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Rebels burned down TPLF businesses in northern Ethiopia

(Ethiopian Review) Fighters from the Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF) have burned down 1 hotel and over 20 stores in the northern Ethiopian border town of Metemma last week, according the group’s spokesperson. The report has been independently verified from local witnesses.

The attack, which occurred last Wednesday night, primarily targeted Khartoum Hotel, a gathering place for Woyanne security personnel and businessmen in the area. The owner of Khartoum Hotel, Wzr. Tsehai, herself is a longtime member of TPLF.

A large merchandise store next to Kharthoum Hotel was also burned to the ground. The store was owned by another TPLF member named Haddish Berhane who is currently TPLF head of security in the “Amhara Kilil.”

It’s reported that in June 2011, the same group burned down 11 stores in Gondar that are owned by ruling party members.

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