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Robust Watchdog Institutions to say # No More to compromised Ethiopian elites need now than ever

February 22, 2022

Until Ethiopians figure out the root causes of the problem that created an ethnic apartheid regime and the institutions that sustained the notoriously treacherous and corrupt TPLF ethnic junta are indigenous elites compromised by their foreign sponsors and say # No More, the symptoms will continue to dominate the narratives as it was designed to distract the democratic reform efforts that benefit the people of Ethiopia.

“There are  thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root” – Henry David Thoreau

Teshome Debalke
February 22, 2022
It should be clear for one-and-all Ethiopians by now, the diplomatic, economic and propaganda war as well as the accompanying ground war concocted by sponsors of the terrorist-Mafia ethnic Junta known as Woyane, MLLT, TPLF and TDF five decades ago and led by Madeleine Albright-Gayle Smith-Suzan Rice cabal in the last three decades reached a tipping point in the last hours of the Junta’s demise. The fact the three stooges remined silent on the mess they created by design shows, they are into something no good once again with the indigenous operatives they compromised.

Regardless of who is the ringleaders of the mess in Ethiopia, the damages on the people are real. The manufacture ethnic apartheid divides  and the ethnic regions of Ethiopia the self-proclaimed minority Tigray ethnic Junta implemented on behalf of its sponsors are real. The accompanied ethnic apartheid institutions established  to perpetuate ethnic divisions and conflicts thus, guilt by ethnic associations is the reality Ethiopians will be dealing for years to come. Likewise, the extractive economic institutions created to facilitate TPLF Mafia warlords and partners’ extortion, racketeering and pillage financed by shady ‘foreign aid’ and ‘investment is also real. At the meantime, the propaganda infrastructure built to perpetuate elaborate ethnic and religious fiction and falsehoods to indefinitely sustain TPLF Junta’s criminality is visible for the necked eye.

Ethiopians must be mindful, nations states (with exception of few in the world including Ethiopia)  are European colonial making to fuel manufactured ethnic and religious conflicts and division. The very Encyclopedia Britannica reference of Horn of Africa nations — “Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia” and the “broader definition”  —  “Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda” all but Ethiopia that defeated the project are the outcome of the Berlin Conference of 1884-85 by seven European colonial powers’ that spearheaded the invasion and occupation of Africa. The very history of Encyclopedia Britannica itself is Encyclopedia of fictions and falsifications of history since its inception in the mid-1700s. Just reading how “Horn of Africa (region of eastern Africa)” nations portrayed shows where the behavior of miseducated and compromised contemporary elites’  of Ethiopia began and playing out in the 21st century.

The fact miseducated and compromised elites’ audacity to make Tigrigna and Oromigna languages into ethnic identities to establish ethnic apartheid regions and get our people kill each other with surplus weapons donated by western  powers proves, functionally illiterate and compromised contemporary elites are dilutional to believe their western sponsor’s fiction as truth to do more atrocities and commit more corruption than the already did on behalf of their sponsors.

Thus, the breadth and depth  of the mess TPLF ethnic apartheid Junta created and will leave Ethiopians behind not understood fully as the world watch its compromised ethnic ‘herd’ elites cry and whine make-believe “Tigray Genocide and Famine” and Ethnic Apartheid-or-Death as the sponsors designed it.

Ethiopians are stuck with TPLF Junta sponsors instigated ethnic apartheid regime of the old colonial era backed by dilutional and compromised ethnic elites visible for necked eye. So, the ‘reformist’ PM Abiy Ahmed led Government of Ethiopia and the  Ethiopian Defense Force (EDF) that have the ultimate responsibility to clean up the mess.

But, if the immense burden EDF is paying for mess TPLF ethnic Junta and its foreign sponsors created are not matched by robust independent press and watchdog institutions to identify clandestine indigenous operatives run front enterprises especially in the diaspora that are the root cause of the problem and deal with them accordingly, in one-form-or- another the symptom will continue to dominate the narratives and distract Ethiopians from focusing on the root causes of the problems and undermine the reform effort from reaching its intended goals and extends the life of  the ethnic apartheid onslaught as it was designed.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s Ignorance,” wrote the Chinse philosopher Confucius.

Therefore, the people of Ethiopia are under the mercy of miseducated contemporary elites misdirected not to  know what to do on behalf of the people of Ethiopia and compromised  elites directed to do anything on behalf of their foreign sponsors to undermine the rights and liberties of their compatriots and the sovereignty of their homeland.

comatose by grift and corruption

The recently leaked Zoom conference between compromised indigenous elites in diaspora (as  many unknown conferences over decades to sustain TPLF ethnic apartheid Junta) led by Professor Ephraim Isaac and western officials and lobbyist illustrates,  the root causes of the political, social, economic, security… problems of Ethiopians and PM Abiy Ahmed’s reform efforts remained indigenous elites, not their foreign sponsors as we are lead to believe.

Prof Ephraim Isaac, Berhane Gebrekhristos, Bekele Geleta, and Dr Eline Gebremedhin

Organized by the infamous Professor Ephraim Isaac, Founder and long-time Chairman of  the make-believe Peace and Development Center Ethiopia (PDCE) established  in 1991 and Peace and Development Center International (PDCI) conveniently established in 2020 between former and present US and EU officials led by the long-time Former US Ambassador to Ethiopia and the present US Ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto, and Former Ethiopian Ambassador to the US and EU and TPLF warlord Berhane Gebrekhristos shows, indigenous elites in the diaspora compromised by their western sponsors continue to do the unthinkable on their compatriots with impunity and remained the root causes Ethiopians’ problems.

The willful conspiracy of Professor Isaac and Ethiopian national participants of the conference to overthrow PM Abiy Ahmed led Government of Ethiopia speaks volumes, compromised indigenous elites through make-believe NGOs, private enterprises, Medias… are not only the root causes of the problems  but empowered to violate established US statutes, including Foreign Agent Registration Act and Foreign Corrupt Practice Act to be a Weapon of Mass Distraction against their compatriots and birthplace of Ethiopia as well as compatriots in their adapted county of America.

The members of PDCE led by Prof Isaac and the indigenous participants that included the infamous Dr Eline Gebremedhin conveniently appointed recently as UNDP Africa Innovation Officer by the usual suspects and Bekele Geleta, the Former Secretary General for  International Federation of Red Cross as Red Crescent (2008-2014) demoted from International Secretary General to the present General Manager of International Operation for Canadian Red Cross all along were TPLF Junta’s sponsors’ operatives as they confessed to the world. Unfortunately, for lack of robust watchdog institutions, hundreds of TPLF Junta operatives in the diaspora remained unidentified.

The irony the conference participants joined after knowing Reuter’s November, 2021 report titled   New alliance wants to oust Ethiopia’s PM by talks or force where nine self-proclaimed ethnic apartheid representative of Ethiopians invited by US State Department to announce a formation of ethnic alliance led by TPLF warlord Berhane Gebrekristos  saying,  We’re trying to bring an end to this terrible situation in Ethiopia, which is created single-handedly by the Abiy government. Time is running out for him” says it all. Embarrassingly, most members of the make-believe ethnic apartheid alliance did not know what alliance with TPLF Junta means nor how they ended up in Washington D.C. as the world watch them make mockery of themselves on behalf of TPLF Junta sponsors.

To make matter worse, the 86-years-old King of Conflict Professor Isaac masquerading as Peace and Development maker not only has been at make-believe peace for over three-decades without institutional challenge but, after he was caught red handed, his childlike response to whitewash his conspiracy in an interview with Nahoo TV   went as far as calling ‘God’ as a witness to his innocence. It reinforces, the absence of robust watchdog institutions to make compromised indigenous elites accountable in court of laws and public opinion, not only impunity became the rule than the exception but calling God as a witness became a license to commit more crimes against the people of Ethiopia.

Likewise, the infamous Queen of Poverty Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin masquerading as Developmental Economist has been at make-believe development for two-decades. Her rambling and incoherent response on twitter to whitewash her own treachery further testifies, the source of the bigger problems to implement the rule of laws and democratic governance in Ethiopia remained nonother than the lawlessness of indigenous elites compromised to conflate facts-and-fictions on behalf of their foreign sponsors to sustain an ethnic apartheid oligarchy by any-and-all-means necessary.

Paradoxically, if the Preston University graduate and the Founder of African American Studies at Harvard University and the Founder and Chairman of Peace and Development Center of Ethiopia and International Professor Ephraim Isaac or the Stanford University graduate and the Founder of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ESX), Eleni Exchange LLC, and Blue Moon Ethiopia Dr Eleni Gebremedhin cannot tell the difference between peace from war, an ethnic Mafia entity from a political party, the rule of law from the jungle laws, democracy from minority ethnic oligarchy, election from selection, the free press from ethnic propaganda press, economic development from resource pillage, professional ethics from intellectual prostitution… against their own compatriots and birthplace as they confess in public to the world, who could and, how should Ethiopians make them accountable remained the million dollar question unanswered for decades.

For sure,  they, beyond reasonable doubt proven, education on the hand of compromised elites is nothing less than a Weapon of Mass Distraction. Regardless of the mass-distraction they caused, foreign nationals’ conspiracy against the people of Ethiopia could not be possible without active and willful participation of clandestine indigenous elites compromised to do the unthinkable.

