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Reinstate Maureen Achieng of UNIOM $ Dennia Gayle of UNFP Ethiopia

Buzy Ethi started this petition

According to media reports “The UN’s migration agency and The UN Population Fund have recalled their respective Country Representatives to Ethiopia citing “unauthorized interviews” in which both complained of being sidelined by UN higher-ups deference the UN shows toward Tigriyan rebels.

Instead of being rewarded for their candid observation on the UN’s biases towards the the insurrectionist Tigray People Liberation Front, these recalls are not limited to retaliate Maureen Ochieng & Dennia Gayle, but also is meant to scare and discourage others from coming forward to report UN’s wrongdoings.

The reinstatement of Maureen Ochieng & Dennia Gayle will encourages those in the fence to speak up against the ongoing disinformation campaign orchestrated towards Ethiopia and promote the culture of transparency within the UN and its agencies. Moreover, We should be mindful how these ladies broke every barrier to get education and reach where they are now. We should condemn such action that discourages African women from performing at the highest level of their abilities.

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  1. IT is shame to the UN to side with the terrorist group, TPLF and push the respected ladies for their support to truth & transparency. Shame to the UN Secretary general!!

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