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Proud Ethiopia Slides into Ethnic-elite Plutocracy and Oligarchy


Under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali’s Prosperity Gospel, the socioeconomic reality on the ground is bleaker today than it was when Abiy took power.

  1. Close to 31 million Ethiopians suffer from hunger; one millipon of these face starvation.
  2. More than five million Ethiopians are internally dispalced, one of the largest in the world.
  3. A repeat of the 1984 Great Famine is on the horizon, with drought induced starvation in the Amhara region affecting one million lives.
  4. Bribery, corruption and nepotism are widespread, eclipsing similar indices under the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.
  5. Abiy’s system is a blend of plutocracy, that is, a society ruled by a few people of ill-gained  wealth and political power ; and oligarcy, that is, a power structure in which power resides in a self-selected few ethnic elites. The Prosperity Gospel in Ethiopia enriches the few and traps the majority of the population into a cycle of poverty and destitution.

What is the solution?

Peace, human security and political stability and an accountable government free of tribalism, nepotism, bribery, corruption and exclusivism supported by people-centered and integrated development will do wonders for Ethiopia.

The best illustrative example of a poor, aid depedent and food insecure country that has transfored itself for the better over the past three decades is Bangladesh. Today, Bangladesh is a rising star in development. Its GDP is projected to become 34th in the world by 2030 and 25th by 2035.

Instead of boosting productivity, food self-sufficiency and employment generation for at least 2 million young people per year, Prime Minister Abiy is squandering $15 billlion in luxury projects includinng palaces that only elites and wealthy foreign tourists can enjoy. I urge you to watch the below video and assess the siuation for yourself.

Dr. Aklog Birara


1 thought on “Proud Ethiopia Slides into Ethnic-elite Plutocracy and Oligarchy”

  1. Repeat!!!

    Mengistu used to test his new military hardware on our Eritrean brothers and sisters in the 1970’s and 80’s that led to the hardening of their desire to secede. What I hear now is the current government using the latest lethal weapon of death and destruction killing innocent civilians in the process. I have to be very apprehensive here when I call out the regime side in my complaints here. By any means, it does not mean to justify the banditry both in Western Wallagaa and Amhara regions. In both regions there is no compelling issue to raise arms. None! Those few here among us and there in the old country who have been scheming and dreaming to yank away a territory to create their personal fiefdom called ‘The Republic of Oromia’, such dumb dream will remain just as such hovering the skies of La La Land in some far away galaxy. Those who also dream to whip up a new Ethiopia based on their warped ambition is gonna remain another unfulfilled dream till the cows come home, which means fat chance.

    Dear level head countrymen and women everywhere!

    Those upright people who produced us all have been denied to live in peace and stability since 1974. They have been victimized by despotic rulers in cities and towns and armed bullies in the countryside. When we all think the end to their predicament is at hand, it has always been déjà vu, back to being abused by bullies and despots. It is now the time to come out in unison and pressure both the government and those aimlessly wandering in the bushes to come to the round table and sort things out to deliver peace and stability to innocent civilians. That Amhara individual victimized in these stupid conflicts is the brother and sister of all of us. That Oromo individual who is being victimized by bullies and despots is the brother and sister of all of us. This carnage can not just go on!!!

    I repeat! The Republic of Oromia dreamt by connivers and hooligans will never come to fruition. On the other hand to recreate a new Ethiopia ala the bloodthirsty and mass murderers Tedros and John IV ain’t gonna happen either. You can stand the upright and harmonious people of that country at the gates of hell, but it will not happen. You hear me? It shall never happen! Never, never, never!!! I gave up!!!

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