Incidentally, public record shows, the self-proclaimed “Yemenite Jew and Oromo Cushitic” Professor Isaac in line with his sponsors’ ethnic apartheid onslaught of colonial era on Ethiopia is also the  Co-Founder and Chairman of another make-believe Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center that claims to be “dedicated to the vision of attaining a durable peace and stability.”  The Texas State registered organization as “International NGO in Foreign Affairs” with a website registered in 05/03/2006 was Co-Founded by the President of Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause and the Vice President of Northeast Africa Institute, a Tampa, Florida Registered NGO in 2003 by Kidane Alemayehu. A mysterious man by a name of Geber Mariam Fasil of Tampa, Florida and Co-Founder and President of  Northeast Africa Institute and the President of US Africa Education Foundation. No one know what all this organizations do behind closed doors for decades and who sponsors them.

Professor Isaac, the long-time associate of the infamous Former Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Herman Cohen and Dr Eleni Gebremedhin, the long-time associate of the infamous Former USAID Head and TPLF “Developmental Consultant” and the present President and CEO of One Campaign Gayle Smith and the infamous Former Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, US Ambassador to the UN and Senor National Security Advisor Dr. Susan Rice that made the self-declared ethnic minority TPLF Junta led apartheid regime a household name in western media, governments and donor group further confirms, compromised indigenous elites empowered by their foreign sponsors do the unconceivable against the people of Ethiopia and got away with ‘murder’ for far too long.

Looking closer in the make-believe  Peace and Development Center Ethiopia’s website or Peace and Development Center International (website is down since the expose but its Facebook page is active) or, the make-believe investment management firm Eleni Exchange LLC based in Nairobi before it moved to Addis Ababa in the last hour and Blue Moon Ethiopia based in Addis Ababa led by a self-described “serial entrepreneur” and CEO Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin shows the cat-and-mouse game they are playing with the rights and liberties of the people of Ethiopia.

The irony nothing changed with the ‘living-dead’ contemporary dysfunctional indigenous elites that revere a brazen ethnic apartheid oligarchy of colonial era over the rule of law and democracy on the expenses of their compatriots in the 21st  century. Their behavior not only is delinquency of the highest order at its core but a tragedy with enormous ramifications on the long overdue rights and liberties of the people of Ethiopia.

That is preciously why the renowned ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates (469-399 BC) better known as the Father of Western Democracy challenged his  compromised Indigenous peers of his time that capitulate for autocracy over democracy when he told them, “Unexamined life is not worth living” that eventually cost him not only his liberty but his life.

Therefore, it is not a rocket science to figure out, the primary source of the problems of Ethiopia that caused unimaginable atrocities, right violations, corruptions, poverty, migrations… and conflicts and wars remained the’ living-dead’ indigenous elites compromised by their foreign sponsors with not much institutional challenge to make them accountable. More astonishing is, not only they are not ashamed of defending their delinquency in public but, double down after caught red-handed to commit more crimes in the future.

The good news is, finally, somebody is doing something about compromised indigenous elites in the diaspora. The Joint complaint filed by the Ethiopian American Development Council (EADC), Global Ethiopian American Advocacy Nexus (GLEAN), Worldwide Ethiopian Action Fund (WEAF) and Unity for Human Right and Democracy (UHRD)  to the Department of Justice, New York Attorney’s Office, and The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ) against Prof Ephrem Isaak led Ethiopian Peace and Development Center International is a good beginning to end compromised elites’ onslaught. The four organizations must  be supported by one-and-all Ethiopians to do more to make compromised indigenous elites run enterprises especially in the diaspora that are the main source of the political, social, and economic problem of Ethiopia accountable in court of laws as well as public opinion.

A cease-and-desist-letters to all compromised elites run enterprises and their sponsors forwarded to every concerned institution including independent Medias and laws enforcement authorities to make them accountable not only goes a long way to end TPLF Junta and operatives’ onslaught and impunity sooner than later but, it sends a message for one-and-all compromised operatives, there is no place to hide or run.

At the meantime, no foreign institution proven to shamelessly compromise dysfunctional indigenous elites than the make-believe World Peace Foundation based in Tufts University of Massachusetts — Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and led by the Executive Director Alex  De Wall. His own barefaced ‘opinion’ of November 4 of 2021 on Al Jazeera titled Tigray is Starving, it is time for the UN to Act — blaming it on what he framed as “Prime Minster  Abiy Ahmed’s famine plan for Tigray was simple and relentless” speaks for itself. But, coming from an Executive Director of World Peace Foundation masquerading as peacemaker and lecturer in Law and Diplomacy may surprise many how could it be, until one looks closer in the Foundation’s website and blog to find out, the willfully ignorant Executive Director De Wall infested the make-believe Foundation he runs with useful dysfunctional indigenous elites to feed the world and mainstream Media with firehoses of falsehoods on behalf of TPLF Junta’s sponsors in the name of World Peace as his counterpart Professor Ephraim Isaac does in the name of Ethiopia, Horn of Africa and International Peace maker.

Ironically, with World, International, Horn of Africa, and Ethiopia Peace and Development makers at it for decades, you would think peace and development should be around the corner by now. Unfortunately,  for compromised elites and their foreign sponsors, there is no money in peace nor development but war and pillage in the old colonial way. No wonder make-believe Peace and Development gurus play hide-and-seek showing as little or no information on their  official websites who they really are, what they really do and where they really get funds not to expose themselves.

It is almost impossible to believe how many western Media, nongovernmental, bilateral, multilateral institutions and high-profile political, social and economic leaders are involved in conspiracy to violet the rule of laws, democratic  governance, conflict of interest, professional ethics and the truth itself not to mention violating the rights and liberties of people to sustain the most brazen ethnic minority Mafia Junta masquerading as a legitimate political party without the expected scrutiny from Media institutions, civic societies, and law enforcement authorities.

The 19th century British Philosopher Bertrand Russell better described the state of mind of compromised Indigenous elites used-and-abused by their nefarious foreign sponsors as “collective fear stimulates herd instinct and tends to produce ferocity towards those who are not regarded as members of the herd” explain their outrageous behavior needed for their sponsors.

The rise and impact of # NO MORE Ethiopian Global Movement led by the charismatic Ethiopian American Journalist for mainstream US Media Hermila Aregawi that rattled TPLF ethnic Junta herds and sponsors in short span of time proven, the root cause of Ethiopia’s problems remained compromised indigenous elites with herd mentality to be used-and-abused by foreign sponsors.

The fact one young Ethiopian American journalist for mainstream US media discovered the coordinated firehoses of falsehoods coming out of TPLF Junta operatives and western political and Media elites to speak the truth put her and her mother in danger of TPLF Junta hitmen in the diaspora shows, the entire TPLF Junta and its sponsors’ establishments are built on a wicked-and-weak foundation of colonial era not to withstand one truth-telling from a young journalist.

It should remind Ethiopians what the renowned 20th century Polish poet and Nobile Prize recipient (1980)  for literature Czeslaw Milosz known for exposing the causes of ‘sever conflicts’ around the world articulated as “In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot”.

‘One word of truth’ by Journalist Aregawi’ in a room full of TPLF junta herds to threaten her livelihoods and her mother’s life in ‘the land of the free and the brave’ America not only says everything one need to know, TPLF Junta operatives, especially in the diaspora are emboldened by their western sponsors led by Albright, Smith and Rice cabal  in the last three decade to do the unthinkable but violate the very established US statutes itself with impunity.

In all honesty,  what makes Hermila Aregawi extraordinary human being, not to mention a real journalist is, she possesses a combination of Ethiopians’ wisdom to know right from wrong and Americans’ free spiritedness to speak out the truth, a rare combination found in contemporary indigenous elites. That quality combination not only will galvanize people for the right cause to end TPLF Junta sponsors’ onslaught but if properly directed to the source of the problem can move mountains to change authoritarian rule around the world as we know it for good. 

As # NO MORE Movement intensifies globally, nothing capsulate determination of Ethiopian youth to bring down the ‘terrorist- Mafia’ ethnic Junta and its ‘herd’  operatives that survived on borrowed time, looted money, foreign aid, and brazen propaganda empowered by their usual sponsors. The movement not only took the world by storm — exposing massive firehoses of falsehoods coming out of western ruling elites and mainstream Media ‘journalists to save a smalltime Junta of Ethiopia but, awakened millions of people around the world to say # No More in our own backyard too.

Over ten-years ago (August of 2011) in an article titled The Woyane Regime must be forced to dismantle its corrupt system and terror network,  and wrote,

“Woyane proved us beyond reasonable doubt it is a dead regime walking. It is resorting with all kinds of terrorism to further prove us it is on life-support drawing blood from the innocent people of Ethiopia. It is threatening us, it will take us down with it if we pull the plug to its final death. Like many depots, it is crying for help to remain on power.”

It was to reenforce, TPLF is a mercenary-Mafia entity masquerading as a legitimate political party to terrorize and plunder the people of Ethiopia as designed by its sponsors.

About a year later (November 2012) in another article titled Ethiopia: Mainstreaming jungle economics at the expenses of the poor and wrote,

“Never mind about democracy, good governance, and the rule of law for the people under brut and corrupt ruler. Ignore rampant corruption from top to the bottom of the totalitarian regime’s officials at the expenses of the people. Forget the regime running racketeering and extortion centers- owning banks, export, transport, and businesses at the expenses of legitimate businesses. Disregard the regime is the sole landlord of the nation – dispensing it cheaper than the price of a hamburger and bribing to garner support at the expenses of the innocent.”

