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The Oromo Liberation Front (United OLF) executive committee held an extraordinary meeting on May 27, 2018. In this meeting, the committee conducted an extensive discussion on the current pace of the Oromo people’s struggle, the current political climate in Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa at large, and the extra ordinary opportunity for a cohesive path forward. The committee especially discussed the presently unfolding political developments which have been afforded us by the determination, fearless struggle, and sacrifices paid by the Oromo People, along with other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. We wholeheartedly acknowledge and credit the people of Ethiopia with forcing and shaping the current landscape in Ethiopia. We are indebted to the sacrifices of Qeerroo and all those resisted and fought oppression with their very lives and paid the ultimate price.

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The objective goal of our organization’s struggle is to enable the Oromo people to decide their own fate. To afford to them their god given right to have a say in their own affairs and to be the master of their destiny. We have struggled and aspired to secure sovereignty over our own affairs which include the ability to be governed by the Gada System or a new truly democratic alliance with other peoples in Ethiopia. This would be manifested if the Oromo people could freely decide to either establish its own sovereign state or live with different peoples in Ethiopia under the principles of equality, freedom, and justice under the rule of law.

The current wind of change blowing in Ethiopia is not a gift from the government in power. It is a result of immeasurable sacrifices paid by the Oromo qeerroo and other people in Ethiopia for freedom, justice, and democracy. As such, we have a morale and national responsibility to bring to fruition the very result that these youth, men and women of all ages aspired and sacrificed for. We have a responsibility to respond to the call of time and history and do our part in paving a better path forward.

We would also like to recognize and acknowledge the decisive role that many Oromo nationalities within Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) led by Team Lamma played in shaping the current political climate in Ethiopia. We salute Team Lamma for siding with the genuine struggle of our people and for doing their part in ushering in a progressive new era to Ethiopian politics. Though the people’s struggle is not yet achieved as a whole, the benefits gained so far should be appreciated and encouraged from all corners until final victory is achieved. We can only achieve that much coveted final victory by working with all stakeholders. We recall that the Oromiya Regional Government has repetitively extended reconciliation calls to all Oromo Opposition Organizations. Similarly, the Federal Government led by the New Prime
Minister, Dr. Abiyi Ahmed has extended all-inclusive calls to all oppositions groups in the hopes of creating true and genuine democracy in the Country.

Therefore, in consideration of the changes that have been taking place in Ethiopia, the OLF Executive Committee has passed the following decision.

1. To bring genuine freedom and democracy in Ethiopia, all-inclusive political dialogue is necessary and crucial to initiate national consensus in the country. To achieve that inclusive political dialogue in Ethiopia, we accept the call made by the government of Ethiopia, and to participate in inclusive political dialogue that includes all concerned groups in that country.
2. In regards to the agenda, we believe it is a matter that should be raised once the discussion starts.
3. For our organization to participate in the negotiation , the Ethiopian government must: (A) Lift State of Emergency that stifles diverse political opinions in the country;
(B) Repeal the anti-terrorism law that stifles human rights and constitutionally guaranteed rights of citizen and
branded different political and civil organizations including our organization as a terrorist organization; and
(C) Release or disclose the whereabouts or conditions of all political prisoners in general and thousands members of the Oromo Liberation Front including its top commanders who have been detained by the Ethiopian government since 1991 up to now in known and unknown places should be released immediately without any pre-conditions.

On the basis that these conditions are all met, the Oromo Liberation Front (United OLF) is ready to participate in an all- inclusive political dialogue that can empower the Oromo people in all capacities commensurate to their social, political, and economic significance to the survival of the Ethiopian State.

Victory to the Oromo People OLF Executive Committee May 30, 2018


Koreen Hojii raawwachiiftuu ABO(ABO-T) guyyaa gaafa Caamsaa 27-2018 walgahii atatamaa taasifateen haala yeroo irratti mar’atee jira. Haaluma kanaan adeemsa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo, haala gaanfa Afrikaa fi jijjirama addunyaa xiinxalee jira. Maree fi qorannoo addaa addaa taasifachuun guddina qabsoo Oromoo fi jijjirama siyaasaa biyya Itiyoophiyaa keessatti shaffisaan dhufaa jiru ilaalee jira. Kanuma irraa ka’uudhaan tarsiimoo fi toftaan qabsoo egeree jaarmiyaa keenyaaf ta’uu qabu ilaalamee, murteen kennameen jira.

