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Prime Minister (PM) Haile Mariam Desalegn: Wags more bark less

September 14, 2013

By Ewnetu Sime

It has been one year since PM Haile Mariam Desalegn emerges from EPDRF shady collation as new Prime Minister of the country. His administration has not shown any significant improvement and demonstrates a lack of vision on his part. Some hoped a change of individual on this key position may move the country to right direction where the citizens enjoy freedom. Some argue that he may has the best interests at heart but he is surrounded by ethno-centric TPLF lunatics, preventing him to effect change. Does PM Haile Mariam stand for any solid fundamental principles of people’s rights? Is he with majority of Ethiopia people wish to have democracy, social justice, etc.? Is he ready to have different legacy than what is being by created by dictator Meles? Is he an ethno-centric TPLF’s party loyal or want to be champions of freedom? Can he provide full-fledged democracy to all Ethiopians?  Can he bring to justice those involved in corruption that swirling around members of TPLF’s leaders, army Generals and their families as well as their cronies?

In my observation he continues not to be standing upon any solid fundamental principles of people rights, but continues to be a deceiving leader. His legacy is to remain play a major role for TPLF’s tyrannical power structures. In fact, he chose to wag his tail more for ethno-centric TPLF’s party ideology and bark less for people’s rights. The high ranking party officials continue to generate incomes through bribery and extortion even as so called Federal Ethic anti-Corruption Commission taking steps to prosecute some individuals associated in this ongoing corruption. It might be a clever way to go after the little fish just to give illusion to general publics. Unfortunately, the most known culprits of corruption that are woven with leadership are still remained untouched. Since the commission members are appointed by the TPLF’s leadership, it is unlikely they will be independent body. Based on realities of political life in the country, TPLF won’t allow investigating their own corruption crimes and its beneficiaries. The Commission would try to sweep all the concrete evidences of corruption under the rug. In reality, it is a country where high officials or judges are chosen and dismissed at the ethno-centric TPLF’s leaders will. Their governing system has not functioned in checks and balances. The ethno-centric TPLF’s leaders still have supreme authority over all affairs of the country. It comes to no surprise that the PM, as describe by some observers, is simply an “auto pilot” or waging his tail more for TPLF’s tyrannical leaders.

The past twenty plus years, the international agency such as UNDP confirm that billions of dollars of scarce foreign exchange is stolen from Ethiopian society each year. It is well known fact the regime forcibly evicting farmers to make way for private foreign investors with lucrative deals in secret from entire public.  A single party controlled the country’s economy through endowments enterprises such as EFFORT, GUNA etc… The regime detained journalists, legally established opposition leaders, human rights activist, closed down independent new papers, blocked access to the internet and so on. He continued these highly repressive policy to date.  It is evident that PM Haile Mariam Desalegn is totally a subservient to the TPLF’s leaders and incapable of providing any political reforms for our citizens.  It is also evident the corruption by regime reached eye-popping proportions.

You may reference for details to systematic corruption and ethnic cleansing to Dr. Aklog Birra’s seminal work on land grab, The Great Land Giveaway (2011), and new Amharic book entitled “DERJETAWE MEZEBRA” (2013).

There has been much speculation about the newer opposing groups namely Semayawi Party that has openly exhibited distaste of the status quo by peaceful demonstration might prevail. Sadly, on August 31, 2013 they were attacked, beaten up and their office was ransacked.  The other opposing parties such as Andent, MEDRK also has shown their dissatisfaction against the regime in similar manner. These sporadic movements will lead to restlessness and will become the principal instrument to spark a social uprising for regime change. As stated in past several articles and posted on several free media, we can come together under the banner of freedom and take action, beginning with ourselves to help the grassroots movement in any means we can.  The alternative is not an option. Ethiopia will prevail!!

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