It was to reinforce, TPLF is an ethnic Mafia Junta masquerading as Revolutionary Democratic Developmental State and empowered by its foreign sponsors that see, hear nor speak no evil on the jungle politics and economy it runs.

In April of 2013 in yet in another article titled The Sorry and dangerous acts of Woyane ethnic warlords and their stooges and wrote,

“The question we should ask isn’t what Woyane did to Ethiopia and Ethiopians but, what we did not do to stop it. It is time for one-and-all to take responsibility and make the offenders pay for their crimes each according to his/her contribution. The stooges should abandon ethnic tyranny and speed up the process of surrender. Hiding behind Woyane propaganda would not save them from their demise.

The day of reckoning is coming, and no one can stop it.”

It was to reinforce what Ethiopians should and must do to end the Terrorist-Mercenary-Mafia regime and its clandestine operatives and advice its stooges to abandon it before it is too late.

Six-months later, in a Sept 2013 article titled Woyane got it all wrong: it has no way out but the unconditional surrender for democratic rule and wrote,

“The Ethiopian regime seems to misunderstand what the people of Ethiopia are demanding. The sooner the regime gets it and surrender peacefully for democratic rule the better it would be. Playing hide-and-seek game isn’t going to do it. Spewing empty ethnic and religious propaganda isn’t going to save it. Hiding behind corrupt investments and empty growth propaganda isn’t a substitute for freedom. Tormenting the population and jailing the innocent with empty bravado isn’t going to help it from its inevitable demise. Woyane and its stooges must appreciate the tolerance of our people and accept the illegitimacy of the ruling regime and live with it.

Noting will change that reality.”

Once again, it was to reinforce, the ethnic Mafia warlords ruling Ethiopia have no way out of their predicament but to peacefully surrender for democratic rule or wait for their eventual demise.

Finally, about a year-and half  after PM Abiy came to power and TPLF Junta warlords run in the ‘Tigray Region’ enclave they occupied, in a Feb 2021 article titled Reforming the intricate ethnic Mafia State TPLF created demands rooting out dysfunctional elites and wrote,

“The habit of  hacking at the symptom as oppose digging at the root cause of the problem is not by accident but by convenient. The rampant lack of transparency and accountability of dysfunctional and functionally illiterate elites that infested the political, social and economic institutions backed by firehoses of falsehoods peddlers masquerading as journalists, authors and experts demands digging at the root cause no matter what time it takes.”

It was to reinforce the need to focus on the root causes of the problem as oppose the symptom and expecting a different outcome to end TPLF Junta onslaught as it should be clear by now.

In that regard, the renowned 19th century American poet and social agitator Henry David Thoreau put it eloquently as “there are a  thousand hacking at the branch of evil to one who is striking at the root”.

Unfortunately, the blind-and-dumb TPLF warlords, operatives, and apologists, especially in the diaspora are determined to sustain a corrupt and atrocious ethnic Mafia Junta by any-and-all-means necessary — hiding behind their foreign sponsors because, for decades, everybody was ‘hacking on the branch of evil’ as oppose ‘striking at the root.’

Therefore, it  wouldn’t be an uphill battle to end the nightmare TPLF ethnic Mafia junta brough and will leave behind on the people of Ethiopia if robust Media and watchdog institutions are set up in every sector starting with the Ethiopian Defense League in the diaspora to  go after the root causes of the problems i.e., every dysfunctional and compromised indigenous elite led by TPLF operatives in the diaspora and the make-believe organizations, Medias, businesses…  they run in-and-out of the homeland to mix facts-and-fictions to sustain a colonial era apartheid regime on behalf of their sponsors.

But since the ‘Woyane Regime must be forced to dismantle its corrupt system and terror network’ article came out in August 2011, half-a-dozen consequential things happened. The unexpected death of the mastermind of ethnic apartheid  of Ethiopia TPLF warlord Meles Zenawi in the summer of 2012 that put together the infrastructure of ethnic apartheid rule and his loyal ethnic warlords to run them in motion, his foreign sponsors led by Albright, Gayle Smith and Susan Rice cabal lost their mind what to do without him to sustain an ethnic apartheid regime. Ever since, the scrambled to keep ethnic apartheid rule alive-and-kicking began.

The in-person tributes and adulations of Gayle Smith and Susan Rice in Addis Ababa, New York and Washington, DC for the Father of Ethnic Apartheid of Ethiopia (as unprecedented for high-level US officials) was the beginning of what to come and who may be responsible for the ongoing TPLF Junta led  war,

atrocities, and propaganda against the people of Ethiopia.

About two-years since TPLF ethnic Junta boss passing in undisclosed date and illness and eight months before the 2015 election, a staged meeting instigated by Gayle Smith and Susan Rice convened in New York in September 2014 between President Obama accompanied by his state department officials that included John Kerry,  Gayle Smith, Susan Rice, Thomson Greifeld, Sumata Powell… with Former Ethiopian pupate FM turned PM Hailemariam Desalegn accompanied by his TPLF Junta handlers led by Seyoum Mesfin (the Former Foreign Minister tuned Ethiopian  Ambassador to China), Tedros Ghebreyesus (the Former Health and Foreign Minister turned General Director of WHO), and Getachew Reda (the Former Spokesperson of the Government of Ethiopia turned a spokesperson for Tigray Defense Force (TDF) among other ethic warlords set the stage to sustain  TPLF Junta led regime and empower its operatives.

That unhateful meeting to make a rejected minority ethnic apartheid Mafia Junta a legitimate ruling political entity and sustain it by any-and-all- means, as historic, and unprecedented as it was for a seating U.S. President to endorse summed up what went wrong with US foreign policy towards Ethiopia and, the weak link contemporary western ruling elites propagated in US foreign policy.

Unfortunately, since Fascist Mussolini regime invaded and occupied Ethiopia in 1936  and, implemented an ethnic apartheid regime under occupation legitimized by western powers in the name of ‘civilizing mission’ ended 1941, TPLF ethnic warlords to reinstate ethnic apartheid rule 50-years later in 1991  legitimized by western powers in a name of  ethnic Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia is where when the problem began.

Listening Obama speak to TPLF ethnic warlords masquerading as officials of the Government of Ethiopia closely revealed, not only he has no clue he was dealing with an ethnic minority mercenary- terrorist-Mafia warlords that began their operation in the mid-seventies and transformed into a make-believe political party courtesy of Albright-Gayle-Rice’s cabal long before Obama came to political seen but, he was not mindful of endorsing a modern-day ethnic apartheid regime is not only historical blunder of epic proportion on his legacy but deadly as we witness the results in real-time.

The Former President Obama highlighted what he referred as the ‘bright spots’ of the ethnic apartheid regime by repeating the same talking point handed to him by TPLF’s “Developmental Consultant” Gayle Smith’s  bluebook as  … ‘the fastest growing economy, enormous progress in feeding itself and export, strong partner in trade, security, and peacekeeping… ’ resembling what President Ronal Regen use to say about the white minority South African apartheid regime. He went even further than what the call-of-duty required to comment on the predetermined outcome of the May 2015 election, where eight months later  (July 15, 2015) in a conveniently arranged  state visit to keep the rejected ethnic Mafia Junta alive declared, the self-proclaimed minority ethnic apartheid regime led by TPLF Mafia Junta is “a democratically elected Government of Ethiopia” – rendering not only democracy he gave lip service throughout his presidential campaign and tenor a useless exercise of futility but, he reinforced; the lawlessness of the apartheid regime  justify-the-means to his policy end on Ethiopia and beyond.

As grossly irresponsible and deadly as it was coming from the mouth of the most powerful ‘democratic’ nation’s President, not to mention the first African American US President considered to be a ‘constitutional scholar’ endorsing a self-declared ethnic minority Mafia oligarchy legitimate,  it captures the general mood of how low American ruling elites are willing to go in doing the bidding of interest groups in the 21st century and how the spineless TPLF Mafia warlords and apologists are willing to wear public humiliation or the bigotry of low expectations as a Badge-of-Honor on behalf of their foreign sponsors with much more implication to come.

In contrast, few months after Obama met and endorsed TPLF Mafia Junta ethnic warlords in Sept of 2014, he held a townhall of meeting with “Young African Leaders” in Washington, D.C — telling them what he referred as “the principle that guided my approach to Africa” which unfortunately ended up noting more than creating “African Leadership Academy” in the Obama Foundation. It is not clear, what ‘African Leadership Academy’ without the rule of law, democracy, and accountability the president publicly defied by endorsing TPLF Junta  led ethnic apartheid oligarchy  few months earlier means in the respective African nations where the ‘young African leaders’ came from nor, what good would it do, except what Orwell referred as ‘doublethink’—‘the mental capacity to accept contrary beliefs at the same time’.

Such persistent duplicity coming from high-profile political and Media elites of western ‘democracies’ at the expenses of millions of lives and livelihoods remained the norm than the exception in the 21st century. Short of words to describe such bizarre behaviors that put millions of peoples at risk around the world, what the renowned African American philosopher and public intellectual Professor Cornel West description of “Spiritual Meltdown” may do justice.