Hundeen akeeka qabsoo keenyaa Mirga Hiree Murteeffannaa Ummata Oromoo guututti fiixa baasuu fi abbaa biyyummaa Oromoo mirkaneessuun sirna Gadaa ykn dimokiraasii waaraa gadi dhaabuu taha. Kuniis, kan mirkanaawu murtii bilisa Ummata Oromootiin mootummaa walaba Oromiyaa ijaarratuu, ykn tokkummaa siyaasaa haaraya fedhii, walqixummaa, kabajaa dantaa gama hundaa fi deemokraasummaa irratti hundaawe sabaa fi saboota Itiyoophiyaa wajjiin dhaabbachuu taha.

Imaamata keenya kana irraa ka’uudhaan Tarsimoo fi toftaa qabsoof malan akeekee jira. Imaamata jaarmiyaa keenyaa galmaan ga’uuf jijjirama siyaasaa naannoo fi Itiyoophiyaa keessatti muldhachaa jiru ka’umsa kan taasifate, kallattii qabsoo akeekee jira.

Gama biraan jijjirama qabsaawonni qaqaaliin haarasaa wal irraa hin cinne kaffalanii, jijjiramni hunde qabeessa Oromoon barbaadu yoo dhufuu baates, firii qabsoo bilisummaa muldhachuu jalqabee jira. Jijjirama siyaasaa Itiyoophiyaa keessatti muldhachuu jalqabeef ummata cunqurfamaa Itiyoophiyaa hunda galateeffachaa addatti ammoo ilamaan oromiyaa qeerroon jijjirama muldhachuu jalqabeef adda duree taatanii saba keenyatti ulfinaa horuu keessanii fi fakkeenya qabsoo ilmaan cunqurfamaa hundaaf waan tattaniif galataa fi kabajaa addaa isiniif galchina. Dhaammanni abbootii keenyaa dhaloota mirage isaatiif falmatu waanta horateef gammachuu roga hundaa ti.

Gama biraatin jijjirama mooraa diinaa keessatti dhalateef ilmaan Oromoo sabboonummaa fi aantummaa ummataa qabaan OPDO keessatti qabsoo gochaa turtan addatti Team Lammaaf galata qabna. Jijjirama hundee Oromoon barbaadu ta’uu baatus bara dheeraaf ilmaan Oromoo mooraa gidirsaa wayyaanee keessatti rakkachaa turan amma tokko hiikuu keessanii fi kan hojiin ilaalamu ta’uus, waadan isin qeerroof galtan kan jajjabeeffamuu qabuu dha.

Koreen hojii raawwachiiftuu ABO-T haaluma jijjirama siyaasaa xixiqqaan qabsoo sabaatiin muldhachaa jiru sababa godhachuun, murtii armaan gadii dabarsee jira.

1. Bilisummaa fi dimokraasii dhugaa hunde qabseessa Itiyoophiyaa keessatti fiduuf alduree tokko malee mareen siyaasaa barbaachisaadha jedhee amana. Haaluma kanaan waamicha muummeen Ministeeraa Itiyoophiyaa Dr. Abiyyi Ahmad jaarmiyaa siyaasaa biyya saniif taasisan fudhachuudhaan akka jaarmiyaatti mareef qophii ta’uu keenya ibsina.
2. Ajandaaleen marii fi bifa qabsoo kan ilaalu eega mareen jalqabamee booda ajandaa waloon hutubnuun kan
ilaalamu ta’uu qaba.
3. Dhaabinni keenna marii irratti hirmaatuuf, mootummaan Itiyoophiyaa :
(A)Labsiin yeroo hatatamaa seeraan ala labsame mare siyaasaa fi sochii ummataaf danqaa waan ta’eef ka’uu
qaba jenna.
(B) Mootummaa Itiyoopiyaa, “Seera shororkessaa “ ka jaarmiyoolee siyaasaa fi civiik ta’aan irratti dhaaba keenna ABO dabaltee labsee akka haqu jenna.
(C) Maqaa ABOn ilmaan Oromoo bara 1991 kaasee mana hidhaa keessatti rakkachaa
jiran alduree tokko malee gadhiisuudhan akka qaama walii galtee biyyoolessaa keessatti gahee fudhatan taasisuu qaba jenna.

