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Prominent Figures Murdered by Abiy Ahmed’s Kore Negegna

Ethiopia Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed is a killer Genocider ----
Ethiopia Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed is a killer Genocider —-

Peaceful individuals belonging to the Amhara ethnic group in Addis Ababa have been victims of genocide in various locations such as Wolega, Shashemene, Harar, and Arsi.  Members of the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), Balderas, and various other political factions. as well as individuals from the Tigray and Amhara ethnic groups residing in Addis Ababa, have been unlawfully detained in concentration camps, subjected to torture, and terrorized without due process.

The aforementioned murders were carried out by an unofficial covert assassination group established by Abiy Ahmed. They have made this known through Reuters media as a means to reach the International Community and provide evidence. It is undeniable that these perpetrators will face prosecution in the international criminal court. The international community is actively working towards creating circumstances that will ensure Abiy Ahmed and his associates are held responsible.

Victims Murdered by Abiy Ahmed’s Direct Orders

  1. Engineer Simegnew Bekele
  2. General Assamenu Tsege
  3. Dr. Ambachew Mekonen
  4. General Seare Mekonen
  5. General Ghazai Abera
  6. Ato Mezgebu Kebede
  7. Mr. Eziz Wasie
  8. Artist Hatchalu Hundesa
  9. Artist Madingo Afework
  10. Artist Teddy Brown
  11. Mr. Girma Yeshitila

2 thoughts on “Prominent Figures Murdered by Abiy Ahmed’s Kore Negegna”

  1. You know what? I just discovered a video of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and when I looked through it all, I spotted a man pointing a gun and shooting at the president’s limousine. That man was clearly PM Abiy. Also, PM Abiy was the one who killed Robert Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Olympe de Gouge, Elijah Lovejoy, Medgar Evers, President Abraham Lincoln and so many others. PM Abiy’s rap sheet is long that I could not find enough paper to print. He even tried to shoot and kill me but I ducked and dodged every bullet from his AK-47. I’m gonna report him to the ICC and the Nobel Prize folks. He is even the one who killed the late Emperor Haile Selassie. Ooooh, I almost forgot this. Abiy was the one who stabbed Julius Caesar to death on March 15, 44 BC.

    1. Imagine living in the west, open access to all opportunities… and you end up a passive aggressive, inferiority ridden flesh on bone with nothing but frothing excitement for all the gruesome natzi level GENOCIDE being committed by oromo extremists (leader abiy Ahmed) .

      Justice will be served

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