Regardless of ‘doublethink’, ‘spiritual meltdown’, intellectual corruption… common in one-or-another contemporary western political and Media elites, Obama’s public endorsement of TPLF Junta not only defined his African legacy ever since but empowered its operatives to go on all-out-offensive against the people of Ethiopia throughout their global networks in UN agencies, corporate foundations, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and mainstream medias as TPLF’s stanch apologists and Former freelance journalist turned TPLF “Developmental Consultant” Gayle Smith and her closest associate stanch TPLF Junta apologist Susan Rice sat and watched decades of their clints’ crimes endorsed by the first African American US President they compromised as they designed it.

Call it ‘Colleterial Damage’ of Secretory Albright kind in the Iraq war’s mass causalities in the name of peace and stability  or Fascist Mussolini kind in his Ethiopian war’s ‘mass atrocities’ in the name of civilizing mission, it all depends on who have access to the megaphone to spin their wicked narratives on the world stage.

Regardless, the world is witnessing with amusement the result on mainstream western institutions and medias when TPLF operatives and their western sponsors relentlessly mix facts-and-fictions to save TPLF criminal enterprise at the expenses of the lives and loverhoods of the people of Ethiopia once again.

Short of calling the ongoing war against the people of Ethiopia “The Albright-Rice-Smith War”, it all began when Gayle Smith, the University  of Colorado class of 1974 with a BA diploma in English  somehow ended up, according to Wikipedia, “after college, Smith worked as a journalist for over 20 years, where she was based in Africa and wrote for publications like BBC news and Financial Times” before she showed up in US State Department as “a senior advisor to Administrator  and Chief of staff for USAID in 1994”, the same year Susan Rice under Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recommendation joined the Clinton Administration as expert in International Relation from nonother than the infamous McKinley Advisory Consulting Firm.

Unfortunately, no one knows where  Smith was from 1974 until she showed up in Ethiopia in the early 1980s to cover TPLF ethnic warlords’ insurgency. Nor, we can find her ‘for over 20-years reports for mainstream Media’  as freelance journalist (1974-1994) except a March/April 1987 report titled Ethiopia and the Politics of Famine for a Chicago, IL based  Middle East Research and Information Project. Likewise, no one knows how Dr Susan Rice’s International Relation education in Stanford University and experience at McKinley Advisory Consulting Firm that made her the top African American US official on African Affairs as well as a stanch apologist and champion of the minority ethnic TPLF Junta led apartheid regime of Ethiopia.

Regardless, AllGov.com better elaborates Smith’s background as “worked in the Horn of Africa as a freelance journalist during the war and famine of 1980s. She was particularly close to Meles Zenawi, who led the Tigrayan People Liberation Front and the Ethiopian People’s Revolution Democratic Front” and went on to say, “an article Smith wrote in May 1983 appeared to defend the kidnapping of 10 westerners by the Tigrayan People Liberation Front as a way to get publicity. By 1986, Smith was a developmental consultant for Relief Society of Tigray, a province of Northern Ethiopia”.

Freelance journalist Smith’s ‘publicity stunt’ on behalf of TPLF Junta took a sharp turn during the Gorge Bush Junior Administration when she, according to the report “joined  the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank, as a senior fellow. There  she led the Sustainable Security Project and co-founded the Enough Project, which focus on ending genocide and crime against humanity and the modernizing Foreign Assistant Network, which attempt to maximize U.S. foreign aid impact. From 2005 to 2007, Smith also worked for the Clinton Global Initiative founded by former President Clinton.”

The report went on,

“Smith Joined the Obama administration in 2009 as special assistant and senior director for development and democracy on the National Security Council stuff with responsibility for global development, democracy, and humanitarian assistant issue. She is a longtime associate of Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser.”

What possible good could come out of a freelance journalist for mainstream Media, Developmental Consultant for TPLF ethnic Junta and Advisor for USAID and ‘director for development and democracy’ Gayle Smith nor her International Relation expert from the infamous McKinley Advisory Consulting Firm associate Susan Rice is not a rocket science to figure out why TPLF Junta is waging war on the people of Ethiopia.

Unfortunately, Smith’s ‘confession’ in a March/April 1987’s article Ethiopia and the Politics of Famine  on questionable Middle East Research and Information Project no one knows about remained the policy of the Clinton and the Obama Administration as well the new Biden Administration’s policy on Ethiopia as Smith joined the new administration as Global Govind 19 Coordinator with all her associates in the previous democratic administrations in place, while her long-time TPLF Junta warlord and clint Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus leads WHO courtesy of nonother than the infamous corporate philanthropist, the Founder of Microsoft Corp and Co-Founder of the Gates Foundation Bill Gates.

Smith’s worked  as President and CEO of One Campaign led by the Irish band U2 popstar Bob Geldof better known as Bono for four years right after her service in the Obama administration as head of USAID ended tells a story of its own.  Smith met Paul David Hewson better known by his stage name Bono and his Irish popstar associate Bob Geldof as freelance journalist and ‘a developmental consultant for Relief Society of Tigray’ during  the famine of 1984 in Northern Ethiopia where the popstars raised a reported $100 million with the infamous ‘Live Aid’ concert that went in the coffer of TPLF warlords. Ever since, their relationship in fundraising for the ‘African poor’ and, lately investing to ‘help the African poor’ got stronger to land her a job as President and CEO of One Campaign in Jan of 2016.

Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, “in 2002 Bono and Booby  Shriver (former Mayor of Santa Monica, California) established an NGO called DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros and Edward W. Scott and two years later in 2004 co-founded the One Campaign” – further reviling who financed Debt, AIDS, and Trade in Africa. And two short years later why One Campaign was co-founded by Bono beside to monetize and commoditize poverty and famine through corporate philanthropy, multilateral, and bilateral aid and lately ‘private equity’ investment fund for Kings of African Poverty Bono and Queens of Poverty Smith and their Ethiopian associates led by nonother than the infamous Queen of Poverty of Ethiopia Dr Eleni Gebremedhin that ended up becoming investor in the name of ‘helping the poor’.

Ironically, the regime chosen to be the ‘poster boy’ for poverty aid and finance venture in Africa happen to be the notoriously corrupt TPLF ethic Mafia Junta led apartheid regime of Ethiopia was not a coincidence but by design. At the meantime, the face of the venture to monetize and commoditize poverty happened to be infamous  Founder of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, Eleni Exchange LLC, and Blue Moon Ethiopia, not to mention member of African Policy Advisory Board of One Campaign Dr Eleni Gebremedhin appointed as UNDP ‘Africa Innovation Officer’ recently by the usual suspects.

From Prof Jeffery Sacks led Earth Institute, Center for Sustainable Development  at Colombia University and UN Sustainable Development Solution Network with his TPLF Junta operative Prof Awash Teklehaimanot  led UN MDG to Bill Gates led Global Health and Agriculture Transformation,  IFC of World Bank led Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), US Government led Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and  USAID led Development Credit Authority, the scramble to invest on poverty and famine industry through foreign aid and venture (more vulture) capital in Africa continue to rage on.

Linda Thomas Greenfield, the Former US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs turned a lobbyist for Albright Stonebridge Group, diplomacy and commercial lobby firm founded by the Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright before she joins the Biden Administration as US Ambassador to the UN tells who run US foreign policy .

Thomas Greenfield’s October 6, 2021 press briefing, (more reading the script handed to her by Albright, Smith and Rice) indicted the Government of Ethiopia for expelling seven compromised UN officials in an attempt to restore TPLF Junta rule was no accident either.  Afterall, Thomas Greenfield is doing the same lobbying she did as employee of Albright Stonebridge Group as she does as the top US official in the UN now on behalf of TPLF Junta.

The leaked conversation where UN officials in Addis Ababa championing for TPLF Mafia junta also tells everything one need to know who is behind UN agencies against the people of Ethiopia and  why the Former lobbyist for Albright Stonebridge Group Thomas Greenfield is appointed to be the US Ambassador at the UN that resulted with incoherent policy towards Ethiopia mainstream journalists failed miserably to expose.

Ironically, in the Whitehouse official website President Biden claim Swiping Executive Order on “Ethics Commitment Pledge by Executive Personal” that would have disqualify Gayle Smith, Susan Rice,  Linda Thomas-Greenfield among many compromised US officials on lack of ethics and conflict of interest. Unfortunately, like President Obama’s empty commitment for the rule of laws, good governance, and democracy, President Biden’s ‘Ethics Commitment Pledge’ does not worth the website written on.

But the unexpected loss of Senator Hillary Clinton bid for presidency to Donald Trump in the 2016 election blow up the cover Developmental Consultant Smith Gayle  garnered for her TPLF ethnic Junta clint in successive US Administrations. About a years and half after Obama endorsed the TPLF Junta led apartheid regime in Addis Ababa  (July of 2015) Trump took office in January of 2016. A year-and half later (April of 2018)   TPLF Junta and its stooges packed-and-run to the manufactured ethnic apartheid “Tigray Region’ they occupied with iron fist — crying foul and begging their sponsors for help to save them from the people of Ethiopia with no luck until the new Biden Administration brought back the same old Clinton and Obama officials including Smith, Rice, Greenfield, Powell and the rest to save TPLF Junta by-all-and-any-means necessary  as it is playing out in real-time.

