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Abiy Ahmed’s book and project: Disinformation and Bias by Ethiopian Reporter

By LJDemissie
August 4, 2023

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Book and Project: A Case Study of Disinformation and Bias.

Author’s Note: On Ethiopian Easter day, PM Abiy Ahmed blocked me from his Twitter account for criticizing his “failure to defend” the Amhara people from slaughter by Oromo extremists, even though I wished him a “Happy Easter” and admired his “heart of gold” for feeding the poor.

Despite its sarcasm and irony, Ethiopian Reporter’s criticism of PM Abiy’s book and project is misinformed and biased. It overlooks the potential and value of developing tourist attractions in Ethiopia, such as hyena feeding in Somali region. This is an impressive spectacle that showcases the coexistence of humans and wildlife in Harar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a fascinating history.

Tourism is a vital sector for Ethiopia’s economy, culture, and environment. It can generate income, employment, and foreign exchange. It can also promote Ethiopia’s diversity, heritage, and beauty to the world. It can also help to conserve Ethiopia’s natural resources and wildlife, such as the hyenas.

Hyenas are not just scavengers or pests; they are important predators that maintain the balance of the ecosystem. They are also part of Ethiopia’s history and folklore, and they deserve respect and protection.

The hyena feeding site is a unique and thrilling tourist attraction that showcases the courage and skill of the hyena men, women and tourists, who have a special bond with these animals. It is not a cruel or barbaric practice, but a cultural tradition that dates back decades if not centuries. It is also a way to prevent conflicts between humans and hyenas, by providing them with food and keeping them away from livestock and garbage dumps.

The hyena feeding site could bring more food to the needy Ethiopians, as it could attract more tourists and generate more income for the local people. It is also a unique cultural tradition that has been practiced for centuries, and it shows a remarkable bond between humans and animals. It is a source of pride and identity for the Somali region and Ethiopia, not a sign of poverty or backwardness.

Ethiopian Reporter, you should be more supportive and constructive in your comments, instead of mocking and undermining PM Abiy’s efforts to improve Ethiopia’s tourism sector. You should also be more informed and open-minded about Ethiopia’s tourist attractions, instead of dismissing them as irrelevant or wasteful. You should also be more respectful and appreciative of Ethiopia’s wildlife, instead of treating them as enemies or nuisances. You should also be more visionary and optimistic about Ethiopia’s future, instead of being shortsighted and pessimistic.


The writer, LJDemissie, can be reached at


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