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Prosperity Party League Urges Youth to Join Struggle for Existence of Ethiopia

white houseThe youth should understand the objective realities in Ethiopia and internationally and join the struggle for the existence of the country, according to the Prosperity Party Youth League.

Tigrayan youth must also shun the conspiracy of the terrorist group and work to save Ethiopia, it added.

Briefing the media today, Prosperity Party Youth League Head Aklilu Tadesse said the terrorist TPLF had prevented the Ethiopian youth from having a common vision during its three-decade rule.

Moreover, the terrorist group TPLF committed a treasonous act by attacking the National Defense Force, he recalled.

Citing that the Ethiopian youth across the country have been fighting the continued terrorist act of the group, the head said the youth have to join hands to counter the existential threat by understanding the reality in the country and internationally.

In addition, the youth have to protect themselves from the propaganda spread by the terrorist group and also make other aware of the misinformation.

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According to Aklilu, the youth have to contribute their share by understanding that a proxy war has been waged on Ethiopia.

At the same time, the youth should be vigilant in maintaining peace in their areas by exposing the terrorists, he stated.

Aklilu finally urged the Tigray youth to dissociate themselves from the terrorist group and join the fight against the evil deeds of TPLF.



  1. The war against criminal anti ethiopia TPLF should be an extremely urgent matter. The ethio government should learn some lessons from allied forces led by US’s approach against Hitler during world war II. For starters all hands should be on deck and ethio government forces should plan a D-DAY type attack against criminal anti ethiopia TPLF. It is high time to ask all abled bodies to join the ethio military. However, i will go further and recommend institution of draft ASAP. Draft is a mandatory enlistment of able bodies citizens of a country to military services. Attack against TPLF ought to be a three prong attack, military, economic and education.
    1. Military
    As above plus seek the help of neighboring countries. Good candidates are eritrea, somalia and sudan. TPLF is responsible for the death of thousands of innocent eritrean and sudanese and perhaps millions of somalians. On the order of US and other world powers TPLF invaded somalia in 2006 to prevent a long overdue fair and square election and install a puppet government. Since the installment of puppet government millions of somalia people have lost their lives and suffered tremendously. Again on the order of US and other powerful nations TPLF worked day and night to divide sudan into two countries, South and North sudan. Since then thousands of sudanese in south and north sudan have died and suffered tremendously upto present time. TPLF and their soldiers made billions of dollars by guarding the south and north sudan border. Most ethiopians know about TPLF’s crime against eritrean people. One heinous crime not know by most ethiopians is the crime against the eritrean refugee in tigray. Thousands of TPLF members and their families were stealing the identity of eritrean refugees to immigrate to USA. They claim they are the refugee, take the names of the refugees and immigrate to USA while the real refugees stay in refugee camp for decades.
    2. Economic
    TPLF gets billions of dollar from TPLF supporters in US and Europe. Significant percentage of those TPLF donors have investment in ethiopia especially in addis. Thousands of them own a rental property especially in Addis. Ethio gov should take away those rental properties and give it to patriotic ethiopians. Ethio gov should start asking ethiopians who live in US, europe and diaspora to donate as much money as possible in order to fight TPLF’s effort to divide and disintegrate ethiopia and to unite ethiopia. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL
    3. Education
    Ethiopians especially people of Tigray origin should be be educated about the true identity of TPLF members. All of them are atheist, anti christianity and Islam. They hate Menelik and Haile Selassie. Both kings have lots of faults but had also done very great things especially when it comes to creation and unity of ethiopia. both prevented ethio colonization. There history must be discussed.

  2. TPLF had done enormous and countless things to Ethiopia and helped citizens to borrow money and change their life styles . Menilike and haileslissie killed countless Oromos , robbed their cattles, horses and their land. OLA and TDF done many things within 9 months than Minilik and Hailesillasse. Donot manipulate religion for your propaganda.

    AFar, Agew, Tigraway and Oromo will not let you to ascend to the throne . you donot exist as ruling tribe anymore.

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