Beyond western political and Media elites that echo TPLF Junta’s propaganda, the’ elephant in the room’ that sponsors everything and anything to sustain ethnic apartheid in Ethiopia remained to be the infamous corporate philanthropist and the Co-Founder Gates Foundation Bill Gates with the Ethiopian national  “External Relation Officer for the Foundation since 2007” Haddish Tadesse, according to official website of the Foundation.

In Non Profit Quarterly March 25, 2020 article titled Is Gates Foundation out of control?  Martin Levine chronical  the troubling conflicts of interests and propaganda the Foundation engages  in the name humanitarian causes. 

More compelling condemnation was the August 21, 2021 report titled Journalism’s Gates Keepers by Tim Schwab in Colombia Journalism Review that pride itself as The Voice of Journalism. It reads.

“I recently  examined nearly twenty thousand chartable grants the Gates Foundation had made through the end of June and found more than $250 million going towards journalism. Recipient included BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Gradian, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the  Texas Turban, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, and the Center for Investigative Reporting; charitable organization affiliated with news outlets, like BBC Media Action and the New York Times’ Neediest Cases Fund; media companies such as Participant, whose documentary Waiting for “Superman” supports Gates agenda on charter schools; journalist organization such as the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the National Press Foundation; and the International Center for Journalists; and a variety of other groups creating news content or working on journalism, such as Leo Burnett Company, an ad agency that Gates commissioned to create a “news site” to promote the success of aid groups.”

The troubling role the Gates Foundation play from financing 100s of  mainstream Media institutions and several UN agencies including WHO and UNDP  and everything anything in between disguised as humanitarian champion brought abroad the notoriously corrupt TPLF Junta warlord Tedros Ghebreyesus as the Head of WHO is a good example of how little regard the Information Revolution guru and global ‘philanthropist’ has not only for the rights and liberties of the people he claimed to help in  Africa and elsewhere but undermine the very Free Press by promoting firehoses of falsehoods peddlers in his favor with impunity. Who but # No More Movement can stop Gates’ Ethiopian national associates compromised to  do the unthinkable?

Professor Alex Lyon, a communication expert and author in his recent evaluation of Bill Gates’ interview on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Gates Foundation funds regarding his relationship with the late convicted underage sex offender and financier Jeffery Epstein better explains,  how the self-proclaimed humanitarian philanthropist is not as transparent as he claimed to be with his  relationship with Epstein was to “raise fund for global health and development”. The little or no information the Foundation’s website provides on what it really does and, who is in charge beyond PR stunt is a testimony to that reality all mainstream Medias he sponsored missed to investigate for obvious reason.

Unfortunately, for lack of professional journalism to promote their own agenda or pure  laziness, self-proclaimed independent Medias fail short to get to the root cause of the problem in Ethiopia.

For instance, the Mumbai, India based WION Media in a recent report titled  WHO Chief Dr. Tedros stands unopposed for re-election: Here is Why Tedros Must Go and explains everything but came short of calling out Bill Gates why TPLF warlord ‘Tedros stands unopposed’. Nor the report dug in deeper, why from all professional in the world, Gates who is the second largest fund provider for the UN (next to US government) picked the most incompetent and corrupt ethnic warlord to lead WHO in the first place and, why Gates sponsors small-and-big questionable Media institutions around the world without disclosing it on the Foundation official website, except  to cover up what his Foundation really does behind closed doors.

WION Media in its latest contradictory report titled Home Country Ethiopia slams Dr. Tedros for misconduct and ‘missed the forest for the tree’ in a rush to promote its own agenda against China as if TPLF warlord WHO General Director Dr Tedros’ ‘misconduct’ is a recent phenomenon reviled by Ethiopian government’s ‘slams’ as oppose four decades of TPLF Junta crimes against the people of Ethiopia.

Regardless why the so called independent Medias, philanthropist, foundations, multilateral or bilateral organizations and the rest spin the truth in their favor, ten years after Woyane is a dead regime walking article came out and six-years after President Obama endorsed the TPLF Junta led regime in 2015 and three-years after Obama left office, Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed of the new Prosperity Party  in his inauguration speech in front of foreign dignitaries in October 5, 2021 essentially declared, the ethnic apartheid regime of colonial era led by the ethnic terrorist-Mafia junta is a ‘dead regime walking’.  He went even further to send a message for its foreign sponsors, the day of supporting a deadly ethnic terrorist-Mafia Junta at the expenses of his people and nation with impunity is over that triggered barrage of propagandas and sanctions.

Unfortunately, not Obama, Smith, or Rice or their compromised indigenous associates that scream and yell democracy and the rule of law and good governance traveled to join foreign dignitaries in congratulating the first ‘legitimately elected’ PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia as they did to the illegitimately ‘selected’ TPLF regime. Instead, the inevitable arm twisting,  propaganda war and sanction against PM Abiy, by default the people of Ethiopia that began in the Clinton through Obama Administrations to save the ethnic minority Junta escalated further as soon as the Biden Administration took office with the same TPLF Junta ‘developmental consultant’ Smith and stanch apologist Susan Rice in place on January 20, 2021, as expected. So, the war of words on mainstream western Media sourced from nonother than TPLF Junta operatives led by Tigray  Broadcasting Media ’and Digital Woyane.

Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise Ethiopians if TPLF ‘Developmental  Consultant’ and Former ‘freelance journalist’ for mainstream Media Smith also advice TPLF operatives’ run organizations and Medias in the diaspora on “publicity stunt” on mainstream western Media and institutions as alleged in her May 1983 article that “appeared to defend the kidnapping of 10 westerners by the Tigrayan People Liberation Front as a way to get publicity” . Afterall “ending genocide and crime against humanity” as publicity stunt was in Smith’s bluebook since the mid-1980s way before TPLF operatives in diaspora and mainstream Media cry and whine — ‘Tigray Genocide and crime against humanity’ if her TPLF Junta is clint threatened to surrender power by the people of Ethiopia.

The recent Facebook Executive Frances Haugen turned whistleblower testimony regarding ethnic incitement on social media in Ethiopia and Myanmar also reviles, how Digital Woyane elaborate ethnic propaganda on social Media targeting Oromo-Amhara communities is another warfront TPLF sponsors designed at to keep the deadly Junta alive the expenses of Ethiopians.

But the bigger issue is not the ‘uncivilized’ behavior of western ruling elites and Media journalists towards Ethiopia or Africa in general that extended for centuries. Nor the willfully compromised Indigenous political and Media elites of Ethiopia led by TPLF operatives that adore their western counterparts’ uncivilized’ behavior. Most miseducated contemporary elites like their counterparts in many nations-states not trained ‘to know the extent of their Ignorance’ about their uncivilized and compromise peers’ conspiracy or as Orwell framed it from “facing the unpleasant facts” of what their compromise peers with their foreign sponsors do behind closed door against their compatriots to do something about it.

In simple formula of “Miseducation = Misdirection”,  the Zimbabwean born Canadian philosopher, entrepreneur, and author of half a dozen books including, Lalibela’s Wise Man Matshona Dhliwayo articulated the enormous cost miseducated contemporary elites, not only for failing to challenge their compromised peers’ instigated atrocities and pillages but their unwillingness to learn and change the conditions of their compatriots and nation at home and abroad.

Therefore, as the renowned sociologist, author, and public speaker Dr DaShanne Stokes put it “when you’ve grown up miseducated, surrounded by fear and hate, unaware of your privilege, lies can sounds like the truth.” Clearly miseducation of the elites designed by the usual suspects remained a Weapon of Mass Distraction and, institutionally unchallenged will continue to cause havoc on the people of Ethiopia in the future to come.

Combine that reality with what Dalai Lama, the highest Tibetan spiritual leader articulated as “a lack of transparency results in distrust and deep sense of insecurity,’  one cannot help but appreciate the ramification of miseducated elites failure to challenge their the lack of transparency that  fuel ‘distrust and deep sense of insecurity’ that continue to cause havoc on the rights and liberties of the people of Ethiopia and the very existence of the nation.

“Every violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but a stab at the health of human society” wrote the renowned 18 century American essayist, philosopher, abolitionist, and poet Emerson, Ralph Waldo.

Thus, there is no question, compromised elites are prime perpetuators of ‘every violation of truth’ that consistently must lie to cover up for TPLF junta and its sponsors’ conspiracy and continued to ‘stub at the health’ of the Ethiopian society  unchallenged by their miseducated peers that do not know how.

In fact, miseducated elites not knowing the difference between domestic from foreign, self-interest from public interest, election from selection, individual liberty from group hysteria,  rule of laws from the jungle laws, the Free Press from propaganda press, development from pillage, liberation from mercenary-Mafia onslaught… of their compromised counterparts that see, hear or speak no evil on an ethnic apartheid Mafia Junta reached to a point summed up better by nonother than the renowned Ethiopian historian and public intellectual Taye Bogale in two words as የተማሩ መሃይሞች — rendering them utterly useless to change the conditions of their compatriots at home and abroad.

In one of his recent interview with Menelik TV, the Honorable historian Bogale recapped everything one need to know about the existential  treat functionally illiterate contemporary elites in general and compromised elites in particular pose on the people of Ethiopia and the nation.

But nothing comes even close to show the impact of compromised elites of our time that are ‘surrounded by fear and hate, unaware of their privilege’ to believe or perpetuate lies and depravity that “results in distrust and deep sense of insecurity” among Ethiopians than members and apologists of  Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) in the diaspora engaged in all kinds of clandestine operations against the people of Ethiopia and the nation.


