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President Biden’s Miscalculation in Ethiopia

March 11, 2021

Ethiopia and America have been close allays for several decades. America has played and is currently engaged in many positive roles in the economic and social progress in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has also played many vital roles in furthering the interests of America and Europe in fighting Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda in East Africa for the last twenty plus years. Ethiopia has also brought to an end the twenty years military standoff with its neighboring country Eretria. Ethiopia has played a major role in brokering a peace deal between conflicting parties in Sudan, to bring about the current Sudan government. In Somalia, with the engagement of its troops and air power it played a dominant role by pushing out Al Shebaab from its capital city Mogadishu and helping establish a stable government.

In South Sudan it has played a constructive role in bringing the two factions of Salva Kiir and Machar; to work together, whose conflict lasted for several years with the death of about 400,000 of its citizens and the displacement of millions of its people.

America and Europe have failed to see the indispensable role Ethiopia is playing in the whole of Africa and in particular in east Africa.

President Biden’s administration and the European Union; in particular Ireland, Great Britain and France, are covertly working in collusion with the ghost of TPLF, the number one enemy of the people of Ethiopia. TPLF for Ethiopia was what the Khmer Rouge was for Cambodia. No nation with a foresight can put the interest of a group of thugs with the interest of ten million people in the same table and have difficulty coming to an appropriate decision for the interest of Ethiopia, Europe and America.

Susan Rice, Antony Blinken and Denis Mc Donough, former high officials of President Obama’s were tacitly supporting the hegemony of TPLF on the people of Ethiopia for the eight years as Obama’s administrators. Currently in the Biden’s administration the same trio Susan Rice as Director of the Domestic Policy Council, Antony Blinken United States Secretary of States and Denis Mc Donough have covertly shown in their actions and statements to bring back TPLF, back to power in Ethiopia. It was clearly known to all of Europe and America what this junta did in Ethiopia for the last twenty seven years until they were ousted by the uprising of the people of Ethiopia from its four corners.

TPLF has done an un speak able atrocities on the people of Ethiopia and in particular on the people of Tigray by holding Tgrayan’s who contested TPLF leadership in underground holes named (bado sidest). They have built several dozen of these underground holes in the Tigray region where these prisoners ate, slept and did everything in the dug holes. These prisoners never saw the light of day in the dug hole prisons until they died in weeks, months or years. They have been doing it for the last twenty seven years while they were in power and there was no squawk from Susan Rice, Anthony Blinken, or Denise Mc Donough in the eight years when they held high positions in Obama’s administration.  This is only one, and there were thousands and thousands of atrocities committed by the TPLF junta on the people of Ethiopia in the twenty seven years while they were in power and all are well documented by the American and European intelligence office.

I appeal to President Biden and the current leaders of Europe to inquire with their intelligence office what went on in Ethiopia from 1991 to 2018 at the reign of TPLF.

We strongly urge other branches of the America government to look at the facts on TPLF history in Ethiopia and engage and counsel the current Biden’s administration to stop their heavy handed tactic on the governments of Ethiopia’s internal affairs and assist and give full support to the government of Ethiopia which is preparing to hold the first genuine democratic election for the first time in its history.

A destabilized Ethiopia is not in the interest of America, Europe or the world. If America and Europe have a second hidden agenda to weaken Ethiopia; the torch bearer of Africa, and thus bring it down to its nee, and with it all Africa to fulfill their long term interest in Africa, of exploiting the resources Africa unabated, and strengthen their political dominance; this is an agenda that will never be fulfilled in the 21st. Century.

Africa may be poor but its children have opened their eyes and can see all this beating of drums in regards to Tigray is only a smoke screen focused on the Grand Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia. The dam is the one and only way that Ethiopia can free itself from the tight grip of America and Europe as a nation always surviving on western handouts to feed its people, thus putting it under their thumb.

The Grand Renaissance Dam is the shortest path where Ethiopia can bring light to eighty percent of its population who are currently in the dark, fully transform its industrialization and give employment to 60% of the unemployed youth who are languishing on the streets or fleeing to Europe in a hundred thousand.

The Grand Renaissance Dam helps Ethiopia bring in adequate foreign exchange to be free from foreign donations (political imprisonment). It is clear to western powers if Ethiopia is free slowly all African countries will sleep away from their grip and they can no longer milk this cow as they please, or bring it in line with their “INTEREST’.

I ask Africans to stand together with Ethiopia to come free from the 21st Century “slavery”.  Ethiopia has played a significant role in the 20th Century’s struggle for freedom in Africa, so now it holds the torch to lead Africa from Western hegemony.

Ethiopia and the whole of Africa would like to applaud the action taken by Russia, China and India on the action taken by Europe and America in the current Security Council meeting on Ethiopia.

And we ask your continued support not only in the UN, but in helping Africa free itself from the grip of the western domination by fully engaging in our economic and social agendas.


Africa must look East as an option to the West.

Ethiopia Action Group


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