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Remembering the legends of an original Ethiopian art

By Eduardo Byrono

The true color of Art does never relay on copycat or imitating the work of others, it stays as original as it is to the last second of its existence. Artist Bezunesh Bekel and Tilhun Gessesa who are seen in the image sitting together in one fine moment were once the original Ethiopian artists until death ended their time.

I have written countless articles and posted the least viewed images of them, from their personal album. Since I have got so much to write and so many people to recognize, now it is hard for me to go back,not unless you are waiting for it in my coming book, God willing.

The irreplaceable golden voice dignified Artists will forever hold unforgettable place in Ethiopian original Art history.

Now the light has been turned off, the concert is over, the crowed has left and the Artists are no longer with us but it is because the memories they left behind is priceless , please join me in remembrance of the original Bezuyea and Gash Tilahun.

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