Beside the self-confessed Professor Efrem Isaac and Dr Eleni Gebremedhin that made mockery of themselves plotting on behalf of TPLF Junta sponsors to overthrow the elected PM Abiy Ahmed led Government of Ethiopia with western officials and lobbyists and refusing to own it,  no single individual we know of display the combined results of miseducation, fear and hate,’ that results in self-rejection to spew firehoses of lies to do the unthinkable on behalf of his foreign sponsors than the self-described ‘Tigray scholar’ with every academic credential from prestigious western university his sponsors afforded him to sustain TPLF Junta led ethnic apartheid onslaught at the expenses the people of Ethiopia than Dr Mehari Taddele Maru.

The ‘useful idiot’s’ latest make-believe credential according to a Kenya based The White Elephant Media outfit where he wrote Op-Ed in August of 2021 titled Election? What Election? Abiy is Counting on Military Victory is “Dr Mehari is currently a Professor of Migration Policy Center and Academic Coordinator of the Young African Leaders Program at the School of Transitional Governance at the European University Institute” Unfortunately, The Elephant Media itself is another propaganda outlet  for TPLF operatives masquerading as Free Press out of Kenya — replicating mainstream western Media propaganda onslaught. Its latest article by Matt Bryden and Rashid Abdi of  Sahan Research titled Abiy has lost his War but Ethiopia could reinvent itself will tell everything one needs to know, how far TPLF Junta sponsors push outlandish propaganda through make-believe research institutions and Media outlets out of Africa, in this case Kenya.

How Kenya became a hub for foreign correspondents lie factory itself requires # No More campaign. Media Council of Kenya that regulate foreign Media correspondents can play a role in cleaning up TPLF Junta operatives masquerading as journalists  of make-believe Medias in its backyard.

But, how Mehari, the Former ‘university reform expert’ at Addis Ababa University turned  ‘terrorism and peacekeeping expert’ at African Union HQ in Addis Ababa under TPLF Junta rule end up as ‘a migration policy and governance expert’ (after TPLF Junta run for its life) from all places at European University Institute in Florence, Italy as oppose in Mekelle University in manufactured ethnic apartheid Tigray Region by itself demands investigation and # No More Camping by itself. Regardless, it is shows, Former colonial powers masquerading as democratic nations recruit self-rejecting contemporary wannabe be ‘scholars’ to do their dirty job they failed to do by way of invasion and occupation.

Ironically, public record shows Dr Maru is the “Co-Founder with five like-minded individuals and the Executive Director” of African Rally for Peace and Development (ARPD) established in 2005 after TPLF ethnic Junta led regime overwhelmingly  lost for Kinjite Party in the 2005 election and claims to be “a civic society organization engaged in advocacy and campaigning, education and research, peace and security, justice, human rights and development and a safe environment” — covering every area TPLF junta violets against the people of Ethiopia since it came to Ethiopian seem and after 2005 election loss in the name of Africa Rally for Peace and Development as his counterpart Prof Isaac led EPDE and EPDI do.

His ever-changing names, credentials and experiences is hard to keep track. He refers himself as Dr Iur. Mehari Taddele Maru or Dr Teshager Mehari. He is also referred on a documentary expose titled Children have become Ethiopia’s latest export” as a “top Human Right Lawyer in the country” in what appears to cover up for TPLF Mafia Junta known to traffic children in western nations and women in the Middle East nations by openly advertising through Ethiopian embassies until the expose shut down the operations.

Incidentally, the “the top human rights lawyer” Dr Maru who is needed  to contribute under PM Abiy reform effort never in his  pseudo professional career mentioned nor wrote about the unprecedented human right violation, corruption, extortion, racketeering and atrocities TPLF Junta committed on the people of Ethiopia in the occupied ‘Tigray Region’ he claim to belong nor Ethiopia at large since TPLF was established and after it took power in 1991.

A member of the Global Society of Tigrayan Scholars (GSTS) that pride to assemble “3000 plus high-caliber Tigrayan scholars” and claims  TPLF Junta is “a constitutionally elected government of Tigray” sums up how far the self-proclaimed  ‘high-caliber Tigrayan scholars’ like Dr Maru & Associates would go to change the meaning of scholar, constitution, election and representation… and create a make-believe institution for functionally illiterate and compromised pseudo scholars to achieve their foreign sponsors’ mission.

The fact GSTS’ website hides all its ‘high-cabler Tigrayan scholars’ and their ‘scholarly works’ on its official website alone says, they are clandestine TPLF Junta operatives masquerading as scholars that also demands # No More Campaign to flash them out.

Regardless, the present “Professor of Migration Policy Center and Academic Coordinator of the Young African Leaders Program” multiple appearance on ‘Tigray Media’ outfits in the diaspora that lists his endless academic credential, including, graduate of Oxford University in UK and Harvard University in US shows, prestigious western educational institutions are handing diplomas for any dysfunctional elites not only became a bridge for TPLF operatives to do the unthinkable but a breeding ground  for intellectual corruption and prostitution – to corrupt more  “Young Tigrayan Leaders” and graduating to corrupt more “Young African leaders” Maru ‘coordinates’ on behalf of his sponsors.

Incidentally, from all ‘professionals’ in Africa, Dr Mehari Taddele Maru is the only African national found at the School of Transitional Governance in the European University Institute as “Academic Coordinator for Young African Leaders Program.”

The question is, how a self-described ethnic minority “Tigray Scholar” that couldn’t coordinate ‘Young Tigrayan’ Leaders’  in the right side of history or governance ended up being an “Academic Coordinator for Young African Leaders Program” and How Europeans as oppose Africans can coordinate African leaders speaks volume, contemporary wannabe scholars reached the bottom of professional corruption with far more ramification yet to come.

In that regard, in a September 2015 article titled Woyane and its intellectual prostitutes are terrified of Ethiopiawinet and democracy and wrote,

“As they say charity begins at home. In the same analogy, democracy begins at home too. The sooner we understand home grown intellectual prostitution is the primary reason our people are under dictatorship, the sooner we make the struggle short and relief those that sacrifice so much to make democracy happen.


Let us begin cleaning house.


Ethiopians will be free and under democracy soon, count on it.”


Unfortunately, TPLF sponsors elevate miseducated, self-rejecting and compromised contemporary dysfunctional elites that cannot make up their mind whether to be ethnonational, Ethiopians, Africans, or ‘westerners’ nor, scholars or hired hands as they go back-and-forth using one-or-another identity against the right and liberties and security of their compatriots.

At the meantime, “the constitutionally elected government of Tigray” according GSTS represented by the Former Ethiopian Government spokesperson turned the present spokesperson for ‘Tigray ‘Government-Defense- Invasion-Occupation Force’ is the same notorious TPLF warlord Getachew Reda. It says, the self-proclaimed high caliber Tigrayan Scholars are as dilutional as the smalltime TPLF Junta warlords not to challenge a brazen ethnic Junta on behalf of Ethiopians it held hostage at gun point in a manufactured Tigray Region let alone Ethiopians at large liberated from the warlords’ rule since the new PM Abiy came to power.

Reda’s confession on BBC Hard Talk  tells everything one need to know about TPLF Junta and operatives game plan backed by “high-caliber Global Tigrayan Scholars” or what psychiatrists refer as ‘mass psychoses’ of the people in the occupied Tigray Region. When that wasn’t enough, Reda appearance to spill his guts in Amharic language he despise to Ethiopians he hate to love to legitimize the Junta as political entity worth Ethiopians in Tigray Region is not only another deadly comedy TPLF warlords and operatives are playing but, the level of desperation to continue doing the bidding of sponsors their very existence depended on.

The village ethnic clown masquerading as a spokesperson of the make-believe ‘Government of Tigray’ recent appearance on the infamous Tigray Media House established in 2018 conveniently by nonother than the long-time TPLF operative in the diaspora Solomon Alula with clueless interviewer young enough to be Reda’s granddaughter also shows, the depth of generational delusion TPLF and its make-believe scholars instigated against the people of Ethiopia in ‘Tigray Region’ and beyond. Alula’s own hilarious claim of running an ‘independent ‘Media House’ by itself reviles,  TPLF Junta operatives are becoming increasingly dilutional, desperate and deadly than ever in the last hour of the Junta’s demise. But again, who can blame them when the self-described ‘trusted source’ CNN sources its ‘investigative reports’ on Ethiopia from Tigray Media House?

The October 2021  CNN report by four make-believe CNN journalists led by the infamous Sudanese British national Naima Elbagir titled Ethiopia used its flagship commercial airline to transport weapons during war in Tigray (the made up evidence) followed by a CNN report of December 24, 2021, titled Ethiopia to loss access to lucrative US trade program following CNN investigation by the same journalist Naima Elbagir and Arnaud Said (the guilty verdict) that led to the latest US sanction — striping Ethiopia from the AGOA privilege is sufficient evidence, TPLF Junta operatives masquerading as journalists, PR experts and  scholars behind the seen have everything to do with CNN ‘investigation’ and ‘verdict’ and remain a Weapon of Mass Distraction against the people of Ethiopia unchallenged.