4. Waamicha muummeen ministeeraa Dr Abiyyii Ahmad jaarmiyaalee siyaasaaf taasisan bifa ifa ta’een kan ummati beeku qaamni raawwachiisu itti tolfamuu qaba jenna.

Kana irraa ka’uudhaan jaarmiyaan keenya ABO-T waltajjii kamuu keessatti qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo galmaan ga’uuf qophii ta’uu ibsa. Carraa qabsoon dhalchite , kamittuu fayyadamuudhaan mirga abbbaa biyyummaa Oromoo dhugoomsuun ni danda’ama.

Injfannoon ummata Oromoof. KHR ABO-T.
Caamsaa 30/2018



  1. Let us get out of the confusion of the usage of the name “OLF” by different factions,

    Which OLF group resolved to go back home, namely the:

    1. Daud Ibssaa group?
    2, Gallaassa Dilbo group?
    3, General Kamaal Galchuu group?
    4. Dr. Nuro Dadafoo group?

  2. The leaders of this groups who are now scavenging at the dumpsites in Asmara and Al-Qahirah will not flinch from their dead set objective which is to yank away my Oromos and their domiciles as their personal fiefdom. Their current outfit OLF has been a money generator they have been lining their pockets with. Firew Ibsa(With his Arabized name Dawud now) and his cabals will have a lot to lose both financially and ‘prestige’ wise to change their ways now or until the hell freeze which means fat chance. Also they have put themselves in a perfect hostage situation with Al-Toweel. He will throw them under the bus one by one. And why go to work at the real job where they can go around panhandling in the name of the Proud Oromos? Al-Toweel will not be left alone. If he sees any indication that Ibsa and his friends are contemplating going back to the old country so they can enjoy their retirement years with their panhandled money, he will make a good work with them. They are his lifeline as his personal bodyguards and cash cows considering el-Sisi.

  3. You Morons-stop using the name of Oromos.
    Who do you liberate Orom from? You stupid snakes-killers and cruels-we know who you are. You mafias and sale outs- you live for you bello and sold by Egyptian mercenaries. It is time for all Ethiopians including us ormos to sallow you once and for all- to cut you fles into piece. you with shabias and TPLf are responsible for mass killings on innocent Ethiopians throughout the country, more specially the Amharas. Oromo is one with all Ethiopians. Oromos are Ethiopians. you self determination bla bla- just shows how blood thirsty you are. When Ethiopians are quite doesn’t mean we are losers. You not only aim to destroy Oromos but the whole regions.

    Tell us: where is the boundary of Oromo? Tell us which port you aim to use? you want to make Oromia a battle field- for Jihadists- Oromos make up 50% Muslim: Where is you boundry with Amhara? AFAR? sOMALI? south nATIONS? wE ALL TOGETHER BURRY YOU IF THAT IS YOUR FINAL SAY. we assure you that you are the loser and doen’t take even a month for you to surrender. I am proudly Ethiopian, but my language is Oromiffa

  4. Jabadu(abejeh)!! Dadi. OLF in all its forms is already talking out from a trash can. A collection of irrational and shallow liberation fronts under the cursed name OLF, have created an immense havoc to OROMOS, Amharas, and other language groups in Ethiopia in the last 50 years. How many thousands of Oromos were exposed to TPLF massacre by the childish handling of the objective reality before and after 1991? Thanks God, visionary and wise leaders like Team Lema have come up from among the vast good Oromo people.

