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Kenyan President to Sit Down with Biden As White House Considers Ethiopia Sanctions

October 12, 2021

 Associated Press

President Joe Biden is weighing sanctions against Ethiopia as the nation is embroiled in a war with the Tigray as the leader of neighboring Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta is scheduled to visit the White House.

Kenyatta, who is currently serving as the president of the United Nations Security Council, will meet with Biden on Thursday. Ahead of their discussions, the president told reporters that he hopes to find a “political solution” with Biden about Ethiopia as Kenya does not “believe that there is any military solution” to the 11-month-old war.

The meeting between the two is the first in-person gathering Biden has held with the president of an African nation since taking office in January.

Biden signed an executive order weeks ago which threatened to levy sanctions against Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad if attempts to end the war were not taken soon. Since the executive order, Ethiopia has launched a major military offensive against Tigray in an attempt to end the war.

The United States and Kenya have a history of strong partnerships, as both worked together to combat Islamic terrorism.

Despite Ethiopia’s devastating starvation crisis, the government is rejecting international “meddling,” but the United Nations continues to voice its concern for the hundreds of thousands who are living in starvation as the conflict continues.

According to Reuters, over 350,000 metric tons of food aid is currently in Ethiopia but nearly all of it has been barred from reaching the Tigray region.



  1. Associate Press Get your story right…. do you even have a clue on what you are reporting? Why is it that the WESTERN WORLD now all of the sudden care about Ethiopia, when in fact Ethiopia has finally found a leader it deserves after 30 years of ” Divide and Conquer ruler ” . Why, now, because we have a Leader that can change not only Ethiopia but the entire world by showing how God’s Power rule over Man-made power.

  2. Why does the white house bother about the internal affairs of Ethiopia? Why does it bother badly when the Junta seem retreating ? This is nonsense.World, specially Africa and the rest of developing nations should jointly say “Stop interfering in any sovereign country’s internal affair, be it poor or very poor”

  3. Tell sleepy Joe to just worry about USA internal problem and leave Ethiopia alone. Ethiopia is trying to clean a terrorist organization TPLF that is cancer to Ethiopia and HoA! Ethiopia will not negotiate with a terrorist organization TPLF as USA would not negotiate with other terrorist groups. Ethiopia is a sovereign country and an ally to America. Who you so worried about only Tigray people what about the rest???

  4. Sleepy Joe needs some education about the nature of the terrorist TPLF group and what they have done to the country in the last 30 years.. Ethiopia now has a popular leader with democratically elected government. Ethiopians know that the US is trying to bring back Susan’s baby (terrorist TPLF) to power against the interest of 110 million people. Do us a favor, leave Ethiopia alone!!!!!.

  5. Unless Kenyatta agrees to play Biden’s dirty game on Ethiopia and release a presidential statement as chairperson of the UNSC for the month of October, Biden definitely shall threaten Kenyatta on the latest scandal that Kenyatta is rumored to have stashed millions of dollars in an offshore account. Kenyatta should have the backbone to resist the intense pressure from the pack of wild dogs in the Whitehouse.

    Ethiopians have their own currencies called self-respect, dignity and freedom and these currencies are not for sale with the western currencies of dollar, pound and Euro. They are given to us from our God and they have been passed to us from our forefathers and mothers so we can preserve and pass them to our children and grand children. We know the lowest level of poverty and we prefer to suffer from poverty than to bow for the merciless greedy western powers.

  6. QUOTE: ” We know the lowest level of poverty and we prefer to suffer from poverty than to bow for the merciless greedy western powers.” UNQUOTE by Woredewold Ferede <<< what an insightful name !!!!!

    Fantastic!!!! You said it all. It represents the feelings of billions of arrested tongues behind tight lips. Colonialism made us our own enemy, with hopeless attempt to imitate our enemy, using deceptive education — too long and too late to narrate. THE END (in the TRUE sense of the word).

  7. I hope Brother President Uhuru will join the effort of others who try to drag Debre and Abiy to a negotiated deal in earnest and bring this senseless bloodshed to an abrupt end. At the end of the day nobody else is losing his/her life but brothers and sisters of the same black families. If these two keep thumbing their noses at the blessed effort of the African Union and other groups for peaceful resolution of the bloody conflict I would like to see the strongest sanctions meted on them only. But the sanction should not include banning Ethiopia from AGOA because that only harms the innocent civilians who eke out a subsistence livelihood working at those factories. There are hundreds of thousand workers whose earning at those factories is the only means to feed their families. Shuttered factories means loss of human lives since there is no such thing as safety net.

  8. Really amazing that such big country leader Biden doing very tiny things doing on the ground. The world communities have to have clear picture of what these US and affiliates doing. It is surprising that they are supported one terrorist & rebellion group, TPLF. Why didn’t bother when they made unfair war aggression on Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries in which at the end of the day the countries lost many things and lost their sovereignty?

    The UN & EU member countries have to make a quick push on restructuring of their organizations and their charters as they repeatedly violated the governing laws by these stupid countries. They have to call for immediate meeting for their wrong actions, impositions and sanctions they are doing, it is unfair to see these on this 21 century

    What about also AU doing right now????? why they make silly and not functional themselves under the umbrella of this player countries??? They have to investigate what they are doing though it has been re-called for Pan–African many decays before. So now what about this organization????????????
    There is a drama in this world which is acted by some bullshit players.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!!

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