In that regard, the Ethiopian Satellite Television Network (ESAT) in its December 22, 2021 analysis led by renowned journalist Sesay Agina summed up better the source of the incoherent western ruling political and Media  elites’ narratives to sustain TPLF ethic Mafia junta led apartheid onslaught on the people of Ethiopia.

What was fascinating in the must watch program was, the dilutional western ruling elites and mainstream Media journalists can’t even get their story straight in covering up for their favorite ethnic apartheid Junta relying on its operatives masquerading as ‘independent’ journalists and ‘high-caliber scholars’ and expert of one thing or another as sources.

Who could be Elbagir of CNN Ethiopian collaborators that led to AGOA sanction point to nonother than Addis Alemayehu. The Former ‘AGOA Plus Director’ in US that founded a “Public Relation” firm 251 Communication in Addis Ababa under TPLF Junta rule is also a Senior Adviser for  Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG), a Washington DC based ‘diplomacy and commercial’ lobby firm founded and led by the Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Incidentally, the sister of Addis Alemayehou that recently joined Bono led One Campaign as Vice President under President and CEO Gayle Smith happened to be Mimi Alemayehu. The Former Head of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation – US government Agency  and CEO of a private equity investment platform Black Rhino sold for the British government run Globliq is no accident either.

Madeleine Albright-Gayle Smith-Susan Rice cabal and the associated indigenous elites compromised to do the unthinkable in-and-out of US government positions explains, the source the problem of US policy on Ethiopia. No wonder no mainstream Media and law enforcement agencies investigates the most consequential and clandestine TPLF Junta indigenous operatives hiding behind their sponsors.

Ethiopians rightly should be furious on the ‘three stooges’ — Madeleine Albright-Gayle Smith-Susan Rice that serve three democratic administrations, but the real outrage to end the nightmare of the people of Ethiopia should be directed on clandestine indigenous elites compromised to serve the ‘three stooges’ against the interest of their own compatriots and birthplace, the sooner the better.

Incidentally, Gale Smith left her Global Covid-19 Coordinator position in the Biden Administration after short eight months or undisclosed reason in the middle of the new strain crises as reported on Nov 30, 2021 and went back to her One Campaign Presidency she never officially left when she joined the Biden Administration. Her new move should alarm Ethiopians what to come out of the long-time TPLF Junta ‘Development Consultant’ and the present President and CEO of One Campaign that remained silent on the ongoing war and criminality of her long-time TPLF Junta clint.

Whether Smith left the Biden Administration to focus as consultant for TPLF Junta as the President of One Campaign led by Bono will tell how far she is will go channel private foreign aid to TPLF Junta this time around as she did as a freelance journalist four decades ago with the same Bono. Her new Ethiopian American partner Mimi Alemayehu that joined  One Campaign while her African Policy Advisory Board Member Dr Eleni Gebremedhin leave to join UNDP as African Innovative Officer will tell more what to come next.

That is why in May of 2018 article titled TPLF wolves are leading their ethnic elite sheep to a slaughterhouse and wrote,

“The legendry 19th-century Indian Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda wrote Truth does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to Truth or die.


TPLF Wolves and their flock of elites’ sheep operate in alternative reality and understandably have hard time to pay ‘homage to the Truth.’   It is preciously why they are stuck with their ethnic Apartheid machinery and refuse to let go. They believe, the lost war on Truth can be won by war-of-words on the Truth to save the alternative reality they live under to prevent their demise, thanks to their foreign enablers and flocks of corrupt elite sheep in diaspora enjoying the free meal of alternative reality.”


The 19th century English classical scholar and poet AE Housman wrote, “The house of delusion is cheap to build but drafty to live in”. So, the House of TPLF operatives and sponsors. Therefore, alike the noises coming out of make-believe institutions and medias run by miseducated and compromised contemporary elites masquerading as activists, experts, researchers, scholars, journalists, CEOs, President…, what is in the way of the political, social, and economic rights and liberties and the safety, security of the people of Ethiopia, and the sovereignty of the nation and sustained compromised contemporary elites boils down “ending corruption and aid’ as PM Abiy Ahmed rightly put it.

The two ‘evils’ that confused every miseducated indigenous elite not to know better and every compromised elite engage in all kinds of violation of rights, liberties, and nepotism, extortion and corruption in public and private institutions is not by accident but by design. In fact, the very existence of compromised elites of all kinds depends on violation of rights, corruption and nepotism fueled by extortion and foreign aid, as much as foreign aid depends on corrupt TPLF Mafia Junta warlords and their compromised operatives in-and-out of the homeland.

Unfortunate but true, Ethiopia under TPLF Junta rule of three decades created more professional beggars led institutions, business enterprises and medias fueled by extortion and foreign aid than any nation in Sub Sahara Africa. Lately, shady foreign investment in the name helping the poor as recommended by make-believe ‘consultants’ is becoming the new creative innovation in begging. Leading the pack of professional beggars of Ethiopia is the self-described ‘serial entrepreneur’ and UNDP African Innovation Officer Dr Eleni Gebremedhin – giving entrepreneurship and innovation a whole different meaning.

Her pitch for potential donors in 2007 on Ted Talk followed by her pitch for potential ‘investors’ 2014 and her recent ‘Marshal Plan’ pinch for the notoriously corrupt TPLF warlord Berhane Geberkhristos and his western sponsors on the leaked zoom conference is a testimony. She is a prime example of miseducated as well as compromised indigenous elite of  modern times or what the late Australian writer, journalist,  literally critic Clive James refers as “all intellectuals tendencies are corrupted when they consorted with power.”

Therefore, it should not surprise Ethiopians why western ‘donors’ are after PM Abiy for doing exactly what they give lip service — ending corruption, instituting the rule of law, and democratic governance but, do the exact opposite by supporting a corrupt and lawless ethnic Mafia Junta and its operatives for as long-as we can remember. With TPLF junta ‘Development Consultant’ Smith and her Former African Policy Advisor placed conveniently as UNDP ‘African Innovative Officer’ Dr Eleni Gebremedhin and the new Smith’s Ethiopian associate — Former foreign investment expert Mimi Alemayehu that join One Campaign  as Vice President recently, what could go wrong in Ethiopia remained the 64K question.

Ironically, President Biden when he was Vice President met with Romanian civil society in Bucharest in May of 2014 (three months before President Obama accompanied by his state department officials praised the most corrupt ethnic apartheid regime of Ethiopia led by TPLF Mafia Junta in Sept of 2014) and said, “ Corruption is a cancer: A cancer that eats away at the citizen faith in democracy, diminish the instinct for innovation and creativity” is back at it all over again as a President — defending the same corrupt Mafia ethnic Junta with the same Obama officials and their indigenous associates. Talking one thing and doing completely the opposite is what western ruling elites specialize to keep a Junta of their choice alive. The Biden Administration’s latest gimmick in that regard was a ‘Democracy Summit’ for handpicked regimes of the world and more to come.

At the meantime, with 100s of bilateral, multilateral and nongovernmental make-believe  propagate by mainstream western Media journalists testifies, lip service in fighting corruption but not to see, hear or speak ill of a notoriously  corrupt and aid-dependent TPLF Mafia Junta is no accident either but by design.

The World Bank’s slogan of “Combatting Corruption” that financed the toothless Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission led by the long-time Former Commissioner Ali Suleiman Mohammed handpicked to cover up for TPLF Junta’s grand corruption and racketeering  is a good example. USAID’s “Anti-Corruption” slogan, Gates Foundation’s “Global Integrity” not to mention Gayle Smits led One Campaign’s own slogan of “to help fight corruption” are all empty words without changing the outcome of corruption, extortion, and racketeering to sustain the status qua.

Even the most prominent Berlin, Germany based global corruption fighter Transparency International (TI) with stated “priorities” of “holding the powerful to account and closing down the system that allows bribery, illicit financial flows, money laundering and enablers of corruption” is not  kosher either. Record shows it has done zero to take the notoriously corrupt TPLF warlords to justice since its establishment in 1995. In fact, it has office in Mali, Bennie, Malawi…among two-dozen African nations to document corruption but not in Ethiopia, the second populous nation in Africa that is lamped with the remaining nations as Sub-Sahara Africa. Donation for TI coming from western governments, corporate foundations and multilateral organizations including WB and EU, no wonder TI has no interest to go after the corrupt TPLF warlords that operate under its nose in Berlin, Germany for decades.

Dr William Easterly, the American economist and author of Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators, and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor (2014)  summed it up best as ‘the poor needs rights not Aid’ that extends dictatorship rule indefinitely. Unfortunately, if the poor have rights, what would professional beggars and their donor sponsors would do to sustain their favorite dictatorship?

Likewise, Dr Dambisa Moyo, the Zambian economist and author of Dead  Aid: why Aid is not Working and How There is A Better Way for Africa (2009)  essentially repeated the same argument if only ‘professional beggars’ are not on the way.

Even more compelling and bold is Dr Howard Nicholas, a Sir Lankan economist and the author of several books including Putting Industrialization Back into Development (2005). His damning accusation Why the West Wants Africa to Remain Poor  and how foreign aid corrupted the mind, the spirt and the soul of contemporary indigenous elites to keep their compatriots poor is an eye opener. There are 100s of scholars in Africa and elsewhere that argue  the same with no successes.