    Instead of repenting and ask for forgiveness, stinking OLF is now pretending as if it has the power to determine the political direction and destiny of the great Oromo people. No one can trust persons like, Dawood Ibsa, Delgasso Dilebo, and the others vaguely clinging to the name OLF, and sit with them to discuss such big national Ethiopian issues. Let them rote in their respective hideouts with their Islamia Oromia slogan of destruction, and their petro- dollar given to them by historical enemies of Ethiopia.

  5. You guys still focus on religion. Haile used it as pretext for 50 plus years to rule. The northern specially one tribe are very fanatic, lunatic extremist.
    Leave religion which is old and go to secularism and democracy.
    Regarding flag and the name Ethiopia is adored only by one tribe may be now two of northern tribes.
    Why majority Ethiopians have not love for those two: flag and Ethiopia. and why?
    To bring love harmony and unity then they can change it like many countries did.
    New Ethiopia with secular system and not one language, one culture and one religion.
    EU system: diverse culture, food, language, etc but have one currency and open border.

  6. You are a fanatic anti-Oromo under an Oromo pen-name. Nuti tisiisa foolattu iyyuu ni argina!

  7. dadi,
    Stop this childish threat from one tribe. Ethiopia lost Eritrea the same way by saying ‘zeraf, zeraf, bury you, bla bla….’
    Focus on dialogue you fanatic who always focus on religion rather than on the problem.
    Ethiopians should communicate and not be insulted for not or refusing to feudal remnants ideology.
    In Ethiopia, there more tribes and not only Oromo and Amhara. It’s number. The land they hold is bigger than those two tribes put together.
    Your media keep talking about only those two tribes as if there is only land not other Ethiopians who are not Amhara or Oromo.

  8. Do you OLF as a group understand that you are the cause of all the down fall of Ethiopian society are equally responsible like TPLF?Let second the other person,stop using the name of Oromo.You belong to Qality not to negotiation.You Sebahat Nega,Abaytsehaye and Lencho,Galasa,Dima and Frew(dawude) all belong to jails not negatiation forum.

  9. OLF will never be allowed to represent Oromos. These OLFS are criminal tags who destroyed many innocent Amharas, Gurages, Oromos (specially Christian Oromos) in many parts e.g. Arsi and Hararghe Badanp and chalanko. I have evidence. These are cruel barbaric mafias that the Oromo people do not know them. We are one and together with the rest of our believed Ethiopians. were are one and can never be separated. Impossible at all. All those stupid politicians such as Jawar, ODF, OPDO have mislead all Ethiopians, and in particular us Oromos by misinforming us. Now they are squabbling for power. They need to learn and are given the last chance or all Ethiopians, united, (including oromos) will eat them into piece. We know along with TPLF, they are responsible to the mass killings of innocent people; they are responsible to mass immigration of Ethiopians; they are responsible for causing hatred among our people subjecting Oromo civilians to develop hat and pride against his own brother and country mate belonging to another language. I have regularly been visiting our country. You will cry when you see the mass OPDO cadres at local levels suffering and oppressing our people. We will see if the current prime minister is going to wipe all these local corrupt cadres in Oromia in particular. Or Our country will burn into a big chaos. This is the last change. We believe great God is in his side and getting council from him.

  10. We know always the Habesha (amhara and tigre) are againest the mighty Oromo.OLF is a sole represantative of oromo people in most of the cases.Unkowingly it it comitted a big mistake in running away 1992-1993 living thousend of its fighters to be murderd by arrogant and ignorant weyane colonialist.Know oromo is oromo and is ONE.wHAT ever you do or say is baseless andevil.

  11. We know always the Habesha (amhara and tigre) are againest the mighty Oromo.OLF is a sole represantative of oromo people in most of the cases.Unkowingly it it comitted a big mistake in running away 1992-1993 living thousend of its fighters to be murderd by arrogant and ignorant weyane colonialist.Know oromo is oromo and is ONE.wHAT ever you do or say is baseless andevil.Some of you change your identity and try to abuse oromo,you better stop old foolish way of cheating people.

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