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The weaponization of the International Human Rights Commission by the TPLF’s Patrons/Partners-in-Crime is finally exposed.

The “report” is a political hit job with the singular aim of shamelessly demonizing the Ethiopian Government and the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Militia and Fano, and canonization of the terrorist TPLF.

The Report mentions ONE and ONLY one human rights violation committed by the TPLF terrorist group in its investigation!

The main “conclusions” quoted directly from the “REPORT” are as follows (boldface added for emphasis)

The Commission finds reasonable grounds to believe that the ENDF shelled Mekelle on 28 November 2020, killing and injuring civilians and striking civilian objects days after Tigrayan forces had left the city with their assets. ENDF soldiers committed widespread extrajudicial killings, rapes and other forms of sexual violence, and looting during the seven-month period stretching from 28 November 2020 to 28 June 2021. ENDF personnel also used civilian objects for military purposes and restricted access to medical treatment.

The Commission finds reasonable grounds to believe that Tigrayan forces killed civilians and persons rendered hors de combat, raped, looted, and damaged or destroyed civilian infrastructure and property in Kobo and Chenna in late August and early September 2021.

The Commission finds reasonable grounds to believe that the ENDF conducted a drone strike against the Dedebit IDP camp on 7 January 2022, killing and injuring approximately 60 civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure. It also finds reasonable grounds to believe that there were no soldiers or military equipment in or near the camp on the day of the attack.

The Commission finds reasonable grounds to believe that the ENDF, EDF, and Fano have committed widespread acts of rape and sexual violence against Tigrayan women and girls. In some instances, the attackers expressed an intent to render the victims infertile and used dehumanising language that suggested an intent to destroy the Tigrayan ethnicity. Tigrayan Forces have also committed acts of rape and sexual violence, albeit on a smaller scale.

The Commission finds reasonable grounds to believe that the Federal Government and allied regional State governments have implemented a widespread range of measures designed to systematically deprive the population of Tigray of material and services indispensable for its survival, including healthcare, shelter, water, sanitation, education and food.


  1. It appears that the commission has the mission of producing a pretext for more western sanctions and possible intervention. What ever they do things are changing on the battle grounds and making it impossible to salvage and empower the TPLF in Ethiopia.

  2. What a co-incident. A leaked letter from Mekele is circulating, and it reads as follows:

    Sent by Debre Tsion, Getachew Reda and Tsadkan to the “International Community”

    “Dear Pres. Bidet (US), PM Jokeson (UK), Pres. Macaroni (France), German Leader (apologies, we can neither recall, spell, nor pronounce your great name, Sir), and Mr Gutters (UN).

    Your Excellencies!!
    As you all already know, Le Tigray, c’est nous! Tigray, it’s us!
    But recently the ENDF has encircled us and trying to arrest, even kill us! If that happens, God forbid, it will be the end of us, and also Tigray. Our country and its people will cease to exist. That will be the end. Finished.

    You have helped us come this far. You can’t stop now. Help! Help!

    We remain at your service, as always
    Signed. DTsion, Getachew, and Tsadkan

    Toad-ras Adhanom -TPLF Foreign, International and Global Rep., and D General of WHO (and Why, Where, How, Which, When, etc). Je ne veux (a.k.a. Geneva)

    Ibdu Alsisi – President for Life of mighty Egypt, Supreme Commander of the great Nile, up to and including lakes Tana and Victoria, with all dams built over it, and also the waters of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Ca-Euro (a.k.a. Cairo)

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