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Preparation under way to immortalize the late Ethiopian evil fuehrer at 2013 AFCON tournament

The Horn Times Breaking News-15 Jan 2013

(By Getahune Bekele-Pretoria, South Africa)

Ethiopian embassy sources in Pretoria have told the Horn Times that over 10,000 t-shirts bearing the late poisonous tyrant Meles Zenawi’s image have been printed and thousands of refugees are recruited by well known TPLF cadres to don them. The refugees will be bused to Mbombela stadium for free where the black lions would face the defending champions, the copper bullets of Zambia.
Already thousands of tickets for the opening ceremony have been handed out by embassy officials to ethnic Kenbatas smuggled into South Africa over the years by state sponsored human traffickers with false hope of getting rich quickly. They will be waving TPLF flags wearing jerseys bearing Zenawi’s face.
The ruling minority junta in Ethiopia wants to hijack the 2013 soccer spectacle to immortalize the late cold blooded murderer, Zenawi, who should have been captured, flogged and hanged; but instead received a hero’s sending off with more than 21 African heads of state attending his funeral against the wishes of 90 million severely tyrannized Ethiopians.
Master of blood sport, Zenawi never played or watched sport in his entire life.
However, if the sheer counter attacking of the Ethiopian community association in South Africa, known for its firm anti-TPLF stance and Bête Ethiopia, another group famous for organizing massive anti-TPLF rallies in South Africa is anything to go by, the divisive plan of hijacking major sporting events to sow the bitter seeds of ethnicism by the junta is bound to fail.
Civic organizations and religious groups are also warning those who are ready to be used as cheap dummies to think about their future as asylum seekers in the Republic of South Africa.
“TPLF supporters and an estimated 3,000 cadres are all living in South Africa as refugees. They obtained asylum by falsely claiming torture and persecution by the minority junta. But they go to rallies and embassy meetings with refugee identity documents in their pockets. It is time for South African government to take serious action on these fake refugees. That is a clear abuse of the privilege extended to us by the ANC government.” A spokesperson told the Horn Times.
Assiduous leaders of both the Ethiopian community association and Bête-Ethiopia are currently very busy, extensively moving around to explain to refugees about their rights and obligations; Pleading with them not to embarrass themselves and their host nation South Africa by openly associating with the regime which uprooted them from Ethiopia.
Both FIFA and CAF are notified about the evil plans of the junta.
Furthermore, despite the outdated minority junta’s attempt to divide Ethiopians, the stark fact is, soccer mad black lions supporters are ready to rally behind their team.
A supporter who cannot be named for fear of attacks on his family back home told the Horn Times that the divisive TPLF national anthem will be jeered and heckled and the crowd will sing the patriotic communist era anthem “Ethiopia first!” and the popular “Ethiopia our fortress” song alongside the ANC liberation era song made famous by pres Jacob Zuma, awlethu umisiniwami, which means “give me my machine gun”.
According to Ethiopians, their national team will be the best supported visiting teams at the 29th edition of the prestigious tournament.

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