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Reports of Mass Atrocities in Western Tigray



APRIL 8, 2022

The United States reiterates its grave concern over continuing reports of ethnically-motivated atrocities committed by Amhara authorities in western Tigray, Ethiopia, including those described in the recent joint report by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.  In particular, we are deeply troubled by the report’s finding that these acts amount to ethnic cleansing.

We note with the utmost alarm that thousands of Ethiopians of Tigrayan ethnicity reportedly continue to be detained arbitrarily in life-threatening conditions in western Tigray.  We urge the immediate release of any such remaining detainees and call on relevant authorities to grant international monitors access to all detention facilities. It remains our firm position that there must be credible investigations into and accountability for atrocities committed by any party to the conflict as part of any lasting solution to the crisis.  We urge the Government of Ethiopia to cooperate with the UN Commission of Experts on Human Rights in Ethiopia.

Continued reports of atrocities underscore the urgency of ending the military conflict.  We strongly support the declarations of a cessation of hostilities by the Government of Ethiopia and the Tigray regional authority and welcome the news that they have been followed by initial convoys of life-saving assistance.  In keeping with these declarations, we renew our call on all armed actors to renounce and end human rights abuses and violence against civilians.  The United States reiterates its call for all foreign forces to withdraw from Ethiopia as well as for the regional state authorities to remove their security forces from neighboring regions.

We continue to urge all parties to take necessary steps to ensure the cessation of hostilities, unhindered and sustained humanitarian access, transparent investigations into human rights abuses and violations by all actors, and a negotiated resolution to the conflict in Ethiopia.

2 thoughts on “Reports of Mass Atrocities in Western Tigray”

  1. Why is the Biden Administration adamantly choosing to support Amhara genocide in Northern Ethiopia?
    It is widely known that TPLF annexed the Amhara regions from Gondar and that TPLF committed crimes of ethnic cleansing before and after this annexation. Mass graves and a chain of underground prisons and caves where thousands of Welkait natives perished have been discovered.
    The Biden Administration has zoomed in this region for one specific purpose. It is so focused that it selectively sees only the “humanitarian need” of Tigray and humanitarian issues concerning what it insists on calling Western Tigray, annexed Gondar Amhara land.
    The Biden Administration has ignored the plight of the close to a million Amhara targeted for massacres, eviction and ethnic cleansing before the Tigray war, during the war and as a consequence of the war.
    This is not done out of love for the people of Tigray or the TPLF. For it is with the help of the US government that TPLF was kicked out of power. It is not due to the China-US geopolitical and economic scramble either. TPLF with its Communist China colors and its history of entanglement with the new Chinese inroad into Africa, is no better or worse than Abiy when it comes to a Chinese connection. Similarly, Abiy or TPLF
    However, all the Biden administration cares is for this liberated region to go back into TPLF occupation. Why? Just so TPLF gets a corridor to Sudan that it can then use to purchase US arms with the tens of billions of dollars that it looted and stashed overseas. If what the US wanted was a mere puppet, Abiy would be more than happy to oblige, I am sure. However, Abiy does have no liquid money to use to purchase arms from US intermediaries. TPLF does. That is the only difference!

    This pressure to put people back into slavery for greed only fits antebellum America: it should have no place in 21 century USA.

    What 21st Century USA should support is an Ethiopia where citizens could live anywhere with full rights, irrespective of their ethnic origin or religious persuasion.

  2. Subject: “Reports of Mass Atrocities in Western Tigray,” http://www.zehabesha.com, April 8, 2022

    Humble Opinion, 9 April 2022
    Quote: “ What 21st Century USA should support is an Ethiopia where citizens could live anywhere with full rights, irrespective of their ethnic origin or religious persuasion.” Unquote

    The above quote will not happen with the present “21st Century USA “. And only God knows what follows next. Full Stop.

    It is NOT the desire of Ethiopians that matters upon Ethiopian affairs — but upon the dictate of Good Old USA. THE END. Take it or leave it. It is the political fact of our present world. And let us be honest: which African country — i. e. African Leader —will challenge the Mightiest Force on Planet Earth? Just name ONE.

    Africa will keep on going haphazardly and African Scholars of the Highest Order will keep on writing fantastic scholarly Articles for the Internet, as well as for their own pleasure >>> never for the emancipation of AFRICANS >> because, to be honest, they simply can’t. It is just as dry as that !!! PROVE IT WRONG, PLEASE >>> for the benefit of our Black Africa. THE END

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