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 Yonas Biru (PhD)

There are three elements to war: Military Power, Public Relations and Social Psychology. Neither winning the current war nor destroying the enemy can bring peace to Ethiopia.

One of the most colossal mistakes that the Abiy administration committed in the war was entering Mekele in 2020. Why was it a mistake? It changed the social psychology of the people of Tigray. TPLF was a dying force, the mistake gave it a second chance in life.

The second mistake was our poor (correction utterly stupid) public relations. Where it matters most, the West was on the Ethiopian government’s side, but we insisted it was against Ethiopia and unleashed the #NoMore street “Assiyo Bieliema and Abebayehoy Lemlem” Cacophony with the LemuTu Bandira and all.

Has it occurred to you that every time TPLF is being pounded and hammered by the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces, the West is relatively quiet? This was the case in November and the first half of December 2020. This is the case now.

The West becomes vocal and pressures Ethiopia to reach a peaceful settlement only when TPLF is advancing. The only time the US threatened to send its troops to Ethiopia was when TPLF was winning and marching towards Addis. The US was ready to send its troops to stop the TPLF from taking over Addis, not to help it take over Addis.

Ask yourself this: Why is the US not threatening to send its troops when Ethiopian and Eritrean forces march towards Mekele? This was the case in 2020. This is the case now. The #NoMore community has no answer to such questions.

My proposal is based on three assumptions

First, the current war has proven that the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) has a permanent upper hand and TPLF is depleted. TPLF’s military superiority exists in their mind, not in reality. My proposal follows.

Second, winning the social psychology of the people of Tigray is as important as winning the war to achieve a permanent peace.

Third, Permanent peace can only come if Ethiopia wins on three fronts: the war, public relations and social psychology.

Only when Ethiopia wins the war and the people of Tigray deliver the last blow in the form of free and fair election will the TPLF be gone forever. That requires a strong military and a robust PR.

Here is my proposal:

  1. Encircle Mekele with no route for escape
  2. Provide Humanitarian Aid to the People Outside of Mekele and do everything to dispel their fear.
  3. Do not appoint administrators. Instead, give the people a chance to pick their administrators.
  4. Provide TPLF leaders safe passage to exile to a safe haven with the following conditions: (a) The safe haven will not be a border nation; (b) agree not to leave the safe haven for 5 years; (c) agree not to be involved in Ethiopian and Eritrean politics during the five-year period; (d) agree to be extradited to Ethiopia if they violate any of the above three conditions. These are utterly worn-out old men and women. Let them live the rest of their lives in exile. They are not worth undermining the peace process to satisfy our urge to make them pay for the atrocities they committed.
  5. Agree to offer TPLF fighters who are not involved in crime against humanity and war crimes blanket amnesty
  6. Do not dismantle TPLF as a party, and do not remove TPLF members from the Tigrayan bureaucracy. Allow Tigrayans to do it. They know they have suffered under TPLF. If given the opportunity to elect their leaders without fear or threat, they will choose new leaders. If they still choose TPLF, let it be their choice.

 Yonas Biru


  1. Good article. I Want to comment on your proposal

    Here Is My Proposal:

    1. Encircle Mekele With No Route For Escape

    I will encircle the whole Tigray with no route for Escape

    2. Provide Humanitarian Aid To The People Outside Of Mekele And Do Everything To Dispel Their Fear.

    3. Do Not Appoint Administrators. Instead, Give The People A Chance To Pick Their Administrators.

    Ethiopian central government must administer Tigray for minimum of 3 year. 99.9% of properties and businesses in Tigray are owned by TPLF members and their elite supporters who reside outside of Tigray. Over 95% of them are in USA and our europe and the rest in Addis. All those properties and businesses should be taken away from tPLF members and their supporters and distributed among every day tigray people. During those three year tigray will be rebuilt, tPLF leaders and their supporter will be hunted down and jailed, TPLF influence on tigray people will be destroyed, 110% tPLF owned properties, Businesses and wealth will be given to tigray people and at the end of three year a free and fair election will take place in Tigray.

