible for the beginning of the crisis” in South Sudan.
Micheal Makuei Lueth also demands the relocation of the venue for the talks, that currently taking place in Ethiopia, to Kenya.
Lueth said, “We are appealing to the region and especially the Kenyan government. Kenya is the centre for everything here in the region. This is where our message should be carried from.”
“The problem of South Sudan should not be used for serving others interests. Those who want to over throw the Government of South Sudan should seek other avenues but not through the mediation.”
Such developments have a devastating effect on the nine months old, bad-tempered negotiations that have yet to produce a firm ceasefire, let alone a political deal to end the conflict.
The rebels, however, are against the idea of moving the peace talks from Ethiopia. They said such move would only cause unnecessary delays to negotiations and only prolong the suffering of the people of South Sudan.
“Since January, the South Sudanese government has continuously been undermining the peace process in Ethiopia, and this is just the latest delaying tactic in a strategy to ensure the failure of the peace process”, a statement issued by the rebels state.
On seizing the occasion, the rebels expressed their full confidence in the IGAD-led peace process in Ethiopia and in the leadership of the current chief negotiator, Seyoum Mesfin.
The rebel groups led by former Vice-President Riek Machar, however, refused last month to sign a detailed protocol mapping a way out of the conflict that even offered to create the position of prime minister for an opposition nominee.
The protagonists have warned of all-out war if the talks flounder, fanning concern that while the politicians declare their commitment to making peace, commanders on both sides are preparing new military campaigns.
Fighting in South Sudan erupted after President Salva Kirr accused Riek Machar of a coup. The violence has left thousands dead and more than a million displaced.


  1. the woyane peddlers like siyum mesfin cannot transform themselves to a level which is beyond their ability. these are gun men turned ‘diplomats’ simply by changing the clothes they wear. they now wear suits and ties and hold diplomatic brief cases. that is all the change in these lawless bandits.
    diplomacy is something that one learns through experience. woyane peddlers whose only ability is pulling guns on anybody who is not on their side, cannot serve any purpose in the peace talks in sudan. it is not in the nature of the fascist woyane peddlers to make peace with any body or for anybody

  2. As Uganda is purported to be an ally to the south Sudan government, the Ethiopian government is a known ally and financier to the rebel group. therefore, it can not be an independent mediator. The choice of Nairobi as neutral venue is a practical choice. It is funny that the Ethiopian government is chosen as a mediator. we all know that this government hails from a minority group who does not represent the people of Ethiopia. they are not democratically elected nor lead a peaceful country. Many human rights organizations and Ethiopians always accuse it of gross human violations. In Ethiopia, the government pits one ethnic group against another so it can continue ruling the country while the people fight among each other. How can a government with this kind of record serve as a an honest, neutral and capable mediator? it would be wise for the Ethiopian officials to find a way to put out the fire that is getting in strength in their midst than waste their time playing a ” peace maker in south Sudan,”

  3. Seyoum Mesfin is more than capable of handling the task at hand. If they let him he is more than capable to bring peace throughout Africa. US, UK and Norway got no power over Seyoum Mesfin. The only problem in the whole South Sudan situation are the government’s officials who are mentally ill.

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