In that regard, in May 2019 article titled  Meet the Ethiopian-American Economic Hitman from Wall Street to Poverty Street in the no man’s land regarding the Gates Foundation Ethiopian national official Khalid Bomba entrusted  to run the Ethiopian Government Agriculture Transformation Agency and wrote,

“It is interesting time to observe, how staged conferences for bunch of clowns with empty titles and words making something out of nothing in broad light passes under the radar unchallenged by the world Media, concerned civic organizations and the authorities in the ‘Free World.’ If anything, it is not a good sign to bring about accountability and transparency on behalf of the long-suffering people of Ethiopia sooner than later.”

Incidentally, Khalid Bomba also appointed UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director, Office of Innovation and Chief Innovation Officer as his counterpart Dr Eleni Gebremedhin did as UNDP Africa Innovation Officer. Is anybody having doubt Bill Gates has everything to do with who are appointed in WHO, FAO and UNDP?

The Queens of Poverty Gayle Smith and her Indigenous Africa Policy Advisor and the recent joined member of One Campaign Poverty Club as Vice President Mimi Alemayehu, not to mention Khalid Bomba of Gate Foundation  will tell you everything you need to know how to sustain poverty fueled by foreign ‘Dead  Aid’ and deprive people political and economic rights on behalf of foreign sponsors. What is different now than before is, foreign aid is no more framed as charity for the poor but for professional beggars masquerading as managers of foreign aid and  lately managers of private venture (vulture) capital investment by growing the economy to ‘help the poor.’

That is why the Guatemalan human right activist, feminist, and Nobel Prize recipient Rigoberta Menchu Tum, said, “Without Strong Watchdog Institutions, Impunity Becomes the Very Foundation Upon Which System of Corruption Are Built.”

The irony a woman with humble upbring on self-substance family farm in northern highland of Guatemala can figure out “Impunity Becomes the Very Foundation Upon Which System of Corruption Are Built” when the most privileged contemporary elites educated in prestigious universities of the world couldn’t reinforces,  the ‘living dead’ still rule the day at the expenses of the democratic and economic rights of people in the 21st century.

Yet, Queens and Kings of Poverty of Africa masquerading as ‘director for development and democracy,’ ‘development consultant,’ policy advisor, Innovation Officer, market fundamentalists, investment experts, researchers… are making nations their playground for grift and corruption with no question asked nor consequences. Talk about ‘tyranny of experts’ scratching each other’s backs — violating rights, liberties and the rule of laws and democracy.

In  a Sept 2018 article titled ‘Is the New PM of Ethiopia shifting the paradigm on Governance and wrote,

The new reformist PM of Ethiopia will miss historic opportunity if he squanders the good will of the people of Ethiopia and, on the flip side, the Free Press, civic organizations and competing political parties would miss historical opportunity if they squander the good will of PM Abiy to transform the nation from the banana republic he inherited into viable democratic and prosperous state she can be.


But nothing comes even close as the first reform step than independent accounting and disclosure of public data held hostage by the ruling party thus, transparency of institutions involved in the public affairs.


Avoiding or ignoring ‘the public right to know the truth’ either by patching up old institutions with new faces or by withholding information of public interest for political, social, or economic reasons is nothing more than half-hearted reform that won’t free nor help the people of Ethiopia no leader can afford to get away with.

Understandably, on the top of the long-outstanding democratic deficit that hunted the people of Ethiopia for generations, the less than three-years-old Government of Ethiopia led PM Abiy PM Abiy is expected to deal with TPLF Mafia Junta and its sponsors concocted ethnic apartheid onslaught for over four-decades to divide, destabilize, dehumanize, and ostracize Ethiopians and Ethiopia in the old colonialists’ way and the resulting ongoing ground and propaganda proxy wars to make sure unity among Ethiopians and democracy and the rule of law that benefit the people wouldn’t see daylight in not an easy task.

Therefore, the PM is caught between “miseducated=misdirected” contemporary elites that wouldn’t know what to ask, where to start, or what to do to help make unity, the rule of law thus democracy and accountability possible to challenge their compromised peers that know what to do to divide Ethiopians and  violate their rights and  liberties and would  do anything to sustain the lawless TPLF Junta instigated ethnic apartheid regime visible for a necked eye.

Given expected ambition from any politician aside,  what a leader surrounded by miseducated elites that do not know what to do on behalf of the people of Ethiopia  and compromised elites that know exactly what to do on behalf of their foreign sponsors can do to change the dynamic of democratic governance?

Sometimes the questions  are complicated, and the answers are simple” as the famous author of inspirational children book Theodor Seuss Geisel better known as Dr Seuss puts it,

Yes, the questions miseducated=misdirected elites that focus on the symptoms of the problem are complicated for obvious reasons, but the answers are simple — to identify compromised indigenous elites, especially in the ‘free world’ and make them institutionally accountable for conspiracy against their compatriots and homeland.

The lack of robust independent and transparent Medias and watchdog institutions in the public interests to make one-and-all accountable on behalf of the people and make democratic reform possible  rest where the problem began. Until then, as the Roman Emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD) puts it, “everything we hear is opinion, not fact. Everything we see is perspective. Not truth” or as the legendary 20th century American engineer William Edward puts it, “without data, it’s just an opinion”.

The question is, can reform be possible with opinions and perspectives as opposed facts and truth? If not, who is responsible to get the facts and the truth out and make fiction and falsehoods peddlers history?

Unfortunately, little or no attention given to compromised indigenous elites run front organizations, businesses enterprises, Media outlets… that are the source of fiction and falsehoods in covering up for all kinds of violations of rights and liberties against the people of Ethiopia and the associated conflicts, atrocities, extortions, racketeering and corruptions that comes with it.

After all foreign national without compromised indigenous elites are tourists without tour guides — spewing misguided opinions and perspective not the facts and the truth. And, if history is a lesson, the evolution of what separated democratic nations ruled by rule of laws from autocratic nations ruled by the rule of the jungle started with independent information led by the Free Press — exposing compromised indigenous elites and watchdog institutions making them accountable in court of laws.

The fact # No More Ethiopian Movement became a prominent movement in short span of time to shake the weak and wicked foundation of Woyane and its sponsors alone illustrates, independent and transparent Free Presses and watchdog institutions to get the truth out and defend the political, social economic rights and liberties of the people of Ethiopia to follow up on what compromised indigenous elites do on behalf of their sponsors with impunity are far and few or nonexistence. Therefore, Ethiopians have not yet scratched the surface of what TPLF Junta operatives’ enterprises are doing to cover up its elaborate criminality worldwide. The question is not if but how many  clandestine organizations, business entities and Media outlets run by compromised TPLF elites are out there, and who supposed to find them and make them accountable?

As # No More Global Movement deliberates where to start and how to end the rampant violation of rights and liberties that would address the associated atrocities, corruption and conflicts and wars backed by firehoses of falsehoods that came with it to preserve TPLF Mafia Junta apartheid reign, the first thing that should and must come remained independent information led by independent Free presses and watchdog institutions to identify the root cause of the problem in every political, social and economic sector.

Therefore, if the # No More Global Ethiopian Movement focus on promoting independent press and watchdog institutions to make compromised indigenous elites and their make-believe enterprises accountable, the problem of Ethiopia will end sooner than later. In fact,  the symptoms of the problem would not detract the #No More Movement from achieving what it set out to do – get the facts and the truth out no matter where it leads.

Thus, the question is not as complected as compromised  indigenous elites’ sponsors wanted us to believe with PR stunt and fact-free narratives as reflected on mainstream western Medias.’ After all modern-day violations of rights and liberties of the people that leads to rampant corruption, extortion and pillage  and atrocities depends solely on willfully compromised indigenous elites carrying water for their foreign sponsors and partners as we witness in real-time.

If the # No More Movement say #No More to compromised  indigenous elites run organizations, business enterprises, political entities, and Media outlets, it will go long way to end most if not all the problems of Ethiopia than all other efforts combined. Can the Movement reach the ultimate prize all depends, how it focusses on promoting and building robust Ethiopian Free Press and watchdog institutions in every sector — starting with the Ethiopian Defense League in diaspora to say #No More of their own in every sector.

The Joint # No More complaint by four Ethiopian American civic organizations led by Ethiopian American Development Council against Prof Ephrem Isaac  led Peace and Development International conspiracy put that reality to rest. There is no third conceivable way around to end the onslaught against the people of Ethiopia.

Those who expect PM Abiy singlehandedly will solve the problem of Ethiopia without independent Media and watchdog institutions saying # No More to make one-and-all, including the Government of Ethiopia he leads itself accountable on behalf of the people of Ethiopia either they are miseducated elites not to understand institutional transparency and accountability is the foundation of democratic reform every elite give lip service to but seldom practice or willfully compromised elites who knows well institutional transparency and  accountability will end their conspiracy against the people of Ethiopia on behalf of their foreign sponsors.

One way-or-another and hopefully sooner than later Ethiopians must and will prevail.

The article is dedicated to the # No More Movement compatriots led by Hermila Agwai that shook the weak-and-wicked Foundation of Woyane and its foreign sponsors. By any measure, it is the best thing that happened to the people of Ethiopia since PM Abiy abolished his ethnic apartheid party and replaced it with national Unity and Prosperity Party. No matter what, # No More will remain in the hearts, the minds, and the souls of Ethiopians for forever until dysfunctional and compromised indigenous elites’ impunity # No More and until the rule of laws and democracy prevails.

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