    4. Provide TPLF Leaders Safe Passage To Exile To A Safe Haven With The Following Conditions: (A) The Safe Haven Will Not Be A Border Nation; (B) Agree Not To Leave The Safe Haven For 5 Years; (C) Agree Not To Be Involved In Ethiopian And Eritrean Politics During The Five-Year Period; (D) Agree To Be Extradited To Ethiopia If They Violate Any Of The Above Three Conditions. These Are Utterly Worn-Out Old Men And Women. Let Them Live The Rest Of Their Lives In Exile. They Are Not Worth Undermining The Peace Process To Satisfy Our Urge To Make Them Pay For The Atrocities They Committed.

    No safe passage for tPLF leaders and elite supporters. unfortunately, 99.9 percent of TPLF leaders, elite supporters and their kids and family members are not in tigray but in USA and europe living a very comfortable life. they are cyber warriors and crooks. They pretend to the world that they are in tigray fighting for the interest of tigray people whereas in reality the fighters are every day tigray people who were told by tPLF 24/7 That the ethiopian and eritreans forces wants to kill every tigray resident, Completely destroy tigray and give tigray land to amhara and eritrean people.

    5. Agree To Offer TPLF Fighters Who Are Not Involved In Crime Against Humanity And War Crimes Blanket Amnesty

    like I said above the overwhelming majority of fighters in tigray are everyday tigray people who are duped, tricked by TPLF leader and their elite supporters who are living a comfortable and safe life in USA and europe. the family members of TPLF leaders and elite supports who are still in ethiopia spend 24 hour of their time hitting the usa and europe embassy to get out of ethiopia. some of them using fake ID and identify.

    6. Do Not Dismantle TPLF As A Party, And Do Not Remove TPLF Members From The Tigrayan Bureaucracy. Allow Tigrayans To Do It. They Know They Have Suffered Under TPLF. If Given The Opportunity To Elect Their Leaders Without Fear Or Threat, They Will Choose New Leaders. If They Still Choose TPLF, Let It Be Their Choice.

    completely dismantle TPLF and send it to dustbin of history forever and jail all tPLF members and their supporters for life. Hunt them down until all of them are caught even if it takes 100 years.

  2. The TPLF is a fascist political force and it should be dismantled and its leaders should face justice. It has committed atrocities and is continuing to commit the same crimes. Dismantling it will be the most effective way of depleting its fighting forces (cannon fodder). Undoing fascism in Tigray is a long term task and requires a multi-faceted approach.

  3. ጌትነት ስለሺ

    This Is the Poorest Article To Come From Dr Yonas. Yonas Seems To Be One Of Those People Who always See The US On The Side Of Ethiopia. The US Is On The Side Of Ethiopia Only When There Is A Government In Ethiopia Willing To Obey To Them Or When There Is የነሱ ጉዳይ ፈጻሚ መንግስት ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ. This Is What Yonas Said: “The West Becomes Vocal And Pressures Ethiopia To Reach A Peaceful Settlement Only When TPLF Is Advancing”. As A Person Who Lives In Ethiopia, In Fact, The West Does Directly The Opposite To What Yonas Siad. The West Becomes Vocal And Pressures Ethiopia To Reach A Peaceful Settlement Only When TPLF Is Pounded. I Remember, The Entire West And Its Media Telling Their Citizens To Leave Addis When The TPLF Was Advancing To Addis. We All Remember, CNN Saying The TPLF Forces Are In The Outskirts Of Addis. Dr Yonas, You Have Too Much West, Especially Too Much America In You To The Extent That You Can’t Even See Their Bad Side. The West Badly Wanted PM Abiy To Go, And It Has Never Been On The Side Of The Ethiopian Government In The War Against The TPLF. Don’t Forget That Its The US Who Said; The Federal Forces Must Withdraw From Western Tigray, And This Is The Government That You Said Is On The Side Of Ethiopia. Ps Think Again

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