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Prosperity Party League Urges Youth to Join Struggle for Existence of Ethiopia

The youth should understand the objective realities in Ethiopia and internationally and join the struggle for the existence of the country, according to the Prosperity Party Youth League.

Tigrayan youth must also shun the conspiracy of the terrorist group and work to save Ethiopia, it added.

Briefing the media today, Prosperity Party Youth League Head Aklilu Tadesse said the terrorist TPLF had prevented the Ethiopian youth from having a common vision during its three-decade rule.

Moreover, the terrorist group TPLF committed a treasonous act by attacking the National Defense Force, he recalled.

Citing that the Ethiopian youth across the country have been fighting the continued terrorist act of the group, the head said the youth have to join hands to counter the existential threat by understanding the reality in the country and internationally.

In addition, the youth have to protect themselves from the propaganda spread by the terrorist group and also make other aware of the misinformation.

According to Aklilu, the youth have to contribute their share by understanding that a proxy war has been waged on Ethiopia.

At the same time, the youth should be vigilant in maintaining peace in their areas by exposing the terrorists, he stated.

Aklilu finally urged the Tigray youth to dissociate themselves from the terrorist group and join the fight against the evil deeds of TPLF.


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